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    Allergy Elimination and Alternative Heath Care with NAET

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    Guest host, Emily Russell, of Russell Health & Wellness and Shaklee Distributor, will be speaking with Renee Kimberling, ND, board certified naturopath, and director of Healing Arts Center in Valparaiso.  The Healing Arts Center offers many services such as NAET allergy elimination, chiropractic, reflexology, clinical massage, stress management, reiki and craniosacral therapies, the Rossiter system for fast pain relief, acupuncture, and several others.  Learn more about this collaborative clinic for alternative health care and how Renee can help to relieve your allergies permanently with a system called NAET.

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    Let's Coach with Mark & Carolyn - Autism

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    Let’s Coach with Mark and Carolyn, Wednesday, April 22, 2015, Noon EST

    Beating Autism

    Imagine your child has been diagnosed with autism.  Where can you turn?  What options are available?  Anne Evans was faced with just that challenge.  She looked underneath her child's symptoms of autism to find the root causes and found treatments that worked and allowed her to completely cure her child from the inside out.  She found a little-known therapy related to traditional Chinese medicine that worked wonders. It is called NAET or Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique.  Much more than just an allergy therapy, it is an entirely new way to practice medicine. It is rapidly becoming the medicine of the 21st century. Her book, "Beating Autism," is due out on newsstands on June 15th

    Anne M. Evans received her undergraduate degree in microbiology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1986 and her graduate degree in Biomedical Communications from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas in 1989. She was publications and marketing director for two global biotech firms. Her publications include Cruofixation, Cryolabeling, and Cryotransfer, and Immunogold Labeling. She collaborated on the Pediatric Handbook for University of Texas Systems Medical Schools.

    Join us as Anne shares her child's story of recovery, and the therapy that made it all possible.

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    Intuitive Healer Natasha Jones on NFTS! (646) 595 4274

    in Self Help


    CALL IN NOW to work with Energy Coach Ann Marie Sweeney on NFTS RADIO worldwide live!   

    Ann Marie Sweeney is a Spiritual Energy Coach, Law of Atraction and EFT/NAET Trainer, and acupuncturist. She has specialized in teaching and coaching children, adolescents, teens and adults cutting edge self-healing and practical spiritual transformation techniques, including intuitive development, for the past twenty years. She has been focused on developing her own spiritual awareness since the 70s.  

    TUNE IN:: http://www.newsforthesoul.com

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    MBSFood: Holistic Health Care for Pets with Dr. Rebecca Verna

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    Do you invest in holistic health care for yourself? If so, have you considered using these powerful healing methods for your small pet? Tune in to a special episode featuring Dr. Rebecca Verna, who practices a number of modalities to keep your precious four-legged friend in peak health, including Animal Chiropractic, Veterinary Acupuncture, the use of Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic herbs and plants for animal pets, Applied Kinesiology, the Japanese healing art of Reiki, the use of Flower Essences and Homeopathic medicines, Essential Oils, NAET for Allergy, and Animal Rehabilitative Therapy ("Physical Therapy for pets").

    Dr. Verna is the owner of Paws for Holistic Pet Care in Marshall, VA. She practices Integrative Veterinary Medicine, which combines Holistic practices with conventional, modern medicine. Dr. Becky, as she is affectionately known, graduated from veterinary school at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, Virginia at Virginia Tech, after obtaining her Master's Degree from the University of Maryland at College Park, MD.

    Today, Dr. Becky Verna is officially certified in Animal Chiropractic, Veterinary Acupuncture, Veterinary Chinese Herbalism, Canine Rehabilitation ("Animal Physical Therapy"), and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Food Therapy. In addition to her official certifications, Dr. Verna is a Reiki Master, practices Applied Kinesiology, NAET for Animals (an allergy treatment technique), Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, works with Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Homeopathic Medicines, Animal Massage, Western Herbology, Magnetic Therapy, and several other forms of Energy Medicine. To find out more, visit her website at http://drverna.com/.

