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  • 01:18

    The Social Consumer: Part 2

    in Technology

    Case Study: More Than Just Facebook for Business: Translating Social Interactions into Actionable Social Intelligence
    Presented by: Alan Nugent, CEO, Mzinga

    Case Study: UbyKotex Gets Real
    Presented by: Juliet Wilson, Sr. Brand Manager, KOTEX® Brand & Julie Lee, Executive Director, Engagement Manager, Organic, Inc. for Kimberly-Clark's Kotex Brand

    Case Study: MocoSpace and UniWorld: The Curious Case of Max Fresh
    Presented by: Tom Dorf, Director of Advertising Sales, MocoSpace

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    Reach Out & Touch Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit: Social & Mobile Media Strategies For Healing & Change

    in Culture

    Open, authentic, collaborative, exchanges. Do these words instantly come to mind when you hear or see the words social or mobile media? Would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. have leveraged social and mobile media to achieve his dream as Barack Obama did to become the first bi-racial, African-American president of the U.S.? Who is using social and mobile media to reach out and touch our minds, hearts, bodies and spirits, and how are they doing it? Or, perhaps a better question is who isn’t? Join us for a panel discussion to explore these questions, plus offer answers and solutions from guest Barry Libert (CEO of Mzinga and author of "Social Nation") and David Blide (Internet Consulting & Marketing). Jon Hansen is the Guest Co-Host (PI Social Media Network, SoAct! Network, host of PI Window on Business on Internet Radio, and author of two social media books). Valerie Michele Oliver is the producer and host. Call-in with your questions and share your stories.
    NOTE: This podcast is from one of two LIVE, UNEDITED original programs in which some technical difficulties occurred. Financial contributions are necessary to edit this program. If you would like make a contribution to make this happen, please contact Val (the Producer) via email or Skype at creatorsparrot. Contributions are much appreciated.
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    Barry Libert, BARACK, INC. co-author: Mr. Media Interviews

    in Business

    ‘Barack, Inc.’ author Barry Libert discusses the new president on Mr. Media Interviews

    The unprecedented election of Barack Obama as President of the United States didn’t just make history; it teaches lessons that every executive can apply to succeed in business against all odds. In BARACK, INC. Winning Business Lessons of the Obama Campaign, Barry Libert and coauthor Rick Faulk present the Obama campaign as an inspiring business case study of exemplary leadership values and winning tactics that can beat even the toughest competitors. This essential manual for an Obama approach to business also tells the stories of pioneering companies that have used similar strategies with miraculous results.

    The authors interviewed Obama supporters and studied election coverage to tease out the best business insights to be learned from Obama including three pillars of Obama's successful campaign strategy.

    The authors tell stories not just of Obama, but of his campaign manager, advisers, staffers, volunteers, speechwriter, and of course, Obama's 24-year-old internet czar Chris Hughes.

    Barry Libert is chairman and Rick Faulk CEO of Mzinga, a leading provider of social software solutions that create online communities for marketing, customer support, and learning for major corporations around the world including ABC, AOL, Disney, iVillage, Chevron Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, MTV, Sports Illustrated, and Prudential Financial. Mzinga helps major corporations around the world create online communities for marketing, customer support, and learning. It manages more than 14,000 communities and has over 60 million unique visitors every month.

    Barry Libert is a pioneer in using communities and Web 2.0 technologies to help enterprises thrive and accelerate business growth.

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    Sohobiztube Presents Comet Branding with Al Krueger and Guest

    in Business

    Discussion: The Best Ways to use Twitter + Social Media for Biz - Mike Volpe — Vice President of Marketing, Hubspot | Augie Ray — Managing Director, Fullhouse Interactive; Blogger, Experience: The Blog | Patrick Moran — CMO, Mzinga |