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    Mystic Moon Cafe Welcomes Jerry Dean & Company to Mystic Light & Shadows

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    Join Wendy and Special Co-Host, Brian Treybig of Simplicity Radio, as we welcome the one and only Jerry Dean of 4 Real Encounters to our little Mystic Light and Shadows network!

    Jerry was pointed in our direction by our fantastic friend Susan Bell, and, well, here we go!

    This is pretty much an introduction and get-to-know you interview but I'm sure we will enter into 4 Real territory and Lord knows where we'll end up! Hopefully Monika Wild will join us as well!

    A bit about Jerry Dean: He is the founder of 4 Real Encounters International, 4 Real Talk Radio, 4 Real Folks and he's also an actor.. 

    You can contact Jerry on his website, 4 Real Encounters INTL , or on any of his FB pages: 4 Real Encounters Intl & 4 Real Talk Radio

    We will have chat up and running and most likely the phone lines will be open - 646-716-6207

    Mystic Moon Cafe on Facebook  and you can email us at MysticLands@kc.rr.com

    Brian Treybig's Simplicity Radio on Facebook:  

    Music by The Healers - Blue Star Connection

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    Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigations "SKPI" On Mystic Moon Cafe

    in Paranormal

    Josie and Happy Larry from Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigations will be joining Wendy and Company this Sunday afternoon/evening!  Seth Michael may make a guest appearance as well...

    Just got word that "the" Lucy Hammond will also be joining us, sharing her wisdom, music, news, projects and so on!! 
    http://www.benriceandlucyhammond.com/ and/or http://www.thelucyhammondband.com

    Josie and Larry will be discussing their recent investigation "Peter's Misery" and their first public investigation at the USAAF Base - always a great place!  

    So please join Josie, Larry, Wendy, Friends and Spirit Guides for a lively and fun discussion!

    Chat will be open and we may even open up the phone lines for callers to participate as well!

    If you have trouble connecting with the broadcast, you can alway call in to listen at 646-716-6207.  This is the number you call if you want to participate - just press one so we know you want to talk.  

    Opening music by Happy Larry and we may play a bit from Lucy Hammond as well.

    Mystic Moon Cafe Radio

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    Mystic Charles a session with psychic Yes or No answers to your questions FREE

    in Entertainment

    Mystic Charles a session with psychic Yes or No answers to your questions FREE. You have known me for years from live performances to readings on the internet. Like the tital says. If you have a yes or no question that you would like to ask me. This is your chance to ask me in person, live, and FREE. You have the question I have the cards and other means.So come join me for this special event. I have many titles, but who cares.

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    Psychic View, Mystic Mondays at 9am with Mona

    in Spirituality

    Each Monday morning at 9am, your questions answered LIVE on this interactive radio broadcast. Mona takes your calls and answers your most personal and important questions.

    Each week, Mona chooses one listener to be her featured caller and spends extra time with a full spread of cards. To be considered as a featured caller, please "Like" Mona on her Mystic Mona OR Psychic View Facebook page. Write on either wall that you'd like to be considered.

    Mona is considered the Official Psychic of Las Vegas and since 2002, holds the Psychic Arts License through the City of Las Vegas. Her answers to your questions are considerate and thought-provoking. Readings by Mona are intended for your entertainment and consideration. She's the creator of the Dice Wisdom app for iPhone and Android. www.dicewisdom.com. Mona is available for private phone sessions by calling 702-571-0461.

    Remember, Psychic View...because the present moment IS the gift.

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    LIPS - Ladies Investigative Paranormal Society Are Guests On Mystic Moon Cafe

    in Paranormal

    Hi! Please join Wendy and Travis as they interview the Ladies Investigative Paranormal Society - LIPS for short.

    LIPS is an all Ladies, 8 member team working out of Central Missouri. They started back in 2011 and are going strong.  

    Team Members are:
    Beth Johnson- co founder Then the members are: Wendy Vogel, Libby Calvin, Angela Rutherford, Beth Brown, Alesia Magruder and Erin Buckler

    Their investigations include:
    the historic, haunted Ravenswood Farm House & Plantation - near Boonville, MO, 
    an investigation of the historic Iron Horse Hotel, Bed and Breakfast and Saloon in Blackwater, MO, 
    the New Salem Cemetery, 
    the Missouri State Penn in Jefferson City, MO, 
    Bobby Mackey’s – Wilder, KY
    Boonville Jail
    Copper Kettle – Ashland, MO
    Dark Hollow Road – Fulton, MO
    Frederick Hotel – Boonville, MO
    Lemp Mansion – St. Louis, MO
    Ohio State Reformatory 
    Old South Pittsburgh Hospital 
    Ruby Mansion – Eddy Munster House – Macon, MO
    Sedamsville Rectory – Cincinnati, OH
    Waverly Hills – Louisville, KY
    Wolfe House – Cincinnati, OH

    The Ladies may only be on for the first hour with us so we will open up the chat room and phone lines for questions, ghost stories and a bit of fun and laughter. Maybe some good Blues music as well.

