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    Gluten Free Organic Healthy Eating Lies magazines tell, Musings of a Modern Man

    in Women

    Every day men and women are bombarded with advice on eating healtheir, diet, nutrition, and being gluten free, or organic.  What kind of advice do some of the biggest mens magazines give about diet and nutrition?  Do you really need to eat this way?  What do these fabrications of health mean to the modern man?  How does one truly find a healthy way of eating?  Tune in to find out on Musings of a Modern Man.

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    PMP: RevKess's Musings & Music Favorites

    in Spirituality

    RevKess gets to go it alone for this edition of PMP. KaliSara is off promoting her children's book and unable to dial in for the live broadcast. That just means that RevKess gets to have some fun on his own! He'll talk about some of the issues in the Pagan world that have caught his eye as well as play a lot of his favorite music from the approved list on the channel - including new selections from SJ Tucker, Damh the Bard, Mama Gina, and more! You'll have to tune in to catch what all he gets up to. If you're lucky, he'll even be coherent!

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    Monday Musings

    in Sports

    This week in Monday Musings, I talked Mets and PGA with Jayson Love (@JaysonL56) and Jayson stayed to talk fanatasy football with Michelle Sports X (@SportSXMichelle). Also, Yankees, Jets, Giants, fantasy sleepers and rookies to watch.

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    Mystical Musings with Kristina and Tammy

    in Spirituality

    Join Kristina and Tammy for spiritual chit chat, music, mini spiritual path readings and whatever else Spirit guides us to do. Join us and share in some good energy in our chat room and/or give us a call!


    Mystical Musings is the show intended to help the Lightworkers, wayshowers, healers and other spiritual seekers to re-connect and to find their way along their spiritual paths.

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    2 Years of Pagan-Musings

    in Spirituality

    Wow! Can it already be two years that RevKess and KaliSara have been doing this show? Yes! It is time for the second anniversary show of Pagan-Musings. Join your hosts as they recall some of the fun and not-so-much-fun from the last two years. Fond memories of guests from the first two years and laughter about some of the technical glitches they have encountered along the way. Callers are very much welcome during this show. Let your hosts know some of your best memories of the first two years of Pagan-Musings Podcast.

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    Is Self Directed learning the education solution? Musings of a Modern Man

    in Women

    #Education is the key to success in our current economic system.  Unfortunately more and more we are finding that the education we are getting isn't of enough value to truly provide for the needs of the modern man/woman.  We will look at a self-directed education and discuss some options for you to learn more, be more and accomplish more.  Tune IN

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    Musings of a Modern Mad Man; Vision, Leadership, Belief Systems.

    in Women

    What Happened to gender equality?  Everywhere lately it seems I am hearing about this apparent "war on women" but what about the silent "war on masculinity" that has been dragging our nation into an undisciplined mess of mama boys and girls who are always looking for a mom to come save them.  This is my introductory episode and it seems fitting that a show designed to talk about the war on men, should have to be listed under the Women's section, because their is no men's only section.  It isn't just the categories of blogtalkradio that don't care to recognize the male counterpart as being and having seperate, but equal issues.  Three things I want to leave you dear listener, Some things to ponder over, and muse upon in this modern day we are having.  These three things  are 1.belief systems, 2 leadership, and 3 vision.  While you are listening you may find yourself with tools and resources for clarifying your vision.  You'll walk away with a vision for this show, become more aquanted with leadership principles, and we will challenge those pesky belief systems that are holding us all back.  Entertaining you with solutions and encouragement that after subscribing and listening regularly you may find yourself being, doing and having more due to our time together.  

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    Bikers, Boy Scouts, and raising men. Ep 3 Musings of a Modern Man

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    Boys scouts bans water guns, and water balooon.  Girl scouts accept transgenders.  Bikers are involved in a fight and 9 die, but is it what we really think it is?  Or is it just a ploy for more government control?  Get perspectives from a former Hells Angel on what really might be going on.  

    Bringing up men, what does it mean to raise men vs raise more little boys?  Belief systems and why your words matter.  


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    Morning Musings by Melinda with Melinda Vail

    in Spirituality


    Morning Musings by Melinda with Melinda Vail

    For many, journaling is one of the most important parts of their daily routine. It gives them a chance to polish their inner mirror, reflect on lessons learned, and update their list of intentions with items that may need more work. In Morning Musings by Melinda, gifted intuitive and healer Melinda Vail shares some of her teachings as well as her own journal entries in a daybook embellished by original photographs by Robert Sharpe. Writes Melinda in the Foreword: "Some people have heart break that others cannot even imagine... have gone through things that you might think only happens in the movies... have had more challenges in one lifetime that amaze me that they are still standing... I have shared time with people like this that make their lives a tribute to grace and style under pressure, an example of faith and dignity, a testament to unwavering love of what's important. It is such an honor to me to be in the presence of these people."

    For more information visit: http://www.melindavail.com/

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    Pagan-Musings Music Review

    in Spirituality

    Join RevKess as he reviews some of the music that has been used for Pagan-Musings since its insception. KaliSara will be unavailable during this sure due to family obligations.

    Please forgive the last minute time change. My recording software and hardware have not been wanting to cooperate with me, so I am postponing the show by an hour so that I can do it live.