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    Luxley and Wildfire Dance music. Rain Perry: the death of a recording studio

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     New Orleans based, indie dance rock artist Ryan Gray, aka Luxley,is releasing his debut album and has recently joined the Bombay Bicycle Club and Milo Greene’s Fall 2014 North American Tour.  Luxley’s Spirit debut EP marks the return of co-producer and former Passion Pit member Ayad Al-Adhamy to the world of catchy, synth-pop hooks from his guitar driven, punk rock anthem slinging project Team Spirit and production of Black Bell Records. Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend, The Strokes) lends his ear as engineer and mixer, helping to draw out the indie, pop, and timeless dance synth-centric elements.

    After moving back home from  Nashville and a promising career in medicine, Luxley reconnected with the local NOLA scene and old friend (now manager and founder of Rude Fox Records) Sky McElroy, and began recording his new music. Luxley is currently on a North American tour through with the 2014 Mercury Prize Finalist Bombay Bicycle Club and cinematic pop quintet Milo Greene. But he is stopping by for a conversation with us at Music FridayLive!.

    Rain Perry is an award-winning songwriter. Her song “Beautiful Tree” was the theme for the CW Network’s Life Unexpected,  on which she also had the surreal pleasure of playing herself alongside Ben Lee and Sarah McLachlan. In addition to releasing four albums on her own Precipitous Records, Rain is the author of the autobiographical play Cinderblock Bookshelves: A Guide for Children of Fame-Obsessed Bohemian Nomads. She is currently producing the film, The Shopkeeper, about the demise of the independent recording studio. We will play her tunes and talk about the film this Friday.


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    Dance, Music, and Entertainment in the Danish Days

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    What was the music played and heard in the Danish days? Were there different styles of music? If so, how come.

    What about dance? Were there different styles?  If so, why? 

    What did residents do for entertainment?

    Share your comments or ask Dr. Richardson your questions. Just pick up your phone and call 347-237-4374.

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    CHICAGO Freestyle Dance Music Artist “Rochelle” was discovered at
    the age of 9 while performing a talent showcase in a famed Chicago Theater. This set the stage for ROCHELLE’S singing career.!!

    ROCHELLE caught the attention of many Latin American Stars such as Alejandra Guzman, Gloria Trevi and she also recorded a single video (duet) with the famous Jose Feliciano. ROCHELLE made her way to South America and Mexico as ROSITA, which became a household name. Her Live Performance were absolutely a CROWD PLEASER!!! !!

    Today ROCHELLE is back in the mix. She has recorded her very first
    Bachata album with songs like “SOLA”, “QUE HARIAS” and
    “PERDONAME” just to name a few. ROCHELLE also did a bachata
    version of her late 90’s hit “PRAYING FOR AN ANGEL” which she
    originally recorded was she was just 12 years old. Due to the fact that
    ROCHELLE is bilingual and sings in both English and Spanish, she
    has crossed over appeal in the Latin Amerian and Anglo markets, and
    with her angelical and beautiful vocal skills she is well on her way
    back to her love of music.
    ROCHELLE a new face in the TROPICAL  MUSIC WORLD with her
    amazing angelic voice.
    The best is yet to come for ROCHELLE

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    World War Radio National Side Chick Day and Music biz 101

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    World War Radio where we discuss the hottest topics in entertainment, sports, politics. ect and play the hottest underground and mainstream music out!!! This Friday Feb 13,2015, we will be discussing the National Side Chick Day, and Music Biz 101.Tune in by calling 760-542-3911 to listen and/or speak with your host Adonis Da Specialist, Boss Luciano, and co-host Boss Ridah 9am est to 11am est

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    Fontain's Muse: Friday Night WORLD Dance Party Live!

    in Indie Music

    The Friday Night Dance Party welcomes back by popular demand, Fontain's Muse!  We'll hear what's been happening since we first heard them in September.  And we're going to play more of their music!

    Hour 1 features Special Guest Star:  Fontain's Muse!   Hear the stories and the music from Fontain and Flash!    

    Hour 2 will be YOUR listener requests!  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Fontain a question or request a song for hour 2!

    Purchase Fontains Muse MYSTIC KISS on iTunes by clicking here!

    Purchase Fontains Muse SPIRAL DANCE on iTunes by clicking here!

    Like Fontains Muse on Facebook by clicking here!

    This unique duo has enchanted audiences throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego with their mix of improvisation, alternative and Eastern styles since 2000. They have been described as a mix of Florence and the Machine, Beats Antique, Adele, Ali Akbar Khan, and Thomas Dolby. 

