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    Fibromyalgia: The mystery may be solved!

    in Health

    Fibromyalgia:  The mystery may be solved.

    It is all in your head, the medical profession claimed.  It only happens to hysterical, out-of-control, hypochondriacs.  The people feeling the pain knew better; and as their numbers grew, the physicians and drug companies finally were forced to take notice.


    The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology recently conducted a study of fibromyalgia pain sufferers and may have discovered the root cause of muscle and joint pain.  We are going to be doing an open house – EVERYONE WELCOME – to demonstrate one of our newest softwares.  Join us on line to watch or participate.  We will be providing the Fibromyalgia software to organizations who wish to evaluate their members.


    Don’t put-up with the pain, fatigue, stiffness, emotional turmoil and the brain fog of Fibromyalgia.  Help bring BioAcoustic information and software to your community.

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    Author John Gaspard Visits It's A Mystery to Me with Stacy Verdick Case

    in Books

    John Gaspard is the Author of the Eli Mark’s Mysteries and he joins It’s A Mystery to Me with Stacy Verdick Case to discuss the audio book release of Book 1 in the series The Ambitious Card.

    In real life, John’s not a magician, but he has directed six low-budget features that cost very little and made even less – that’s no small trick. He's also written multiple books on the subject of low-budget filmmaking. Ironically, they’ve made more than the films.

    His blog, "Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts,” (http://fastcheapmoviethoughts.blogspo...) has been named "One of the 50 Best Blogs for Moviemakers" and "One of The 100 Best Blogs For Film and Theater Students.” He’s also written for TV and the stage.

    John lives in Minnesota and shares his home with his lovely wife, several dogs, a few cats and a handful of pet allergies.

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    The Mystery of God Is Finished 3 Birds With One Stone

    in The Bible

    In continuation of our study of the Mytery of God from Revelation 10:7; Ephesians 1-3, Colossians 1:24-26 and Isaiah 27:12-13, we encounter three major end times events which were prophesied to be fulfilled. These events are said to occur all within the same time frame. We identified the time in the Bible known as the fullness of the times, namely as the time in which Christ was born of a woman under the Law (Torah), Gal. 4:4. This identifies the phrases "fullness of the times" as the last days of Torah of which the prophets spoke.

    Jesus' ministry was in the last days, (Hebrews 1:1) which of necessity must be the last days of Israel, for it occurred before his death, Heb. 1:1-2. So, when the Bible speaks of the the "fullness of the times" and the "end of the age" it is Israel's end time that is center stage. This is what the modern day prophets and profiteers and woefully missing in their exegesis (interpretation) of the end time.

    This paradigm has caused much evil in the world. It has led to the identify theft of the people who are true descendants of Abraham, yielding a fraudulent claim by a people who have no genetic, lingquistic or geographical ties. As we further solve The Mystery of God delclared to the prophets, we bring to light the message not only hidden from the ages, but also from many in the current age. Join us for another exciting journey through the word of God. We hope you will consider supporting this ministry if you believe in the power of this message and the eternal good it can bring to the church and the world.

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    Wife Material/Misbehavior to Freedom & Magic/Mystery of Arthurian Myth

    in Spirituality

    At the top of the hour Deborah Cox discusses "Wife Material - Misbehavior to Freedom", a novel based on her own childnood in the Church of Christ.  We'll discuss the lives of women, how feminity was approached or achnowledged within the Church, how patriarchy affected women's lives and how the doctrine affected her personally.  Deborah will talk about "acts of disobedience" as those of personal developoment for women struggling under the yoke of patriarchy and she'll give us an inside look at what it's like to be a woman who escaped the sect of the Church of Christ through refusal to obey and conform.  Deborah is a psychologist, writer and artist who treats trauma survivors, particularly those who have experienced religious abuse. We'll be sure to discuss how fundamental religion creates this idealized form of women that excludes sex while getting girls dressed and made up like beauty pageant contestants, putting pressure on girls to be "good and worthy" without ever asking what they really want.  Obviously the Stepford Wife comes to mind and we'll discuss the men who seem to want obedient slave-like beauty queens to raise their children and ignore their failures rather than equal partners, not even in the bedroom.  Tune in.

    In the second half of the show, Evans Lansing Smith is with us to discuss, Romance of the Grail: The Magic and Mystery of Arthurian Myth by Joseph Campbell, which Lans edited.  The book we'll discuss is part of the series, The Campbell Collection, and we'll discuss the beloved mythologist, Joseph Campbell, his work, and delve into Wasteland Mythology, if Campbell drew any relationship between Goddess worship and the Arthurian legend, and other themes in the book that will be of interest to those interested in Goddess spirituality and feminist critiques of religion, including anthropomorphizing, pro and con.

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    Wednesday Night Musical Osmosis: White Mystery

    in Music

    This week we talk with Miss Alex White about the music, the mayhem and the magnificence that is White Mystery. We also will talk about White Mystery's film "That Was Awesome" and their upcoming performance on "Last Call With Carson Daly"

    So join Saucey, Odell And Alex for all the Musical Awesomeness we can Verbally Power Glove into your Mysterious Little EarHoles.

