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    SITS Megan Hussy and Saqqarah

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    An interview with Megan Hussey and Saqqarah, writers of Mythrotica; metaphysical and romantic stories based on mythological legends of Greek literature. 
    The Stillness in the Storm Show is an ongoing conversation about world events, and their implications in our local lives; how our attitudes and perspectives mold our reality. A different perspective on MSM(mainstream news), updates on debt contesting processes, news on health & wellness, alternative history, how these all relate and much more!

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    Megan Hussey and Saqqarah Interview

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    Welcome to our very first "LIVE" episode!
    Megan Hussey joins us tonight. Megan is an author of Erotic Literature. From mermen to vampires, Megan's stories feature sexy, kind-natured heros and strong, real woman heroines. She wants to discuss strong female roles in erotic literature - which is what she writes in her books. http://goldenmuse.tripod.com/
    And also joining us is Saqqarah, her book "The Root: Discovering Power (Metaphysical Erotica)" is already an Amazon TOP seller! http://www.amazon.com/The-Root-Discovering-Metaphysical-Erotica-ebook/dp/B00FL7UB7Y/
    And the book "Greek Mythrotica: The Adventures of Aphrodite" by Megan Hussey and Saqqarah is STEAMING UP Amazon as well! http://www.amazon.com/Greek-Mythrotica-The-Adventures-Aphrodite-ebook/dp/B00FVW7F7I
    Sounds like a night that we will ALL enjoy!
    Join us and please call in to speak with our guests! Come on... you know you want to!