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    State Of The Music Industry

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    State Of The Music Industry is a frank discussion of the changes in the music industry and what can be done to do business in today's environment, specifically where technology is involved.

    Panelists include Tracy Powell, a Technologist and President and Ceo of Bigwebinc.com, He is the Executive Director of The Blackcodeproject.org, an organization that provides coding classes for children in the inner city and Brian Lassiter, a music industry consultant, who has spent more than twenty years advising and guiding artists and independent labels. The discussion will be moderated by Darryl James, who founded Rap Sheet, the second largest rap music publication in 1992.

    The Intensive Music Industry Clinic, Plus Film & Technology (IMIC+), Rap Sheet’s music conference tour.  The Date is August 16 at 10AM EASTERN TIME on www.blogtalkradio.com.

    Future Conferences will be live streaming via rapsheet.com, but due to some technical glitches, this one will be hosted via Darryl James' radio show.

    The music industry is in flux, leaving many artists with no real understanding of how to make an entrance or how to make a living. Even the major labels have no real roadmap for dealing with new and emerging technology.

    Rap Sheet, the first Hip Hop Newspaper was launched in 1992 and by 1997, became the second largest rap music publication and the only one with Black ownership. After a brief hiatus, the publication and the website have been re-launched, taking advantage of cutting-edge technology to synergize and reinvigorate the music industry.


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    Rap Report Card Radio Show - #17 (Music Industry Networking) by KBIZ Complex

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    Rap Report Card Radio Show - #17 (Music Industry Networking) by KBIZ Complex

    Description: Rap Report Card Radio Show #17 discusses the networking steps and techniques recording artists and musicians can take to advance their career. This is the 17th show hosted by KBIZ Complex focusing on the music industry and advice for musicians. 
    Dial 914-205-5539 (talk live) for comments and questions.
    www.facebook.com/RapReportCard (Radio Show)
    www.facebook.com/ImaginationStationRecords (Sponsor)
    www.facebook.com/KbizComplex (Host)

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    The Celebrity Link- Foundation of Caribbean Music Industry

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    The Celebrity Link- Foundation of Caribbean Music Industry

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    Caribbean Music Exposition - Jamaica


    The worldwide popularity of Caribbean music genres such as salsa and reggae proves that there is an enthusiastic global market for this type of music. Yet so far the Caribbean music industry has struggled to represent, develop and promote its own music. As a result, the region has systematically failed to reap any financial rewards from its own music sales. The Caribbean Music Expo (CME) aims to address this problem by acting as a tool to develop music industry enterprises in the Dutch, French, English and Spanish-speaking territories of the Caribbean and promoting their music worldwide. Launched in 1999, this annual international four-day music industry trade show aims to be the world's leading Caribbean music event. Its multi-faceted format, with live concerts, an exhibition, business seminars, awards and a search for emerging talent provides an excellent showcase for the Caribbean music industry. As the first event of its kind in the region it is also an ideal platform through which the industry's many stakeholders can network, exchange information and present their latest products and services.http://www.iicd.org/projects/jamaica-cme

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    Couples In The Music Industry--Can it Work?

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    Is it possible for couples to do business together? How do lovers dream together. Tonight on KLJN Spotlight Widely popular National Singer and Songwriter Angel Sessions joins the show. She'll be in the studio alongside her husband Demetrius Guidry to discuss the various issues couples face in the music industry--and how to overcome them.

    KLJN Spotlight: America's fastest growing News and Entertainment Forum for musicians, writers, authors and entertainers at every level. 

    Saturdays 9PM EST/6PM PST www.kljnradio.com (347) 237-5342 

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    Dark Secrets of the Music Industry Exposed!

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    The Music Industry has many dark secrets of the occult operating behind closed doors. from mansion parties, rituals, oaths and a darker agenda in which many have fallen victim to. Lately people are noticing the occultic agenda behind music because it has become so blatant and in your face. from Beyonce's strange alter ego stories to symbols and suspicious deaths of artist such as Tupac, Pimp , Jennifer Hudson family, Whitney Houston and many more. Satan wasnt always the evil being that exist today, he4 once was Lucifer, a beautiful angel that lead heaven in worship and praise. Join us tonight for an in depth discussion on the agenda the elites have for the masses and how its being achieved. With guest host and motivation speaker whos an ex music producer "Robert Dickens". tonight at 10pm central. we will be accepting callers

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    For The Love of Music featuring Music Industry Veterans Panel

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    This will be a Music Industry Panel featuring Music Industry vets like Ed Eckstein (former President of Mercury Records), Harry Croombs, former General Manager of Philadelphia International Records, TC Thomkings, former VP of Epic Records Promotion.  You'll hear from the Vets who were responsible for making stars and how it was done "Old Skool" style.  Hosted by Mike T. who worked with some of these illustrious names.  It will be an inside interview giving insight as to How the Stars were made "BEHIND THE SCENES" to advertise on this episode or any of The Love Zone USA.com episodes email sales@masterpiececorp.com 

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    The New Element: Exposing the Music Industry

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    Join host, Renegade Smith and co-host, Dennis Ford from NWO Truth Radio, as we go deep into the
    music industry. We are going to rip the industry wide open and talk about the Satanic/Illuminatist agenda
    and control of the music industry... It isn't hard to see this from all of the symbols
    that they constantly promote through their "trend setters." They are becoming more and more blatant with
    showing what they, the owners, are all about, through the musicians/artists/bands. To gain the fame and fortune, you must take the oath
    to be a part of their "clique.".... Also, we will be talking about
    the amount of deaths that is on the industries hands. What is going on behind the scenes?!!


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    Hip Hop Music ...why is it so important in the Music Industry.......whats really behind it...

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    hotep music industry

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    hot topic the music industry

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    who controls the music industry ?

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    It's common knowledge that the popular music industry is dominated by a few huge companies, sometimes referred to as the Big Three: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. It used to be the Big Four, until EMI was subsumed into the other three. Before that, it was the Big Five, which followed the Big Six, etc. As time has gone on, the music market has becoming more and more restrictive in the choices you can actually make as a consumer.Of the top 25 charting hip-hop singles in 2013, Universal Music Group had a hand in 20, and when you look at the hip-hop landscape as a whole, the reality that one company is completely running the game is almost unavoidable. Cash Money, Def Jam, Aftermath, Roc-A-Fella, GOOD Music, TDE and Bad Boy are all in Universal's stable.Most heads will tell you unequivocally that the monolithic music industry is and always has been a problem in rap's evolution. As hip-hop has become more and more commercial, certain traits that have always been a part of rap have been elevated to primary importance: materialism, misogyny and ultra-masculinity, to name a few, because these are the qualities, for whatever reason, that make money


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