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    All About Homeopathy for Pets with Dr. Larry Bernstein, VMD

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    Dr. Larry Bernstein, VMD will be joining host Jodi Ziskin on this week's Healthy Pet HQ to discuss the many advantages of Homeopathy for Pets.
    Dr. B, as his clients affectionately call him, is not only A holistic veterinarian, he is THE holistic veterinarian. Named as the Holistic Practitioner of the Year in 2012 by the American Holistic Veterinarian Medical Association, Dr. B has been a veterinarian since graduation from UPENN veterinary school in 1977 and has been using alternative medicine since 1991.
    His training and certifications include veterinary acupuncture, chiropractic, NAET, Reiki, acutonic therapy and the 4th level of Matrix Energetics Quantum healing. However, his first love is homeopathy. Dr. B studied with Dr. Richard Pitcairn in 1993 and was one of the earliest veterinarians certified in homeopathy by the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy. He is a graduate of both the Dynamis School of Homeopathy and the New England School of Homeopathy.
    Dr. B treats patients all over the world, including Jodi's own brood.
    This is a copyrighted podcast owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC and produced by Pam Stack.

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    Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD (Fibromyalgia)

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    Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, is a board certified internist and nationally known expert in the fields of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sleep and pain. He is the creator of the popular free iPhone application “Cures A-Z,” and author of the best-selling books From Fatigued to Fantastic! (Avery Penguin), Pain Free 1-2-3(McGraw-Hill), the Beat Sugar Addiction NOW!series (Fairwinds Press), and Real Cause, Real Cure (Rodale). His latest book, The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution (Avery, August 2013, Paperback Original & Ebook) will be available in August and is available for pre-order now (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book stores). He is lead author on several studies showing effective treatment for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and a recent study on effective treatment of autism using NAET. Dr. Teitelbaum does frequent media appearances including Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News Channel, the Dr. Oz Show and Oprah & Friends. 

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    Uhe Desensitizing Method for Food Intolerance

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    Gretchen Uhe is the pioneer of Uhe Desensitizing Method (www.UheMethod.com).   In 2010, Uhe learned to perform an acupressure technique that reduced and eliminated allergies and sensitivities that previously had caused her kids to have adverse reactions.     Then in 2011, she became involved with LifeWave acupuncture patches with the goal of using them to detox her body and to restore/rebalance her own energy.     In January of 2012, it occurred to Uhe that perhaps acupuncture patches could be used to achieve the same effect as other allergy elimination techniques, but without all the acupressure.     Today, Uhe's mission is to educate healthcare professionals on the protocol that she pioneered so that people around the world can use this simple, 10-minute method to reduce or eliminate their sensitivities and live healthier lives.

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    Integrative Veterinarian Regina Downey

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    Dr. Downey owns and operates Holistic Animal Healing Clinic, PC in Exeter, NH where she practices integrative veterinary medicine. She sees her small animal clients (dogs and cats) at that location and makes barn calls to see her equine patients. 
    Dr. Downey brings a wealth of experience to her clients and is known for her gentle demeanor and her ability to combine alternative approaches to seek a resolution. Those alternative approaches include: BICOM Optima therapy, NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Treatment), acupuncture, Flower remedies, veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM), glandular support, homeopathy, and Homotoxicology.

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    Inner Wisdom / Billie Tobin

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    Meet the incredible Billie Tobin and her associates on today's program.  Please call in with your questions and comments at 646-378-0378.  Here is some information to whet your appetite...
    Mission Statement
    Inner Wisdom’s mission is to help others heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, through self-realization, holistic and alternative healing methods. We have created a conscious community that is dedicated to service. We believe that healing is an individual process and the client is an active participant. It is through our services, knowledge, experience, and compassion that a supportive healing environment is created.
    We offer Chiropractic (Koren Specific Technique), NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique), Reiki, Reconnective Healing, ThetaHealing, Spiritual Readings, Angel Readings, Spiritual Life and Business Coaching, Mediumship, Channeling, Hypnotherapy, Numerology, Meditation, Classes and Workshops.
    Our Spa offers Ionic Foot Baths, Aroma Oxygen Therapy, Massage, Reflexology, and Ultrasonic Resonance Machine for Energy Balancing
    We offer a Metaphysical Store offering spiritual & self help books/CD’s, unique crystals, smudging products, incense, jewelry, clothes, health products & more.