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    Healing the World through Music

    in Music

    Music is a powerful healing modality.  Sound and vibration are important components of what makes music such an intense experience for the human mind and body.  In this program, we explore various styles and genres of music that heals. 

    You'll get to hear true stories from people who have been healed by music. We'll talk with the artists and musicians who play and create music that heals.  We will explore how music heals on a deeper level, by talking with scientists, engineers, and modern day Leonardo DaVinci's with curious minds and a need to explore and create.

    We will talk to musicians, performing artists, singers, songwriters, and bands from a variety of countries, locations, and genres.

    You will have an opportunity to try out the music for healing and to experience the power of music that heals.  By listening to PBI's BlogTalk Radio on Healing the World through Music, you will get access to special offers and invites to experience the healing music and performances we have on our show as guests. 

    Some of the ways that music can provide healing, as we will explore, include healing relationships, healing financial situations, healing the body, healing the mind, healing the soul and spirit.  Music is healing by getting us in a good mood, facilitating the balance of the bodily systems, restoring harmony to the body, and even helping with easing pain and uplifiting the morale and energy levels. You'll get to listen to special performances of music that has been composed and designed specially for healing, as well as music that heals as a result of the way it is received.

    It's going to be magical and exciting.  So please tune in, and join us on this exploration of music that heals.

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    Dance, Music, and Entertainment in the Danish Days

    in Culture

    What was the music played and heard in the Danish days? Were there different styles of music? If so, how come?

    What about dance? Were there different styles?  If so, why? 

    What did residents do for entertainment?

    Share your comments or ask Dr. Richardson your questions. Just pick up your phone and call 347-237-4374.

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    Talal Thabet Talks About Music World Cup

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Talal Thabet. Talal Thabet - artist turned entrepreneur has led a small team of 27 executives in the creation and operation of seven successful, profitable companies, several major acquisitions, and several real estate developments. Today, he is the CEO of six profitable companies and the Vice Chairman of the board of Music World Cup®.

    A master of integration and innovation, Thabet became a CEO at age 37 when he headed up an international consultantcy specializing in advising governments on how to attract strategic foreign direct investment, and took the company through a 4-year expansion across Central and South East Asia and North Africa.

    Along with various business expansions planned for the next exciting three years, he is launching the Music World Cup® - the first ever global music phenomenon that represents unsigned artists and provides them with a voice to be heard by the world.

    Music World Cup® is proudly created and conceptualized by an international team of experts in the music, media and marketing industry with experience in executing the largest global events on earth.  They have created a pioneering global social responsibility program called Citizen Discovery which encourages and supports artists and talents who cannot reach the distributorship of music channels because of their social and/or financial constraints, and giving them the opportunity to voice their talent in a global competition and share their musical art on a global platform with an equal chance of their music being heard by the world! 






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    Dance With Bipolar New Series

    in Self Help

    Dance With Bipolar is a new radio blog series that views bipolar from a positive perspective. The name of blog was chosen for two reasons: 1.  Similar to the contestants who put forth much effort to perform in the TV hit show Dancing With the Stars, those with bipolar and their effort put forth are “stars” every day of their lives to survive the hurt from people who don’t understand them and the deep pain from the illness itself. 2.  Similar to dance, bipolar has many different rhythms such as chemical, sleep, and mood rhythms which all effect behavior. The purpose of the show is to embrace bipolar in a positive ways by utilizing problem solving, mindfulness and truth to develop new rhythms of behavior.  This show is also for friends and family members to understand bipolar rhythms and learn to interact in positive ways to strengthen relationships. Meg Dog, Bipolar Specialist, and Doc, a NJ psychologist, invite you to dance with spirit of bipolar to learn, live and love.  And believe, “ You are a star to survive your worst day, and we are all grateful that you did.”

    Listen in with our caller from texas. There is lot of beef to this show!

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    Abun-Dance Reigns - The Cry of the World

    in Spirituality

    Let's take a deeper look at abun-Dance in our world and maybe even the cosmos.  Isn't it interesting the very word abundance holds the word Dance within it.......  How does that relate to the cry of the world this moment???  When we really listen what do we here in communion with that cry???  I don't know what it means to dance with this concept in the New Eden with the new mindset, with being the creator in part of the new earth I am choosing to live in.  We are creating that new Eden with every step we take.  Let's abun-Dance together and see what happens.  I invite you to send me a sharing, insights, questions to share on LivingEden show at sharonwalker143@yahoo.com.  You can also visit my website at www.iamgoddessiam.com

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    Bedoop, Just Dance... With Me! :)

    in Lifestyle

    It is time, once again, for us all to dance. Let's join together today to dance to all sorts of music genres. From R&B to rap, to recent classics and to... is that country?

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