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    Total Dudes Episode 37

    in Sports

    After the biggest train wreck in modern history, Sign Guy and Rex are taking things across the pond. There will be the first ever British guest to the show... we hope. Will this spark another war between the United States and England? Will Rex drink English ale all night? Will Sign Guy finally get his tirade about the Muppet Show ripping off Total Divas on the air? Will Beast Barnett call in to tell racist jokes? Find out what happens this episode.

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    RTR: Sacred Garments, Holy Attire, Religious Vestments or Church Clown Clothes

    in Christianity

    From robes, to sashes, to staffs and scepters......what's up with the church and it's infatuation with wearing these religious outfits.  Some say they are a representation of thier postion, title and office while others say they are not necessary at all.  Who's right?  Do these outfits have a basis in scripture?  Do they come from the Levitical priesthood, the Catholic church or the Anglican church?  Join RTR this Sunday at 10am est with special guest Milton Charles Barnes as we discuss this topic.  Join in by clicking the link or calling 661.449.9951


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    EP.22 - Muppetational Podcast

    in Podcasting

    This week, we have Steve Swanson, host and creator of MuppetCast, a show dedicated to the work of Jim Henson and the Muppets.  He is also the founder of Flipper Media, a musician, producer, web designer and the host of another great show, the BackStage Podcast.  Steve is another person I had the pleasure of hearing speak at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast conference, and was thrilled to share his insight with you.  He's been producing MuppetCast for a long time and shares his experience in launching a show, building a community, and taking care of yourself in order to take care of your podcast.  Plus, he's just a super nice guy with an amazing outlook on life, so i think you are really going to enjoy hearing from him. 
    This week we also review Blab.im's decision to acquire PodClear and what that could mean for podcasters.  Many folks were looking to PodClear to be their new best friend when it came to recording remote interviews and are concerned about this news.  

    MuppetCast - http://muppetcast.com/ 

    The BackStage Podcast - http://backstagepod.com/

    @MuppetCast - https://twitter.com/muppetcast

    PodClear News - http://podcasternews.com/2015/09/26/podclear-acquired-by-blab/

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    Devon Moore on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!

    in Sports

    Sept 23, 2015

    -Tonight's guest is The Notorious Scumbag Devon Moore!! -How did Devon get interested in wrestling as a kid? Who was his favorite wrestler? -What does he consider good training? -How did he get hooked up with Trent Acid and PWU? --What was the downfall of PWU? -How did Devon break in to CZW? -Working Cage of Death 10 -Why is he known for the Scaffold Match? -How did he start working with Ian Rotten? --His first King of the Death experience -What's Devon's opinion on light tubes? -Memories of facing JC Bailey -Thoughts on working for Ian -Memories of going to Japan -How did he learn the Shooting Star Press? -Transition from Zandig to DJ -Thoughts on PWS -Going to the UK in 2011 -Favorite country to wrestle in? -What does Devon think is the best DeathMatch tournament in the US? -3 top matches in Devon's career? -Dream Matches? -What's left for Devon to accomplish? -Why hasn't Danny Havoc won the CZW World Title? -NFL/Eagles talk


    -Jay Cat puts "Gotham" over

    -Jay is a lifelong Muppet mark! --Politically correct Kermit?!?

    -Jay Cat's "JO of the Week" is a jealous-ass mother

    -Rant about the Nick Gage situation

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    Altered Geek Unleashed – 105 – Super Wow

    in Entertainment

    We hear about Steve’s Eye Punch, Mike brings up some things as well. Followed by the guys thoughts on the Arrow and Flash trailers, Steve returns to cover the news and read your comments. Everything from Comcast, Video Apps, iPhones, SHIELD, Gotham, Arrow, Flash, WB’s Batman infatuation, Wonder Woman and more!

    We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.

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    (NEW) Question of the Night:

    Send us any comments you’d like! We plan to do a comment Q&A episode in the future.

    What are the Fall Shows you’re looking forward to?
    What are your Top 5 Films for a Deserted Island?
    Would you want to participate in a live call in show where you bring the topic? (Email us subject Altered Geek Live if interested)


    Voicemail Line: 502-526-5821

    Email: feedback@geekcastradio.com

    Twitter: @AlteredGeek

    Facebook: GeekCast Radio Network


    Steve “Megatron” Phillips

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    Psychotics and Saints Radio Show - Is Chivalry Dead? If So, Who Killed It?

    in Entertainment

    The MTV Video Music Awards were this week and entirely too much happened. 