    Chat will be open and the call in number is 646-716-6207.

    Ladies Investigative Paranormal Society on FB: https://www.facebook.com/LIPSParanormal

    Mystic Moon Cafe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MysticMoonCafe

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    Mystic Moon Cafe Hosts Lucy Hammond of the LucyHammondBand & NW Roots Uprising

    in Spirituality

    This afternoon Mystic Moon host Lucy Hammond, of the LucyHammondBand, NW Roots Uprising, & many other productions..


    Lucy Hammond

    Portland,Oregon based singer/songwriter Lucy Hammond,is a force to be reckoned with! 

    Possessing a powerfully versatile vocal & writing style, with stage presence to match, Lucy burst back onto the Portland music scene in early 2011 with the release of her all original, self produced studio album,"Proof".The 1st Portland blues artist accepted for a Kickstarter.com crowd funding campaign, Lucy used it to successfully fund the physical production of "Proof". Having distributed several pre-release singles by the time the album dropped, airplay & radio interviews were in full swing. "Proof" hit #1 on the Roots Music Charts,November of that year,& has remained on playlists world wide since.

     Lucy's vocal abilities run the spectrum from soft & seductive, to a raucous growl, pulling her audience along with her, as she shares the emotion she feels with each song. In the traditions of Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, etc..

    Lucy has shared the bill/stage with great artists such as,Kenny Neal, Bobby Rush, Candye Kane, Curtis Salgado, Duffy Bishop & many more..

    "Never let anyone else decide what you're capable of or let anyone's opinion but yours decide your path! Go for it! Nobody can stop you,but you!" - Lucy Hammond

    About NW Roots Uprising:  NW Roots Uprising is a cross genre pollination,collaboration,compilation,performance/ recording project,founded/produced by Lucy Hammond/Kevin Nettleingham

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    Mystic Radio: Hypnotism

    in Spirituality

    The ability to access certain aspects of the subconscious has been studied and methods used for quite some time, one of these methods is through the concept of Hypnotism - What is it? And how is it or can be used for beneficial or negative intents as a tool?
    In this episode of Mystic Radio, we will explore this fascinating and often controversial subject. You will soon be getting very sleepy, and will tune in to the show... In all seriousness, this should be an interesting show, and we hope to see you there!

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    Mystic Radio - Esoteric Symbolism

    in Spirituality

    The world is full of Symbols, we interact with them everyday and they are a part of both our collective and individual perspectives.
    But what of the Symbolism that speaks to hidden or Esoteric aspects of reality and our subconscious? What role do they play and how can we interact with them in a way that brings increased awareness of the world around us?
    Join Mystic Radio as we return from our break with a great list of subjects exploring Sacred Sciences, as we begin with the world of Esoteric Symbolism.

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    Celtic Mystic AiA Free Group Healing

    in Spirituality

    Are you ready to release and reset your life?

    This short broadcast by Caithe, The Celtic Mystic from Celticai Studio. provides a free group healing message as part of the Adventure into Ascension subscription.

    Tune in and receive the information your body needs to begin ANEW!

    Click HERE to learn more about the Adventure into Ascension Individual Message Subscription.

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    Celtic Mystic AiA Free Group Healing

    in Spirituality

    Are you ready to release and reset your life?

    This short broadcast by Caithe, The Celtic Mystic from Celticai Studio. provides a free group healing message as part of the Adventure into Ascension subscription.

    Tune in and receive the information your body needs to begin ANEW!

    Click HERE to learn more about the Adventure into Ascension Individual Message Subscription.

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    Mystic Moon Cafe

    in Paranormal

    Mystic Moon Cafe Radio with Seth Michael and co-host Wendy. The show that explores the unknown in such a way as to help you deal with your own awakenings.
    For the first half of the show we will have Jody Fox, Medium/Spiritual Advisor, Angel Communicator and certified Reiki Healer.  Several years ago Jody was involved in a car accident that left her deaf in one ear, but she continued on with her readings.  About 4 years later, without any known reason, her hearing was completely silenced.  Jody continues to communicate with clients via phone and internet chat.  She has also noticed her senses have been heightened and another type of awakening within has occurred for her.  She will be speaking to us via phone; while reading our questions in our chat room.
    For more information Jody’s website is http://spiritualbutterflies.com/
    For the second half...
    Ron Sohler – Skeptic to Believer - Journey of a Reluctant Shaman - began his journey as a non-spiritual, conservative skeptic for 60+ years. He did not believe in "ghosts" and  had no idea some practices and concepts were real.  Before his "awakening",  he had been working in animal rescue after retirement, and an Animal Control Officer in WA State. He did this unaware that soon he would be performing Shamanic healing for animals. The road from skeptic to the World of Woo Woo (his term for the paranormal) is amazing, and was accelerated through the support and guidance of his friends. He considers himself to be a student who is always striving to learn and connect the truths of energy. 
    http://www.animaltouchreiki.com/ &n

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