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    Who used Chemical Weapons in Syria ?

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    The Obama administration will have to "rethink the range of options" available to Washington if chemical weapons have been used by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president.The Pentagon and other security agencies had been told to make preparations for possible action if the "red line" of chemical weapon use had indeed been crossed."I've got to make sure I've got the facts. That's what the American people would expect ... If I can establish in a way that not only the United States but also the international community feel confident in the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, then that is a game changer," President Obama said.Syria's UN ambassador Bashar Jaafari told the press on Tuesday that opposition fighters had used "chemical material" during an attack near the city of Idlib.The incident was an attempt to make it look as though government forces had used chemical arms.

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    Provoking Thoughts with Tremendous Life Books

    in Management

    On this broadcast of the Management Moment Radio Show we welcome Aamir Musharraf. Aamir heads up the “Read to Succeed” corporate development program for Tremendous Life Books in central Pennsylvania. Aamir is very passionate about education and empowerment through reading and his personal motto is, “provoking thoughts with tremendous books.”
    Aamir lives in the greater Philadelphia area with his wife and three kids, and in the past has worked with other literacy programs like the AOL/Time Warner “Time to Read” program and the Gannett “Newspapers in Education” program.
    Aamir is on a mission through the “Read to Succeed” program to persuade people to raise their expectations and live up the potential that God created them for.
    When asked about the most efficient way to pursue knowledge, Aamir says, “Read! Reading is the spark that ignites the cylinders of thinking, and powers the engine of expression and creation which propels our lives forward.”
    Tune in and hear about the exciting things happening with “Read to Succeed” program and how you can achieve the success you’ve always imagined.
    Visit the Tremendous Life Books website at www.tremendouslifebooks.org
    Watch the Read to Succeed video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge4Qpp-utA8

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    Press freedom in Pakistan

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    SAJA (@sajaHQ) and CPJ (@PressFreedom) present a conversation about the state of press freedom in Pakistan. Join Umar Cheema, who won this year's International Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists, and Bob Dietz, CPJ's Asia director as they talk about what's happening in Pakistan today. More on Cheema below. 
    Umar Cheema, a reporter with Islamabad's The News, was abducted in September 2010 by unknown assailants who stripped, beat, and photographed him in humiliating positions. Cheema's unwillingness to stay silent about his abduction and the abuses he suffered has drawn wide attention to the nationwide issue of anti-press violence in Pakistan.
    Almost immediately after he was released, Cheema went on television to tell the world of the abuses and humiliation he endured at the hands of "men in police commando uniforms." He said his captors asked why he continued with his critical reporting--was he trying to discredit the government and bring back former President Musharraf? 
    In the months since his kidnapping, Cheema has been harassed and threatened for his coverage of politics, national security, and corruption. In keeping with Pakistan's record of near-perfect impunity in the cases of hundreds of journalists threatened, abducted, and killed, Cheema's case remains unprosecuted and unsolved. But his courage has rallied his colleagues across the nation. An editorial in the English-language daily Dawn said, "No half-hearted police measures or words of consolation from the highest offices in the land will suffice in the aftermath of the brutal treatment meted out to journalist Umar Cheema of The News. This paper's stand is clear: the government and its intelligence agencies will be considered guilty until they can prove their innocence."  

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    Conservative T & T- Where's the Photo?

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight on the show: More on the death of Bin Laden as the U.S. debates on releasing the photo of his corpse. Also, Pakinstan's Musharraf not too happy about the mission to kill Bin Laden, security tightened as the threat of an attack is much greater, and news agencies are looking for the photo as listeners on this show were last night and hopefully by the time we go to air we will have one. I will also take your calls, play some music, and much more!

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    Conservative PrimeTime " Osama bin Laden 1957 - 20??"

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    Former Socialist Republican President George W. Bush Congratulates Current Communist Leanning President Obama on the killing of Osama bin Laden. So they finally found & killed him in A LARGE HOUSE w/ No internet or phone service? What ever happen to he was in A Cave?
    Is it possiable somebody that smart ( keep in mind he is the 9-11 Master mind ) would be so dumb NOT have any cable, electronic & wireless service?  If you have A clue you clearly can see once again WE THE PEOPLE ARE BEING LIED TO again; He was killed but NO BODY?
    Most of the stories being reported appear to be the standard day to day LIES we hear from our Federal Government. But we will in detail break down the stories & weight in on the complete picture since The September 11th attacks in 2001. Is It Possible this killing took place YEARS AGO but in order to preserve the WAR on The American People it was kept quiet? Is their A chance w/ slipping poll numbers & A birth certification about to blow up in his face President Obama released A story that gives him A MAJOR POWER lift? A BIG STORY WORLD WIDE that makes most of the fire from last week turn to smoke?
    Are we NOW going to make our exit from both Afghanistan & Pakistan? Who NOW will be our target on the WAR on Terrior? What about the 7 - 9 Billion $$ A year we give to Military Dictator Pervez Musharraf of  Pakistan?
    What new law or cival rights will the Dept. of Homeland Security need from we the people?
    All the while this goes on again The Blog Talk idiot republicans claim George Bush as KING. But WAIT the democrats claim it's President Obama. All the while more and more and more of ourAmendments from our constitutional are taken from We The People.
    TONIGHT your voice is key so let it be heard weather its in the chat room or calling in this show in many ways TONIGHT again  is your show.

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    PANEL: SAJA Briefing on the Pakistan Elections

    in News

    Join SAJA for a live discussion about the Pakistan elections. A group of journalists, scholars and experts will discuss what they mean for the future of Pakistan and the U.S.-Pakistan relations. Speakers: Asif Alam, Kiran Khalid, Todd Baer, Anil Kalhan...

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    Gold Meddles

    in Politics

    That bounty hunter nut, and lots of other stuff to make us laugh, and cry.

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    Hard Starboard Radio Saturday

    in Politics Conservative

    Jen and I discuss the Benazir Bhutto assassination and its strategic implications for the Fourth World War, Mitt Romney’s home stretch fade, and just how appallingly awful a nominee Mike Huckabee would really be.

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    U.N. rights council adopts resolution against religious defamation

    in Politics

    News and Views with One Black Man. Concrete Walls, Jets and Homeland Security Contractors, Before death, Benazir distanced from deal with Musharraf,Corporate money, media manipulation and the US elections,Keith Olbermann Buries Rudy Giuliani With Truth, Saint Bhutto, Devilish Musharraf and American Gangster Politics.

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    Bhutto Assassinated: Geopolitical and Domestic Impact in the USA

    in Elections

    Pakistan's Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated. Media Lizzy discusses the impact of this tragic event and it's effect on the 2008 US presidential election. Also on tap: the state of the presidential sweepstakes and authenticity. Should real contenders face a SSBI / Yankee White security clearance before they run for office???

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