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    Your Life: TBD

    in Women

    Past hurts, emotional trauma and negative energy could be blocking your success. Circumstances and situations are only temporary. You have the power to determine your ultimate outcome.

    Special Guest will be Dr. Marilyn Elliott, Chiropractor and Calyco Energy Healing Practitioner.

    About Dr. Marilyn Elliott

    When she was 10 years old, she knew that she would be a physician, and she wanted to dedicate her life to helping people. But it wasn't until
    she was 17 that she realized that her method of helping people would deviate from the traditional, medical approach. Marilyn decided to spend time as a chemical engineer, until she discovered how to fulfill her life's mission. She obtained her BS in chemical engineering from Mississippi State University in 1983.

    It wasn't until 10 years later that she heard, recognized and obeyed the voice that told her to go to chiropractic school. She graduated Cum
    Laude from Life University in 1997. Following her graduation, she moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where she has devoted her life to assisting her
    patients to regain and maintain their health, and to discover and fully live their life's missions.

    Constantly following that voice of Divine guidance, Marilyn began her study in Energy Medicine under Dr. Devi Nambudripad in 2003. She
    currently holds the highest available Advanced-Level NAET certification.

    Dr. Elliott has presented several seminars as a guest lecturer on allergies, chiropractic, glyconutrition and other health-related topics. Her seminar on Adult Stem Cell Proliferation Using Glyconutrients waspresented at UAB Hospital April 2005.

    This physician specializes in allergy elimination using wholistic healthcare. She utilizes Calyco Healing, NAET, Bio Allergenix,molecular hydration and nutritional and homeopathic therapies to assist her patients in reclaiming and retaining their health.

  • Norvell and Associates Review: Mitä näet valikossa on mitä saat (osa 2)

    in Technology

    Norvell Group and Associates Review Europe USA Hong kong Singapore Distribution: paljon lisää valmistajien palvelevat pönkittää Norvell elektroniikka kyky tarjotaerinomaista palvelua teho on yritysten ja teollisuuden aloilla. Tässä on loputluotettavien tuotteiden lähteitä:

    On, että tunnistaa nimen ja logon Ericsson. Ericsson malleja suunnittelee, valmistaa jamarkkinoi laadukkaita DC/DC tuotteita tiettyihin ohjelmiin viestinnän alalla, mukaan lukien käytössä radio tukiasemia ja kytkimet ja reitittimet. Näihin tuotteisiinsovelletaan myös muihin tarkoituksiin. Tekniset standardit, kestävyys ja luotettavuusEricsson tehomoduuli tuotteiden korkeasta yhdentymisasteesta käyttäjät ovat varmojaerinomaisia ratkaisuja ratkaiseva hakemukset lääketieteen, avioniikka, computing,sotilas, tilaa ja teollisuuden markkina-aloilla. Vain yksi vahvojen kumppanuuksien, ettäNorvell on sattunut vuotta menestyksekästä suorittaa elektroniikkateollisuudessa.

    Excelsys toimittaa joustavia AC/DC virtalähde ratkaisuja 100 wattia 1200 wattia. Onko1,45 volttia 58 volttia, 1 lähtö 12 lähtöä, Excelsys voi antaa oikea ratkaisu. ExcelsysTechnologies Oy on nykyaikainen ja innovatiivinen maailmanluokan power tarjontayritys tarjoaa laadukkaita tuotteita OEM-laitevalmistajille maailmanlaajuisesti.

    Read More: http://callasmaria02.blog.com/2014/12/02/norvell-and-associates-review-mita-naet-valikossa-on-mita-saat-osa-2/