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    MWHY Radio Show with Latisha M

    in Entertainment

    Latisha M Owner and Producer of the MWHY Radio Network brings you two great interviews from guest Mike Slack and Shameia Crawford. The MWHY Radio Network is designed to bring together Business Community and You. A combination ment to assist, encourage, and build higher success rates for business owners, stronger family communication, a all round and focused you!

    Mike Slack is a Missouri native, veteran of US Army Intelligence, a Mensa member, writer, homesteader and accidential prepper. He and his wife Debbie moved to Missouri Ozarks near the Arkansas border to raise their own food and enjoy life in the country. They taught classes on gardening, canning, soap making and other heritage skills before Debbie’s unexpected death last year. The Preppers and Patriots Expo is a project they planned together and Mike is carrying it out.

    Shameia Crawford is a full-time musician who trained in classical music and studied voice at Winston-Salem State University. She grew up in Monroe, North Carolina, and was influenced by Whitney Houston and her gospel background as well as the vocal stylings of Ella Fitzgerald. Shameia most recently was singing back-up for Angie Stone until Shameia finally decided to pursue a music career of her own.

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    The MWHY Radio Show with Latisha M

    in Entrepreneur

    Join Latisha on Thursdays for Tips on how to be successful working from home as well as special guest who are business owners and entrepreneurs who provide success stories and services you'll need to do the same. From Small LLC's to Celebrities and Entertainers, we will bring you the best in the industries who want to know more about.

    This week’s guest include:

    Michelle Booker of SOS ~ Sense of Self and she will be discussing her new campaign to help support single mothers

    Philip Michael Thomas Jr Singer and Song Writer and they will discuss his new album, upcoming live performances, and guest appearances.

    Dr Rachel Talton and Dr Monikah Halsey dicussing their Flourish Conference series that is getting ready to kick off starting with DC

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    Pure Romance Fall in Love with MWHY Radio

    in Romance

    Host Latisha M sits down with Sheila T of Pure Romance by Sheila T and talks about Love, Romance, and everything Sheila T can do to help empower women to be comfortable with themselves first. 

    Sheila has been in the business of romance coaching for 20 years. She has been awarded certification from Indiana U as Sexual Health Educator and received the Gold Standard Award from Pure Romance. She prides herself in making a difference in women's lives. Sheila has worked with Pure Romance, LLC for over 5 years. 

    Pure Romance is a #1 company that specializes in romance enhancement combining Sexual Health Education and Awareness,  Personal Development, and Relationship Enhancement Products. Their mission is to empower women. To give them a safe environment  to learn about sexual health and give permission to know their body, strengthen their relationship with their partner, and to encourage open communication with their healthcare providers.  Pure Romance strives to improve the lives of women by giving back. It is NOT your typical party.

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    MWHY Radio Womens History Month Celebration

    in Women

    Host Latisha M and guest Host Deborah Hanson is showcasing women who are making a difference for our present and securing our future. Join these two as they bring you powerful women to round off this month of Celebrating the change women have made throughout history! 

    Special Guest include, Erica A Murray, a entrepreneur, author, mentor, educator and keynote speaker. She has been hailed as an "extraordinary international business guru" because of her ability to drive change and provide advisory services to Fortune 500 companies, as well as, C-Level Executives and to design and lead large-scale business transformation projects and programs.

    Sabrina M. Merriman, owner of InnoCent Beauty Collections - Hair Studio. Sabrina has worked in the beauty and fashion industry for over 20 years. She regularly styles hair for local fashion shows and photo shoots, and has won numerous awards.

    Carolyn McLemore, who owns a beauty school/salon in Richmond.

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    Spirit Journeys Radio Show with Rita Ricks

    in Self Help

    SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio welcomes 2 guests they are both Entrepreneurs and both attended BURN in 2013. 

    Marsha Snead-Williams is an impactful motivational speaker and relationship/life transition specialist.  She combines twenty-five years of innovative experience in the areas of education, social work and women’s advocacy.  She is host of The Butterfly Queen After Dark Radio Show on May We Help You Radio Network.

    Deborah Hanson is a Wellness Coach and is passionate about helping others incorporate self-care into their busy schedules.  She hosts wellness gatherings designed to create an atmosphere of relaxation, pampering, renewal and a time of quiet reflection.  She is a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

    This promises to be the perfect conversation to help you relieve stress and feel empowered as the New Year approaches.

    Spirit Journeys radio will provide the necessary nourishment. There will be servings of wisdom and coaching from Rita, and the entrée will consist of the questions and comments from you, the listener, as you share your journey experiences. This show is designed for you to feed and heal your Mind, Body and Spirit.

