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    "The Destiny Of Mystery Babylon-Part One"

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    Guest Author John Daniel "The Grand design Exposed"
    Rome, from its earliest history, has always been the implacable enemy of God's truth, from its decree to crucify Jesus Christ, to sending early Christians to their deaths in the coliseum arena of ravenous lions. It was that same 'Sun' worship system of religion, that had been originally concocted in Babylon. Anciently, it had come to Rome in fragments and was known historically as Pagan Rome.   But later, as the Imperial Roman Empire collapsed and Papal Rome took its place, Babylonian Sun Worship manifested itself in an almost pure and radical form.   And even though today it has lost the power to have one executed for not conforming to its doctrines, it is still the same, and is called the 'Roman' Catholic (universal) Church. The religion of the Romans was always emphatically a state religion, and every Roman god had something to do, some useful office to perform with distinct rituals and sacrifices related to national life.  The calendar was an official almanac of religion, which paralleled the seasonal changes of the year distributing their appropriate ceremonies.  Each stage of the year, the progress of agricultural development, the family meal, all contributed to the ongoing pulsation and energetic cycle of ceremonies.

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    "All Roads Lead To Mystery Babylon Part Five"

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    Guest John Daniel exposing the roots of Mystery Babylon.
    To many, history might be dry and boring, yet if we have a burning desire to understand what is truth, then history becomes vibrant and alive.  History sheds light on our present  world and also gives understanding for the future.  It is through history that we find our roots, and has become the reason and object of why much of our history today has been throughly censored; so that our roots will be purposely obscured.The day is approaching, perhaps, when the only historians will be amateurs who study history as self-help, who examine the past in order to make sense of the present and not be caught unprepared by the

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    "All Roads Lead To Mystery Babylon Part Three"

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    Guest John Daniel author of "Grand Design Exposed"   The name Babylon is commonly known as a city in most peoples thinking. Many will understand that it was and is still a Kingdom to this day. However, while it began as a city, the kingdom of Babylon became a great system of security, a system of governance, economy and a system of religion. It has evolved over thousands of years being the vehicle through which Lucifer has honed his cunning on the masses of the inhabitants of the world. The kingdom of Babylon is featured prominently in the Bible and in historical writings, it was a kingdom that was born after the great flood as recorded in the book of Genesis.   All Proper Students of History understand that what passes for "history" in orthodox accounts, and approved by the Powers-That-Be and presented by them to the gullible public as true accounts of past events and personalities therein are invariably flawed. Moreover, the proper student of history also understands that these accounts are not academically flawed due to simple ignorance or poor research but that they are products of a careful, deliberate, co-ordinate and cynical effort to subvert objective history.  That is, the rulers of this Earth wish to conceal from the masses their true power, the true nature of this power and the true account of how they have garnered this power and the extraordinary lengths they go to extend this power over the masses.  The proper study of history reveals that there are two types of accounts possible: either everything on Earth happens by chance, that there is no design or purpose to it, or history is "made" and that there is design and purpose to what transpires on this Earth.  

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    Mystery Babylon

    in The Bible

    What is mystery Babylon?

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    "All Roads Lead To Mystery Babylon Part Six"

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    My co host is John Daniel author of "The Grand Design Exposed" Thanks for listening

    There are only 2 religions in the world, one where man is the ultimate authority and is capable through his intellect to solve all the world's problems. The other recognizes the Creator, correctly identifies His communication to us and let's it stand separate above all else and placing the ultimate authority with Him in all things past, present, and future. So who is your authority, man's intellect or the Creator's?
     Not to mention other examples, is not every Christian obliged to sanctify Sunday and to abstain on that day from unnecessary servile work? Is not the observance of his law among the most prominent of our sacred duties? But you may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday. The Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday, a day which we never sanctify. "The Faith of Our Fathers" by James Cardinal Gibbons Page 72 on the Question of the Sabbath Changing times and dates.

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    "All Roads Lead To Mystery Babylon Part Two"

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    Guest John Daniel Author of "The Grand Design Exposed"
    We have to  take into consideration that the whole World, meaning, that both the Middle East and European World, and the so called New World of North and South America, that these great masses of mankind all worshiped the Sun ever since, right after the flood, a space of time which is now over 4000 years , if you do not understand this, how can anyone even begin to grasp what has happened to Christendom today?      If you stop and think about it, for example, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Meads and Persia, Greece and Rome, were the "world civilizations" of the old world-and the Aztecs, Incas, Mayas, Toltec culture and Sioux of the new world all, all worshiped the SUN!  By comparison, those who worshiped the True God were only a handful.      What we are trying to focus on  here is, that if the whole wide world was ruled, governed, controlled and compelled to worship according to "Sun (Baal) Worship", and that is all the people of the world ever knew, including even, the nation of Israel, God's people, who wanted nothing less, and did also worshiped the SUN, and God destroyed them because of it, (Read Ezekiel chapters 8 and 23) isn't it kind of preposterous not to believe that all "organized Christianity" today has also been totally influenced and fully corrupted by this same "Sun (Baal)Worship" system?  And just like the nation of Israel of old, wants nothing less, and will hate you if you try to teach them the Truth.        

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    I heard another voice from HEAVEN, saying, Come out of her, MY people, so that you will not participate in HER SINS and receive of HER PLAGUES. For HER SINS have piled up as high as HEAVENS, and God has remembered HER INIQUITIES.


    For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the passion of her IMMORALITY. (SPIRITUAL HARLOTRY) The kings of the earth have committed acts of IMMORALITY with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich by the wealth of her SENSUALITY.


    I saw another angel coming down from HEAVEN, HAVING GREAT AUTHORITY. HE cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, 


    Revelation 18:4-5, 2-3, 1 


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    We're gonna delve into the Truth of "Mystery Babylon"......."The Woman who rides the Beast"And maybe a bit MORE???

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    MYSTERY BABYLON With Chris White

    in Religion

    Chris White Ministries has the primary goals of evangelism, discipleship, and service. There are several specific ways that we engage in these areas of ministry which include: Producing video and audio presentations. Bible teaching and preaching Distributing DVD's and printed materials via mail. Producing public access television programs Speaking at churches, and conferences on various topics. Service oriented programs, such as feeding the homeless etc. Disaster relief. We have traditionally focused our efforts on ministering to those in cults, or the occult / New Age movement. And although that still remains our focus, we are finding new opportunities all the time to minister to those who are lost and in need of the love of Christ.

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    The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation Part Two

    in History

    Walter Veith will be a Virtual Guest on Mystery Babylon News Radio

    What did the Reformers teach?
    1. The Bible not tradition is supreme.
    2. The pope and his kingdom constitutes the anti-Christ.

    The Reformation was A RETURN TO PRIMITIVE OR NON-APOSTATE CHRISTIANITY accomplished between three and four centuries ago in this country, in Germany, and some other countries of Europe.  One feature of this great movement was the abandonment of the use of Latin in public worship, and the translation of the Scriptures into living language, so that all nations might read the word of God in their own tongue, and
    understand for themselves its sacred messages. The names of Luther, Zwingle, Erasmus, Tyndale, Knox, Calvin, Latimer, Ridley, Cranmer,
    Hooper, and others, are associated with this “

    Sola Scriptura (“Scripture alone”)

    Sola Fide (“faith alone”)

    Sola Gratia (“grace alone”)

    Solus Christus (“Christ alone”)

    Soli Deo Gloria (“to the glory of God alone”)

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