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    Doc2BBerry on My Cousin Vinny

    in Psychology

    My Cousin Vinny staring Joe Pesci, Marisa Tomei, Ralph Macchio with supporting cast members Mitchell Whitfield and Fred Gwynne. Watch the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL4HdaZXuOw&noredirect=1 This movie highlights self-esteem issues. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you didn't "fit in?"  This movie literally presents a fish out water scenario that most of us can relate to in some fashion. Did you have self-esteem issues when you were younger or possibly now?  Try to catch the movie if you haven't seen it before.  If you have, try to watch it again. See what emotions speak to you. Have you been blamed for something you did not do?  Have you been to jail or prison?  All these situations can shake one's self-esteem to the core or possibly strengthen it once you emerge with all appendages still intact. See how the characters' perspectives change in the film. The absolutely wonderful performance by Fred Gwynne is almost worth watching as much as the other actors if not more! Pay special attention to the facial expressions of Fred Gwynne and the comments he makes almost under his breath.  Marisa Tomei won an academy award for her foot-stomping performance, which catapulted her presence in the acting profession.  The point here is that all genres of film can provide a means for discussing issues in our lives.  I know I have experienced moments where I felt like I had been dropped in a foreign country without knowing the language.  Remember, (beside not using "instant" grits "Good Films Evoke Strong Feelings!"  I look forward to hearing from you all and hope to enjoy a rousing conversation about what to do in the South when mud gets in your tires! Doc2BBerry.

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    Feed My Sheep Int'l Ministries - www.feedmysheepintl.org

    in Religion

    Teaching and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


    "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.  For he sent not is Son to condemn the world, but that through His son, we might be saved." John 3:16-17.


    Do you know how much God loves you?

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    My Gospel Soul Radio

    in Christianity

    Tune In as Pastor J. And Evangelist Haskins speak on Expectancy.

    If we are going to listen to God, we must come to Him Expectantly. We must anticipate  His speaking to us.

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    Special Edition Radio Program

    in Christianity

    Listen "LIVE" around the World Tuesday, October 6, 2015 @ 6PM-6:30PM for South Africa and 11AM-11:30AM USA, CST.

    Join Kayla Padgett & Apostle Steven Maluleke as they interview South African Recording Artist, Ndivhuwo Matumba! Hear ANOINTED, POWERFUL, AND INCREDIBLE MUSIC from this Amazing Artist!

    Call in to listen @ 1 (347) 850-8560!

    Facebook @ finding.myway.92          Instagram @wayfindingmy


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    How To Build A Solar Village - Phase One/Part 1

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss or rather INTRODUCE a series based on "How To Build A Solar Village". Today we shall introduce "Phase one - Part 1".

    Some of the topics that we shall discuss will be:

        How much land to buy ?
        Where to buy land ?
        Preparing to build a solar village.
        First things first.
        Health and Wellness
        Village Infra-structure

    Visit our website: itsmyhouseradio.wordpress.com

    Call to listen to (on demand) "It's My House Radio" by dialing 712-432-8863.

    Thank you for listening to It's My House Radio.

  • Be A Thriver …Be An Entertainer or Broadcaster… on Read My Lips with akaRadioRed

    in Lifestyle

    Read My Lips host akaRadioRed brings you lively, unscripted, spontaneous, non-canned interviews with interesting new authors on a range of lifestyle-related topics. Listen LIVE on Mondays 7-8 pm/Eastern or anytime on-demand.

    Are you trading your passion for a paycheck? Suffering from "Affluenza" virus? Desperate to stop your inner critic from yelling at you? Passive or proactive? Tune in for solutions from Dr. Donna Stoneham, Executive Coach, Transformational Leadership Expert and author of The Thriver’s Edge: Seven Keys to Transform the Way You Live, Love, and Lead. Donna says that nearly 50% of all Americans are still not thriving, and only 3 in 10 of us are engaged at work. For 25 years, she has helped Fortune 1000 and not-for-profit leaders, teams, and organizations “unleash their power to thrive™”. www.DonnaStoneham.com  www.PositiveImpactLLC.com

    So you wanna be an entertainer or a successful podcast broadcaster? Get expert advice from Bruce Wawrzyniak, Founder and President of Now Hear This, Inc. and host of "Now Hear This Entertainment" Radio with audience in 60+ countries. Bruce has interviewed The Voice and American Idol contestants, a Blues Hall of Famer, Las Vegas headliner, and Garth Brooks' lead guitar player. Learn how he started, grows his audience, attracts great guests and get tips to start an entertainment or broadcast career. Bruce's agency specializes in management, promotion, booking for the entertainment industry. www.NowHearThis.biz www.now-hear-this.net 

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    Is this my judgment of you or my judgment of you

    in Motivation

    Lorrie and Danielle use the tools of Access Consciousness. The wierd and wacky string of words we use is known as the Clearing Statement, it is our magic wand, and you can find more information at theclearingstatement.com. 


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    The Hope Co;;ection

    in Family

    Join The Discussion to Make This a Better World a Tribute to Berl Wolk

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    Masyn Moyer - Driven to Ride

    in Automotive

    My guest this week will be Masyn Moyer from Colorado. What does Masyn do? Well, she writes for Motorcycle publications, she is a Principle in Large Marge Media & Promotions, she owns Sault Factory which is a boutique line of vintage inspired motorcycle riding apparel and accessories for women and is the owner of Urban Pearl Salon. She lives in Denver area but I see her everywhere! Masyn was asked to join a video project featuring Women and Motorcycling called Driven to Ride. What I know most about this smiley gal is that there is more to her than you can see with the eye. I intent to get the Inside Scoop! Join my facebook page to see more pictures and have the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Gatewood's Legacy Radio 392 Episode

    in Radio

    Call 646-668-8648 to be on the show Live with us or just listen in Live to the show.. If calling from a landline you must first  dial 1 then the number. Join Coaldust your Host and Jolene the Co Host everyday from 4 till 5 pm eastern time.You can also find us on Facebook along with Twitter..Gatewood's Legacy Radio an Gatewood's Legacy has a like page on facebook a group page and our web site is www.gatewoodslegacy.com you can also join us there. Here are some quotes from Gatewood Galbraith "Newt (former House Speaker Gingrich) and Mitch (Senate Minority Leader McConnell) are aliens, not conservatives. They never met a bloated police state they didn't like." Quotes from Gatewood "For all you Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Military-Industrial-Transnational-Corporate-Fascist-Elite-Bastards, I've got your karma right here. "If I was going to lie to you, I'd already be elected. "Ronald Reagan and George Bush aren't conservatives. They are aliens." "My opponents are both honorable men, and I believe they're telling the truth on each other in those ads they're running. If they're lying, we can't use 'em in Congress. If they're telling the truth, we sure as hell can't use 'em." "We're going to take the government out of your bedroom, your bloodstream, your brain, your bladder, your business, your billfold, your back pockets, your bingo halls and your Internet bulletin boards." "Did my father's generation hit the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima so that I'd have to pee in a cup to hold a job in America?" Give us a call at 646-668-8648 to be on the show.

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    in Motivation

    My life has beeen one of struggles, hope, truimphs and failures, a pretty colourfull life! Through all the ups and down, twists and turns I have now found my purpose and stength. Wweekly I share some of my journey, but more importantly the knowledge and wisdom I gained whilst going through my storms in life. My aim is to help you aligning yourselves with your destiny.

    Join me this week as I speak about 'You Are Important'.

    Debbie x