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    Debe Branning & Angie Johnson on Paranormal Geeks Radio

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    Debe Branning has been the director of the MVD Ghostchasers of Mesa/Bisbee paranormal team since 1994. Debe has been a guest lecturer at Ottawa University, Central Arizona College, Arizona State University and South Mountain Community College. She has appeared in an episode of "Streets of Fear" for FearNet.com which aired October 2009 and on an episode of TRAVEL CHANNEL'S "Ghost Stories" about haunted Jerome, Arizona in July 2010. Debe is the author of "Sleeping With Ghosts-A Ghost Hunter's Guide to AZ's Haunted Hotels and Inns" (2004), "Grand Canyon Ghost Stories" (2012), and two children's books. She has a new book coming out late in 2012--"The Graveyard Shift--Arizona's Historic and Haunted Cemeteries" She pens columns for Examiner.com titled "Arizona Haunted Sites" and "Haunted Places" so travelers know where they might find a ghost or two as when they visit Arizona and the United States. 

    Angie has been a cemetery photographer since 2003. She have photographed over 1329 cemeteries. She has volunteered many of her photos to Illinois counties and state cemetery websites through the years. Photographing full counties and traveling the entire state which she keeps on her website walkamongthedeadgirl.com

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    Debe Branning of MVD Ghostchasers joins us tonight!!!

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    Created by George Lopez of "Dead Air Paranormal" this community radio show is a concept of bringing together the people of this field of study through thought provoking interviews and evidence presentation.  Show hosts George Lopez and Mike Boler kick off each week with "Primetime Paranormal"  Mon-Wed  The Woman who has no fear Shelley Wade on "Ladies Night Thursdays" . Ryleigh Black and Antonia Dana host "Club Para" every Friday night.  Saturdays Fort Worth Paranormal talk "Ghosthuntin' Texas Style and Becca Shugart's Beginners guide to the paranormal on Sunday!!
    1-646-929-2384 to call into show / radioshowdeadair@gmail.com to email questions, comments and concerns

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    POLITICS AND MORTGAGES: How The Election Impacts Mtg Brokers

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    Phil Hall is the editor of MortgageOrb.com and the editor of the monthly magazines Secondary Marketing Executive and Servicing Management.  Given that Halloween is around the corner, it is apropo that Phil is also a horror movie actor, and his new movie "Rudyard Kipling's Mark of the Beast" (see photo) will debut on DVD on October 23 on the MVD Visual label.
    Tune in and listen to Phil's thoughts and perspective as we get ready to elect our nations next President and what it will mean for the mortgage industry for decades to come.

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    National Non-Profits and Advocates Apprecilove Week -NNPAA

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    Welcome to Master Griot / NBBTA Radio's Tribute for The National Non-Profits and Advocates Apprecilove Week "NNPAAW!!!" We joins SISFI, Inc. in heart, mind, and action in acknowledging the great work, values and resources of non-profits and advocates in our communities.
    TONITES HONOREES ARE: Deborah Somme, President/CEO of Darc Tower Entertainment | Marcia Deans, president/CEO of MVD Entertainment | Ms. Terryl De Mendonca, Founder/Executive Director Misunderstood Youth Development Center | Ray Crockrel and Suga Ray
    NNPAAW is a week established by Brett Scudder, President/Chairman of SISFI, Inc., to acknowledge and say thank you to the non-profits and advocates in our communities that continue to deliver the needed support, services and resources needed to uphold the core of our society, and to show them how much we apprecilove their endurance through these hard and challenging times to keep their doors open, keep the values and resources available for those in need and hope that the needed resources, support and funding will become available to offset the financial challenges and insecurities they face on a day to day basis. Visit http://sisfi.org/nnpaaw.html to learn and do more.

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Film Maker Mike O'Mahony

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    Mike O’Mahony is a 29 year old filmmaker from Philadelphia, PA running his own production company, Maniac Films. He has written/directed two feature length horror films. He has also worked as Director of Photography and Special FX Artist on a half dozen other movies. Mike’s first movie, Deadly Detour: The Goatman Murders, has recently been picked up for nationwide distribution through World Wide Multi Media/MVD and is coming out in stores this May. His second movie, Sloppy the Psychotic, is currently touring film festivals/horror conventions. This June Mike will begin production on his third feature film! For more information, check out Maniac Films at www.facebook.com/pages/Maniac-Films/358647710005.