    Though she evaded any headline drama this year, Taylor Swift was all over the VMA's and reminded us how “cool” she really wants to be. Can someone teach her how to hold a rhythm?

    This week marks the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

    Reports this week surfaced that tea-sipping Muppet Kermit the Frog has a new lady(pig) on his arm.

    Hollywood star and magic Black girl Amandla Stenberg is slaying us again this fall with a new comic book about a Black girl warrior. 

    Black Nerds come through! Apple launched a college fund for HBCU students interested in the technology field. 

    Rapper "Actor" Common is partnering with Starbucks to bring jobs to Chicago youth looking for work. 

    A Baltimore, Maryland judge refused to dismiss charges against the six officers indicted for killing the unarmed #FreddieGray. 

    The G.O.A.T. aka Serena Williams clapped back this week at body-shamers. Williams is quoted saying: "I just don't have time to be brought down.” So, haters? Take ALL seats.

    If you spent more than 35 seconds on the internet this week, a certain Baboon has been the source of countless and hilarious memes. 


        Is Chivalry Dead?    


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    The Maya Akai Show (Unplugged) featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden (9-2-2015)

    in Radio

    Beginning  Monday August 10, 2015 UNPLUGGED WILL AIR Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12p-2p CST

    Join Maya & Nikki EVERY Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12p-2p CST..Get ready for Real, Relevant Talk


    What's Trending:   Inside the Manhunt for the Fox Lake Cop Killers, Family Files Legal Claims in San Francisco Pier Killing: 'Nobody Has Taken Responsibility', NJ Daycare workers charged in playground fight club, Hasselbeck: Why Hasn’t Black Lives Matter Been Classified as a Hate Group? 

    Food For Thought: One Easy Thing White People can do to make the world a better place

    FYI: The Latest Craze In Winemaking: Marijuana-Infused Wine and 5 Rules for Kids Who Carry Cell Phones

    Celebrity Talk/SideEYE:  Trailer For Will Smith's New Movie "Concussion" Hits the Internet Just In Time for the NFL Season

    Be Sure to Get Social with the Show

    Facebook and Twitter @TheMayaAkaiShow @NikkiBrayden

    Instagram @Maya Akai @TheNikkiBrayden

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    All things love: Falling inlove with someone that's not inlove with you

    in Radio

    Join our host as they discuss this spirited topic. So many people have fallen into the trap of saying they are inlove with someone who is clearly not inlove with them. Is it really love they are feeling? How do you know the difference between being inlove and infatuation? Our host want to hear from you on this topic. These questions and many more will be addressed on tonights show. We are talking all things love, relationships, and heartbreak. How to know when the person you're falling for is not for you. Join the conversation with Urban Conversation, tonight 9pm est.

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    All things love: Falling inlove with someone who isn't inlove with you.

    in Radio

    Join our host as they discuss love, and the possibilties of falling inlove with someone who isn't inlove with you. Is it possible? Can you truly know someone enough to fall inlove if they aren't reciprocating that love? What happens when someone uses your love for them, against you? What is love, and how do we know when we truly are inlove and not infautated with someone? Our host will talk indepth about their personal stories and experiences, as well as open up the phone lines to hear your stories as well.

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    Episode 96 (Somethings Got To Give)

    in Sports

    Jonathan, Nick, and Kyle talk about domestic violence in the NFL again. Kyle shows Jonathan the De'Andre Johnson video, which launches into a discussion about the culture of the NFL, domestic violence, and the Greg Hardy case, and the NFLs ever-growing London infatuation. After the break the talk about the 2015 MLB All-Star game.  The guys talk about their respective "Mount Rushmores" of their teams. They determine that the Rays do not suck, and talk about Matt Moore's hitch in his delivery. After the break, Kyle profession his desire to become a Yankee fan should the Rays move away. 

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    The Muppets

    in Entertainment

    It's time to play the music
    It's time to light the lights
    We're going to be talking about The Muppets on the show tonight.

    Today we celebrate the anniversary of the 1979 release of The Muppet Movie. Se let's make a rainbow connection and chat about these beloved characters that have an new show on ABC this fall.