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    Real Eyeez with Dr Bruce and Ronnie

    in Politics

    "REAL EYEEZ" WITH DR. BRUCE provides a medium for open and honest communication to discuss many aspects of the social world. We have “Real-Talk” about Real-Lives to Real-Eyes our Eagle vision. As we start to Realize how our lives, social dilemmas and bigger pictures are interrelated, the group builds trust and synergy helping each other interpret and navigate our everyday lives.

    Join Dr Bruce and Ronnie as they discuss Activism and the Post Civil Rights Era: Is the Black Vote an Indicator of the level of Engagement?

    Join Real Talk with Dr Bruce on Facebook and @realeyeez on Twitter

    Call in or tweet questions to @MWHYRadio

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    Spirit Journeys Radio Show with Rita Ricks

    in Self Help

    SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio is pleased to share the Journey of Keisha Harris.  Keisha began her battle with Stage 4 cancer in 2012 and was diagnosed as terminal in 2013.  She is now cancer free and healthy but can tell you the exact day she spoke cancer into her life. Keisha recognizes and has shown that thoughts have power and shares what she did to cleanse her body, mind and spirit.  Her story is not only touching, but will encourage and amaze you, A MUST HEAR!!!     

    Join Keisha and me as we discuss the direct impact of our thinking on our health.   

    Spirit Journeys radio is about embracing the fact that each of us is on our own unique journey. We must encourage and care for ourselves on a daily basis in order to remain on the path. Spirit Journeys radio will provide the necessary nourishment. There will be servings of wisdom and coaching from Rita, and the entrée will consist of the questions and comments from you, the listener, as you share your journey experiences. This show is designed for you to feed and heal your Mind, Body and Spirit.

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    Love Locked Down Radio Show with Rachel Satiafa

    in Goals

    Community Conversations on Community Issues, Hosted by nationally acclaimed and award winning author and speaker Rachel Satiafa. 

    Join our dynamic and insightful panel of life coaches, authors, entrepreneurs, travel, & finance experts, and health specialists and find out how YOU can navigate into the Best Year of Your Life! Special Guests: The Real Woman Empowerment Project

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  • The Joan Henry Radio Show

    in Entrepreneur

    The Joan Henry radio show is a fun forum for individuals who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur to connect with like-minded individuals, as well as entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to another level to learn from other successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields. The show features guests who spoke on a variety of business related topics such as: goal setting, recognize opportunities, Mindset, creative thinking, problem solving, planning and organizing, financial literacy, taxes, branding, marketing, etc. The show also features guests from multi-level marketing, franchising, and other marketing concepts

    Chereace Richards lives life based on a simple creed, “Embrace your passion, whatever it may be, and fulfill it no matter the cost.” Throughout her entire life, Chereace never settled for average or the status quo. Forging her own path, while led by faith and focus, Chereace exemplifies what can be achieved when you are passionate and open to all of life’s infinite possibilities. A life coach, author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Chereace overcame the obstacles of life with unwavering determination and a positive attitude.

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    Total Woman Wellness with Delayna K Watkins

    in Health

    Join Women’s Wellness Expert Delayna K. Watkins as she exposes the importance of women’s health and fitness for today’s busy Women Leaders. Various guests will share and discuss practical ways to create balance, improve health, release weight and decrease stress in their environment leading to healthier happier lives.

    Tune in every week to elevate your health and improve your success. Delayna's special guest is Hennither Cole

    Hennither Cole is recognized by many as a Human Resources guru due to almost a decade of recruitment, selection, compensation, and employment law experience in the non-profit, private, fortune 500 and government sectors. Hennither’s exposure to the “hiring and firing” world has provided her with not only inside secrets on finding, attaining and maintaining employment but also on creating and sustaining a business and employing the right people. 

    Text ADTY4D to 24587 and ask questions for #AskTheNurse or Tweet to @MWHYRadio #AskTheNurse

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    The Butterfly Queen After Dark Radio Show with Marsha Snead Williams

    in Relationships

    The Butterfly Queen After Dark Radio Show will focus on underlining the keys to your Happiness & Success. Each month Author Marsha Snead Williams will discuss topics designed to enrich your thought process and increase awareness, your strength, and true purpose. Special Guest, Co-Host, and Live Events are ways this Radio Show will accomplish this every month.

    Tonights show is about, Loving Your Way Through The Holiday, Married or Single Get Ready To Mingle! The Butterfly Queen After Dark Holiday Special!

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