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    Turn It Up! w/ Larry LAK Henderson, Smart Music Entertainment

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    Larry "LAK" Henderson, The Hiphop Educator, is the founder and CEO of Smart Music Entertainment, and the creator of a new sound of educational Hiphop music that uniquely inspires people of all ages. His album, Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education, has hit Amazon bestsellerlists (#1 in Hot New Releases and #8 in Educational Music), and has received airplay on major radio stations around the world, due to his combination of deep insights and authentic Hiphop sound.

    Lak travels the country sharing his educational Hiphop soul music, offering "lessons" on topics that are rarely discussed, including current events, history, empowerment, political science, money management, and more. CBS calls Lesson One "creative, innovative, and informative." Dominion of New York Magazine says, "Most people who use Hiphop to educate do so badly. Lak does it so well."

    Lak is a youth activist, social critic, history and religion intellectual, and 
    an innovative education advocate. He is a Hiphop ambassador, and a noted speaker on the impact of the Hiphop culture. He holds degrees in Africana Studies, Communications, and Labor Studies from Rutgers University, and studied studio engineering at the Institute for Audio Research.

    Lak has been featured at a host of youth and college events, Hiphop conferences, festivals, and on major radio and television programs, including London, UK's BANG 103.6 FM, CBS, BET, Houston's 97.9 FM, Chicago's WVON, Tampa's 88.55 FM, Minneapolis's 89.9 FM, North Carolina's 101.9 FM, New York's 103.9 FM, LA Talk Radio, Princeton University's 103.3 FM, Rutgers University's 88.7 FM, and on the nationally-syndicated show, "In Black America," to name a few.

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    Milling About with Steven Beer: Your Child's Career In Music & Entertainment

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    Steven Beer, author of Your Child's Career in Music and Entertainment joins host Robin Milling. If your child is contemplating a career in showbusiness; this is the book for you. A former artist manager and currently an entertainment attorney, Steven was inspired by his personal journey as a stage parent when his 13 year-old son got his first role. He tells Robin, 'I realized how a prudent parent needs to approach the business. When it happened to my son it made me take a step back because I realized if I had all these questions I could imagine what other parents with kids interested in pursuing a career in music and entertainment might have.' In the book Steven provides answers to the questions a prudent parent may have; as he says there is no real guide or structure available to teach them the best way to go.

    Steven has felt like a parent in many ways with his extensive experience mentoring and representing multi-platinum music artists, such as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Jon Batiste and Stay Human; but nothing could prepare him for the hurdles his own child faced getting into the business. Of course he says with success comes a buffet of seductions so it's important for the parent and child to partner with each other and set boundaries. He talks about the challenges of maintaining objectivity when it comes to your own child's career and remaining vigilant every step of the way, along with keeping a sense of humor. He jokes, 'Justin Bieber's parents could probably write their own book from what they've learned! But You Tube has become the launching pad, the new audition room. And because it's so easy to get discovered it's really important for the parents to understand what goes along with that today.'

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    Spiritual Vibrational Healing Music & Entertainment To A Whole New Level

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    I would like to welcome Rey Venoli to our show! Rey plays numerous instruments and will be speaking to us about the ones he plays, his own show and why? He will also be sharing with us the lyrics that he writes and why he plays the genre of music that he does. Music is a way of connection, it opens our hearts and taps into our Soul! Tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio to find out how Spiritual Vibrational music is climbing to different heights! You can also listen in at (347) 850-8423.

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    #EmmPhatic Show On Lawless Radio W/ Emm "The Queen"

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    Bringing you some of the best Underground, Independent and Unsigned music online with hot topics.

    Hosted by Emm "The Queen"

    To submit music go to www.lawlessradio.com

    #SupportYourLocalComeUp #Underground #Unsigned #Independent 

    Follow Us:

    @QueenEmmPhatic @LawlessEnt

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    SMB Entertainment Radio presents Queen Mother of Afro Beat Speaks

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    Queen Mother of AfroBeat Sandra Izsadore Sandra Izsadore along with cohost Tanya McLean-Pruitt discussion this week:  BEAST OF NO NATION





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    The Booth Radio EP:4

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    The Booth Radio Show is filmed live in Chicago and broadcast on television via Urban Grind TV on Comcast Cable 25. Hosted by DJ & Television Host DJ MH2DA the radio show features artists, producers, and DJ interviews from all around the country while breaking records from new artists and music veterans.  Tune in for some special guests and exclusives. Listen to The Booth Radio here http://urbangrindtv.com/the-booth-radio Urban Grind TV was founded in 2009 as an innovative outlet for independent artists to get exposure alongside mainstream music acts. This urban entertainment television show is broadcast on Cable 25 in Chicago via Comcast, RCN, and WOW cable providers serving the Chicago market. The show features music, videos, interviews, entertainment, and VIP access.

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    Aaliyah vs Beyonce “Music Challenge 2016”

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    Tune in each and every Friday Night and listen to SijoTruth Radio. Be a part of "Under The Moon And Over The Sky" Music Challenge 2016. You can qualify to be a lucky winner "1 week vacation to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) or Puerto Vallarta (Mexico). You still have a chance to listen to last Friday's segment. Click the link below and listen. Place your vote in this post, listen this week to get more information on how you will qualify for the trip. 

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    Premier Episode! I'm Back!

    in Comedy

    On the premier episode of The Pogue Show, we will be giving a brief introduction of myself and what to except in the future for the show. This is just the beginning. 

    Today, as far as topics go, we will try to stay focused around the issues some artists are facing in the Music Industry as well as Comedy. There are a lot of similarities between the two professions. 

    We'll also dicuss the Martian and my feelings toward the movie as a whole. 

    This is generally a free form show, but I try to have topics for the people in any show that I do. 

    Follow on Twitter @ThePogueShow! This show is not going to end, it will only get better with time! 

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    Jus Being Real Gospel Show

    in Religion

     Gary Robinson' has a passion for Gospel Music. His goal is to assist new upcoming artist in reaching their dreams by providing an outlet for their music to be heard.   There is no other higher glory that we can give to our Lord Jesus Christ than to prepare the next generation to lift up His Name in Praise.   It is our utmost desire to plant a seed that will sprout forth in the upcoming years.  Recently, Gary Robinson has released his CD album entitled "Pray, Pray, Pray" and is currently working on several projects for the 2011/2012 upcoming year with new gospel artists breaking into the industry.  Mr. Robinson is also the Founder/CEO of Jus Being Real Productions a film company located in Southeastern Tennessee that produces short films, stage plays and visual poetry that broadcast on his hit gospel television show "Jus Being Real Gospel Show" and Spirit Alive Network on Livestream and It's Our World 7.   Mr. Robinson is in the progress of launching the Jus Being Real Social media for upcoming Gospel Artist to premiere their latest music, events and concerts throughout the United States. 

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    LLBP RADIO #862

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    CALL IN TO THE SHOW AT::  **760-542-4327**  OR...

    TUNE IN TO THE SHOW AT::  **www.blogtalkradio.com/msjackson20101/2016/02/11/llbp-radio-862**  AND...




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