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Musician Rat Skates

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    Rat Skates founded, composed, toured and managed Atlantic Recording Artists Overkill as well as is a veteran drum instructor and clinician. Since 1983, he has experienced and built many artistic and business skills essential to independent filmmaking: Writer, Videographer, Audio Engineer, Production Designer, Editor, Graphic Artist/Animator and Actor. He has written and produced projects for Fortune 500 companies, record labels, multi-platinum recording artists and the performing arts as well as acquiring extensive business management skills as the Operations Director for Home Depot USA.Rat is currently a guest appearing on A&E Television/Biography Channel documentary programs. He speaks frequently on radio and in-person to many different organizations about issues such as addiction/recovery, culture/youth and art. He owns and operates Kundrat Productions LLC, a New Jersey-based production studio. Receiving over twenty-one theatrical screenings in eight countries, including six awards and Pay-per-View broadcasting, Skates latest film projects include: Welcome to the Dream (2012- in production), Get Thrashed (2008- Warner Bros. Light Year) and Born in The Basement (2007-MVD Entertainment Group). For more information, visit www.ratskates.com.

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    SISFI's Interview Marcia V. Deans, CEO, Tropical Paradise

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    I met and we are in ongoing talks with Ms. Deans about networking and collaborating with her and to build on her initiatives of getting the pageant out to a more international audience. During our conversations we talked about the social and societal issues being faced in our communities where even the contestants are living how much of an impact they have across the board.
    Ms. Deans has a genuine interest in these issues that we are working on in our communities and has offered her support in getting the word out and standing up against abuse, bullying, domestic violence and suicide.
    She will be one of the special guests at the Far Rockaway Network Launch on June 30th. I want to thank her for seeing the value of our organization and what we do and coming on board to be a valuable part of the ongoing fight to create safer communities, secure families and protect our youths.
    Here is more info about her and her work.
    Marcia V. Deans – President of MVD Entertainment, CEO, Miss Tropical Paradise Beauty Pageant
    On November 14th 1999, Marcia V. Deans, President of MVD Entertainment launched her first Miss Tropical Paradise Swimwear Pageant. Twenty-two young women ages 21- 30 took center stage and competed for the title of Miss Tropical Paradise 1999.
    The event was sponsored by Air Jamaica, Guinness, Unfold Magazine, Caribbean Life Newspaper, Sutton Place Hotel, just to name a few. The winner of the pageant was Sawmaya Sterling.
    On June 24th 2000, as part of the winner’s prize, MVD Entertainment held a “Rock Steady Weekend” at the beautiful Sutton Place Hotel in Kingston, JA.
    Look out for more from us as we network and collaborate together.

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    Guest Debe Branning: Paranomal Investigator and Published Author

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    Debe Branning is the Director of MVD Ghost Chasers of Mesa & Bisbee, AZ, and is also a published author of both paranormal and children's books.

    Spend an hour with me as Debe shares with us some of her adventures as a ghost chaser in Arizona. Not only will she be discussing some of her investigations but she will also tell of some of her favorite haunted locations in Arizona.

    If you're looking for a place to stay or visit that is rumored to be haunted, let Debe make some recommendations based on her experiences.

    For more information about MVD Ghost Chasers, please visit the website http://www.mvdghostchasers.com/

    This promises to be a great show for the Halloween season! Mark your calendars now!

    All times posted are PST.

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    A Glimpse of the Paranormal World: Arizona's Historic Haunts

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    Arizona Haunted Sites Examiner and Paranormal Investigator, Debe Branning, speaks with National Holistic Travel Examiner, Gina Alzate, about the historic places in Arizona that she has conducted paranormal investigations and what has happened on these adventures. Debe Branning is the Director of the MVD Ghostchasers paranormal team which conducts regular investigations of haunted, historical locations throughout Arizona. She is also the author of Sleeping With Ghosts--A Ghost Hunter's Guide to AZ's Haunted Hotels and Inns, and The Adventures of Chickolet Pigolet--The Bribe of Frankenbeans. Follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/azghostlady. To know about Gina Alzate's work with cruise planning and organizing land tours with World Tours and Cruises, visit www.worldtoursandcruises.com. Follow Gina on Twitter at http://twitter.com/GinaAlzate.