    And keep a watchful eye on our Facebook page for news and show updates at Musical Osmosis.

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    The Mystery of God Finished In The Fulness of the Times Israel's Last Days

    in The Bible

    As we continue our study of the Mystery of God based on Revelation 10:7, with the sounding of the 7th trumpet, we find a source text for the sounding of the trumpet in Isaiah 27:12-13. As we note the text in Isaiah, we learn that the gathering of Israel out of Assyria (the northern tribes) and those who were the outcasts in Egypt, those of the Southern Kingdom, occurs at the time the trumpet sounds. 

    Our study today will focus on the time, the gathering and the place or more properly the Person into whom Israel is gathered. We'll talk about what this gathering means for Israel. Paul connects the gathering of Israel to their salvation which helps us to define the nature of the salvation and the gathering and that to which it is directly related. In other words, we get three birds with one stone.

    Are you enjoying these lessons? Are you learning the word of God? If these messages are helping you to gain a better understanding of the word, and helping you to improve your walk in the faith, please consider making a donation to help support it. Yes, I would like to donate.

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    Fulfilling The Mystery of God at the Sounding of the 7th Trumpet Isaiah 27_12-13

    in The Bible

    The Apostle John, in the book of Revelation, said the mystery of God would be finished, as he has declared to his servants the prophets. Isaiah prophesied that God would gather Israel from the nations where they were scattered.

    "And it shall come to pass in that day that the Lord will thresh, from the channel of the River to the Brook of Egypt; and you will be gathered one by one, O you children of Israel. 

    So it shall be in that day: The great trumpet will be blown; they will come, who are about to perish in the land of Assyria, and they who are outcasts in the land of Egypt, and shall worship the Lord in the holy mount at Jerusalem." (Isa. 27:11-12).

    The gathering from Assyria and from Egypt is the extremity of the borders to which Israel had been scattered in the North and the South. In that day, the eschatological day of the Lord, at the sounding of the last trumpet (Rev. 10:7) the gathering would be complete. Thi sis the great mystery of God. Tune in for this dynamic and powerful message that can transform your life and the world. 

    Visit our website to learn more about Fulfilled Bible prophecy. 

    We desperately need this knowledge of the truth to correct the land theft, identity theft and theft of the true heritiage of the true Israel of the Bible. 

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    Libby Fischer Hellman Visits It's A Mystery to Me

    in Books

    Libby Fischer Hellmann is visits It’s A Mystery to Me to discuss the fifth book in the Ellie Foreman series, Jump Cut, which takes readers into the world of corporate espionage.

    Libby is the author of thirteen novels and twenty short stories including Havana Lost, a literary thriller set in Cuba, A Bitter Veil, set in revolutionary Iran during the late ’70s,  & Set The Night On Fire set in the late Sixties in Chicago, these stand-alone thrillers are what Libby calls her “Revolution Trilogy.”

    In addition to the Ellie Foreman series Libby is also the author of the Georgia Davis series.

    You can learn more about Libby on her website http://libbyhellmann.com

    This is a trademarked, copyrighted podcast solely owned  by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. See us at http://www.authorsontheair.com, like us at http://facebook.com/authorsontheair or send a Tweet to @authorsontheair. 

    Learn more about your host Stacy Verdick Case on Twitter, Facebook, or her website www.StacyVerdickCase.com

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    More on fairy communication! Also the High Heart Activations

    in Spirituality

    In tonights show we delve into more of the wonderous fairy being and their magic

    Also some of the cutting edge upcoming online courses with Almine and one quite as recent as the weekend gone by still available to all 

    This show is dedicated to the sacred teachings of Almine world leading mystic and seer of our time 

    Tonights show is hosted and  brought to you by Vanessa and Joanne with a dash of magic

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    Understanding the Mystery of Godly Favour

    in Christianity

    One of the major gifts left to mankind by God was that which is called favour. What is favour and how does it apply to the lives of christians that makes it so desirable? Join us as we seach for the understanding and uncover the mystery of what it means to obtain Godly favour. For more information about this ministry or to become a monthly financial supporter visit our website at kogwoc.org for more details.

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    Bestselling Author JA Jance on It's A Mystery to Me with Stacy Verdick Case

    in Books

    With 60 novels to her credit JA Jance is a perienial New York Times bestseller.  She is the author of the JP Beaumont Series, the Joanna Brady series, The Walker Family thrillers, a book of Peotry, and the Ali Reynolds series.  She stops by It’s A Mystery to Me with Stacy Verdick Case to discuss the 13th book in the Ali Reynolds series Clawback.

    Jance loves to hear from her fans so join us for a night of conversation.  You can visit JA Jance on her website http://www.jajance.com

    This is a trademarked, copyrighted podcast solely owned  by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. See us at http://www.authorsontheair.com, like us at http://facebook.com/authorsontheair or send a Tweet to @authorsontheair. 

    Learn more about your host Stacy Verdick Case on Twitter, Facebook, or her website www.StacyVerdickCase.com

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