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    AC WORLDWIDE presents Shyaam The Liberator

    in Culture

    He has been quiet. Watching. Observing. Behind the scenes. Navigating. Building. Teaching, Guiding....me. Now, Im going to share him with the world. Bwahahahaaaa. No for real. I started out with this brother, went through thick and thin with this brother, and I now I just want you to listen, to my brother. SAY SUMTIN. Yeah....he got an answer for that. Tuesday, June 10, 2014. 9pm EDT.


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    MLK beyond the dream

    in Culture

    how does civil rights affect us?

    Who were we before our situation(slavery)?

    What laws should aply?

    Are we our own people?

    14th and 13th amendment negro laws

    treaty of murakush and treaty of 1866 and what really happened

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    MOORISH MYTH BUSTING: Using the Moroccan Treaty as an argument in law.

    in Politics

    Join us on this episode of MOORISH SCIENCE RADIO where we will be debunking the frivilous theory that the treaty between the Moroccan Sultan and the U.S.A and also treaties made with the Sultan and the United Kingdom, can in fact be used as an argument in law. There is a contingency of paperwork selling Moors who pushing the false notion that the Moors should not deal with the Moorish Science Temple of America and that they should be dealing with the treaty because somehow, dealing with the treaty is dealing with real Islam and a host of other fallacious arguments.

    Points will include:

    Are Moors effectively using any of these treaties and what proof can be shown in the affirmative?
    Is there any precedence besides the 1790 Sundry Act where ANY Moor has effectively used the treaty as a succesful argument in law?
    Was the treaty ever invoked in the Moors Sundry trial?
    How can Moors claim that they are not U.S. citizens but try to invoke the treaty between Morocco and the U.S?
    How can Moors claim that they are not U.S. citizens and try to use the U.S. constitution as an argument?

    All of this and more will be touched on in this episode. It is time to put an end to all frivilous arguments surrounding this Moorish movement by brothers and sisters who have to keep these arguments going to sell their nationality packages. We offer to any of the treaty pushing paperwork Moors to call into the show and have a respectful dialog in this regard.

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    Sundry Free Moors Act 1790 :: Sundry Free Moors Act 2012

    in Politics

    TUNE IN tonight on Civil Alert Radio as we take one step back and 7 steps forward.  Subject matter: History of the Sundry Free Moors Act of 1790 and to discuss,  The Sundry Free Moors Act of 2012  a proposed bill drafted by Al Murakush Society to present before the U.S. Congress in regards to the Indigenous status of Moors born Native to America. This  legislation lays a platform of justice and history correction. In addition it invokes political and legal literacy. It addresses everything from human rights violations, constitutional violations, birthright theft, history revision and media slander.

    The Sundry Free Moors Act 2012 is a scholarly documented piece of proposed legislation. To follow along during the show view the proposed bill here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/71994512/Sundry-Free-Moors-Act-2012
    July 7th Special Notes…
    Jabbar C. Gaines-El organizer of the Moorish Unity Summit in Gary Indiana. Shiek of Temple #27 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
    Also, we will have special announcements from Phillip Redmond Bey, representative of  a law & civics education special interest group.
    Civil Alert Radio
    Informative, Engaging and 3rd Eye Opening
    Tuesdays  • 9:30-11:30 P.M. EST • 858.357.8450
    (Press 1 to Ask/Speak)

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    Girl Society: Rites. Passage. Investments. Secrets.

    in Education

    Thursday 9/29/11
    http://blogtalkradio.com/abundancechild (to listen and chat online)
    (347)215-6592 (to call in)

    This week on The BUILD: Ameena Ali and Priestess Kefa.

    1. Girls are negatively affected by experiences with failures 
    2.Most girls experience a conflict between feminine goals and competitive achievements, resulting in increased anxiety in competitive situations 
    3. Girls are confronted with societal and narrow corridors of school structures that favor pale boys and with pressure to conform to gender roles that limit their exploration 
    4. Girls are less satisfied with their body image 
    5. Girls are more likely to worry about their problems which may put them at risk to cycles of delusion and self annihilation.

     The Girl Society is open to girls ages 7 and up and adults age 21 and up. If you are interested in participating in the Girl Society either as a Girl or Adult please tune into this show and GET ENGAGED NOW.

    Also we will build with the Sultanates of Murakush on the FREE MOORS ACT OF 20ll....ACT NOW, STOP COMPLAINING and mostly STOP PLAYING!


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    KTL Radio: "The Liberation Has Begun" ft Shyam the Liberator

    in Spirituality

    Join KTL Radio tonite as we welcome Shyam the Liberator to present his latest thesis to the world, titled "Liberation of Humanity." With birth right and blood lines as the two most prominent issues this week, we will be revisiting the importance of ascension through application of TRUTH. 

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    The Next Revolutionaries will be Resolutionaries and will be Home Schooled

    in Culture

    Any education outside of the home or designed without the governance of the home does not maximize the child’s potential and is a form of parental abandonment and therefore is abuse.

    Join Abundance Child, Mahogony Homeshooler, Latyia Brown-El and Zyah El as they board the Unschool Bust to Abundance Child Live this Thursday, December 23, 2010 on www.blogtalkradio.com/abundancechild. This is an open discussion between four sisters from four different walks of life and a commonality of maintaining our status as the First Teachers

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    The Solution: Blueprint For Moorish Liberation

    in Culture

    The Time is now. The celestial alignment has rotated and now we meet again. Shyaam: The Liberator and Abundance Child: The autonomous Goddess of Amexem. This is the New Moorish Renaissance..catch us as we guide you through the Underworld to open up the various channels and portholes to access the blueprints to Liberation.Special Guest Aton Edwards of the International Preparedness Network will update us about Haiti: Soldiers, Dis Ease and Sickness as well as introduce his show that is airing on the Discovery Channel...

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    Abundance Child: A Tribute to Moorish America

    in Culture

    Tonight I give honor to Prophet Noble Drew Ali and all of my sisters and brothers of the Moorish and Divine National Movement who in some way shape and form have embraced their birth right and have shared their knowledge and wisdom with others. Please call in and give your shout outs to those folks and entities that are redefining our commercial status, educating, providing information etc...OR call in an ask a question to our Distinguished panel of guests..TBA LIVE! Each caller will be able to direct a question to one guest and choose another guest to add additional information or a rebuttal.

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    The Paradigm Shift

    in Culture

    Special treat for the people...Dr. Phillip Valentine promotes his upcoming lecture in Tennessee "The Paradigm Shift: Deconstructing the Illusion, Ascension Strategies, and Materializing the Vision. Any Questions.....

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    A Conversation w/ Dr. Sebi

    in Culture

    Dr. Sebi has utilized this treatment to reverse pathologies. On an average most pathologies take one week to 6 months to reverse, depending on the individual. Everyone's body is different. One must understand that you must follow Dr. Sebi's suggested diet. The diet consist of eliminating all Acid based foods from the body. One must first start with removing dead animals and dairy products from their diet. There are also several vegetables on the market that are hybrids. These vegetables do not supply the body with any nutrients. Some people believe they are eating healthy foods when in fact they are eating man made hybrids. Tofu and Soy. These two products are also HYBRIDS.

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