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    The Celebefex Show™ welcomes World Famous Music Producer Ernie Winfrey

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    The Celebefex Show™  welcomes World renowned Music Producer and Engineer Ernie Winfrey from Nashville. He has worked with every Big Star in Country Music and Pop and Rock including Dolly Parton and Marty Robbins. In Part 1 of this Two Part interview we talk about his early days and his fun times working with Paul and Linda McCartney. Do not miss this show !  Great songs and Great Conversation on The Celebefex Show™ every Saturday at 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)      :)

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    Artist/CEO/ Music Producer Guitarist U-NAM

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    U-Nam has five album releases as a solo artist. “The Past Builds the Future” (2005) was #2 on SolarRadio UK (the largest soul radio station in the UK). The album had significant radio airplay in Europe and made it into the Top 47 on the US charts.  “Back from the 80s” (2007) was the number one album of the year on Jazz FM, Steve Quirk’s Fusion Flavours, as well as a #1 on the US Billboard Charts. “Unanimity” (2009) has reached the Top 30 on the US Billboard charts with his hit single “Shine On”.

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    Interview with Music Producer, Edward Slater

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    Bio: Edward Slater is a Music Producer and Owner of Policykingz Productionz. Policykingz Productionz is a independent music production company, that supports all genres.The company has been etablished since 2001.






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    BX25 Vixens Radio with Music Producer Jacob Thompson

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of BX25 Vixens Radio Miz E and Renaldo Creative talk to Springfield, Massachusetts music producer Jacob Thompson. He owns and produce for Da Bassment Inc. He talks about how Timberland and Missy Elliott inspired his style. 

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    Anion Music Producer: MoonRoof

    in Hip Hop Music

    CEO and Producer of Anion Music Moonroof will be on the show tonight to talk about the many people he's worked with and also will be playing his music as well. Don't miss the show! It's MillerTime

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    Meet Sahpreen A King, Multi Platinum Music Producer, educator and author

    in Women

    Sahpreem A King Multi Platinum music producer educator and author of "Gotta Get Signed: How to Become A Hip Hop Producer" and companion titles : Surviving the Game, How to Succeed in the Music Business, and Dude I Can Help You ! 18 Mistakes Artists Make and How to Fix them.

    For over two decades, King has navigated his way through the rough terrain of the music industry as an artist, music producer, song writer, and record label producer, working with such professionals such as SWV, A.B.Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Kings, Latin Mix USA, 2 Wyclef Jean, Beenie Man, Eric Benet, Ivy Queen, Adassa and DJ Laz. He has used his personal trials and triumphs to mentor and influence the careers of many aspiring artists, musicians, and music business professionals through his witty yet "in your face" approach.

    Sahpreen pulls no punches and laces his advise with great wisdom and humor. During the show he will review the following key points.  The common mistakes artists make, Artist evaluation and development, Avoiding bad artist management, Choosing the right support team, The art and significance of networking, Marketing and promotion.

    Check out his website at www.musicbusinessguruacademy.com



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    An Exclusive Conversation with Music Producer Arnold Hennings

    in Entertainment

    The 924 Network is proud to present an exclusive conversation with Grammy Award winner record producer Arnold Hennings..His works include:


    112: Cupid, Throw It All Away, Why, All My Love, Someone To Hold, Girl·
    Monica: Angel, Forever Always, Never Can Say Goodbye
    TLC:  Take Our Time(Grammy Award), Making Love
    Paula Abdul: The Choice Is Yours
    P Diddy: Puff  Daddy And The Family 
    Curtis Mayfield: Let’s Not Forget
    All That  Television Show: Theme Song (ASCAP Film/T.V. Award)
    Hitch Movie Soundtrack: Kevin Lyttle/Turn Me On

    Just to name a few.


    So tune in to the 924 Network exclusive!!!

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    Music Producer and Performer, Becky White and Author, Frederick "Coach" West

    in Motivation

    Becky White grew up in Berkeley CA and New York City.  The daughter of a writer father and an activist multi-media producer mother,  Becky has written radical poems since the time she learned to hold a pen.


    She began playing her first instrument, the violin, at age 5.  After years of classical training she saved up to buy her first electric guitar at age 13.  Her poetry began to weave into her music, giving her songs a timeless quality.


    Becky White has published four original CDs and has been performing her whole life. A dedicated student of music from diverse locations such as Berklee College of Music, the Ali Akbar Khan College, and gamelan masters in the jungles of Bali Indonesia,   She also studied conservation biology and wildlife ecology, which has been a major infuluence in her music and support of various causes.


    Becky continues to learn and experiment with field recordings, found and created instruments, vintage guitars, pianos & synths, computers, MIDI, sitar and indian classical music, and her own voice.  She just released her latest self-produced album for her new project Firekeeper  on her label and production company M A K E A R T N O W.


    Coach West is a professional business coach and consultant who specializes in Christian and Small Businesses. As the owner of Enterprise Solutions International, the founder of the Look Faith First Movement, and the author of the Customer Service is KILLING Your Business! Series, Coach West writes about strategies, marketing, and social media advice for the aspiring and professional business owners. He is a keynote speaker, has been a guest radio show host,  and has written for Hampton Roads Inside Business.

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    TCH Ep. 39: Actress/Model/Musician/Music Producer Max Wasa

    in Film

    Actress/Model/Musician/Music Producer Max Wasa will be our guest this week to discuss her genre career, including such films as My Stepmother Is An Alien (1988), No Strings 2:Playtime in Hell (2012), House of Manson (2014), Get BIT or Get ATE (2014), No Service (2014) and more!

    In our Indie Spotlight, we will be looking at Moviepilot Horror and talking about how they cover the genre!

    We will also be reviewing Scream Factory's Blu-Ray release of Without Warning as well as Anchor Bay's Happy Birthday To Me!

    We will also be featuring several bands in our Metal Blade Spotlight!

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Finest Music Ent. Rapper/Producer ~ Saint

    in Music

    This rapper/producer with tremendous talent has taken his love and desire for music to another lyrical level. He’s like no other, the style, the name; the man himself cannot be duplicated, something spectacular to offer.

    His raps are crisp and to the point, he's a monster on the stage, and in the studio his creative nature invades his music, it can't get more precise than that. His versatility is proven in the many songs in which he has produced and written. His rap style can be straight hardcore rap and then switch to a commercial, laid-back flow. So let's take it back...

    Born July 17,1985 in Denver Colorado, Christopher Mitchell, now known as Saint, would grow up to find himself trying to understand the craziness of the world. “I follow my own mind and I've alway thought so deep.” And so it began, Saint put in his time blessing the mic. Saint emerged in late 2003, collaborating and performing alongside Colorado Legend BBlacc and Dankside ENT. He has carried his talent from state to state, venue to venue as he has worked hard to express his unique personality through his brand of Finest Music. Faced with many trials and tribulations in both, his personal life and music career, have molded him into the musician he is today. Saint has always had an ear for good music, rhymes and hooks. He says, “At first I didn't know I had it in me. The magic of music brought the real trueness out of me.” In time he developed his own style and writing skills. Influenced by the hard-edged beats and southern gangster-rap of No Limit Records, Saint is a rare exception in the ever changing world of Hip-Hop. In a genre where new artists come and go, plagued with gimmicks and schemes, Saint manages to remain true to himself and the music he makes. Destined to be a household name, Saint possesses the musical creativity and charisma to someday become one of the greats.

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