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    Emotional Response Marketing with Michael Mainardi

    in Business

    Selling Technologies is considered the leader in emotional response marketing and partners Michael and Jerry are frequent speakers at industry conferences and other events.  They have created a “multisensory” experience for each prospect willing and able to spend two minutes viewing a video about their needs, risks, and fears.  You’ll do more than “smell smoke” you’ll experience the fire.  His system is powerful and effective – it is much of the future. 

    Selling Technologies - recognizes that the “buyers” are changing faster than many “sellers” are willing to acknowledge.  Michael is meeting shoppers and buyers “where they are” – with messaging and media right for their circumstances and needs.

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    Author Phil Ross on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Phil Ross! 

    Phil Ross made it his life purpose to help others discover and manifest their life purpose.

    Two decades ago, Phil decided to change his direction in life and pursue a more balanced life of purpose while maintaining his interest in sufficient wealth, good health and overall happiness and love.  When we have all three, we really are complete and find happiness.

    To this end, Phil wrote and produced Soul Destiny, a powerful progressive personal development series that takes participants from their current circumstances and recreates a new direction in life.

    Three very significant and powerful products that are progressive and life changing accomplish this, his Soul Destiny Discovery Day, Soul Destiny Home Study Library and a 3 day multimedia, multisensory, experiential workshop. 

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    MarsCrew134 - SUEANN SEAH, Crew Engineer on Ultrahaptics & 3D Sensation

    in Science

    Sue Ann is a Crew Engineer for MarsCrew134, a team of highly trained scientist, researchers and filmmaker who will embark on a Mars simulation at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, USA.

    She is currently a researcher in human-computer interaction (HCI) within the Bristol Interaction and Graphics Lab at the University of Bristol. Her research interests are in exploring different types of multisensory interfaces and have a specific interest in haptics: understanding how the sensation of touch functions and how we can re-create the feeling of textures or objects through an interface. 

    One of the projects she is currently working on, Ultrahaptics, can create the sensation of 3D objects in mid-air using ultrasound. As a space suit creates a barrier between the astronaut and the environment, prohibiting full immersion into their surroundings, Sue Ann is interested in the current limitations of how astronauts interact with the
    environment and how those interactions may be improved. 

    The long-term goal is to design a space suit layer that is the perfect interface between astronauts and unknown environments: the suit protects humans from hostile world but also transmits necessary information in the inside in order to help astronauts discern various surface textures, the temperature of objects, even the orders of their surroundings, thus allowing them to better understand the unexplored world. This is particularly crucial with respect to future, long-term off-world missions.

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    Multi-sensory Learning for Different Types of Learners

    in Education

    We will be discussing various types of learners and creative approaches to ensuring that they all are able to learn and retain information. We will be joined by special guest Dr. Erica Warren. 

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    Breaking the Chains That Bind You

    in Spirituality

    Negatve emotions such as anger, resentment, envy and  jeolousy are like chains that bind you.  Today, we will talk about these negative emotions.  As multisensory beings we must learn how to recognize these negative binding emotions and release them.  How to shift our consciousness and live a life of freedom, joy and happiness.  

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    Stuck in a Coma for 5 Years A Look From the Inside Out

    in Spirituality

    Allison Zopel is a professional musician who spent five years coming out of a coma with brain injuries. Blessed to return to life, her new book The Angel Inside: A Young Woman’s Healing Journey Through Coma and Brain Injury provides a multisensory description of what it was like to be in a coma, from the inside looking out, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
    Allison shares her path to healing using natural methods, her relationship as it evolved with God while in the coma, and how caregivers can be of better assistance to people with brain injuries. Through inspired illustrations, poetry, drawings, and journal entries to God, come with Allison as she makes her way through a remarkable journey and returns to life to help others who may feel trapped inside and voiceless. 
    Allison recently launched the non-profit The Return to Life Foundation dedicated to helping people recovering from coma and traumatic brain injury. All of the proceeds of the book are being donated to The Return to Life Foundation. The Angel Inside is now available in full color at www.thereturntolifefoundation.org, as well as on Kindle and in a black and white edition on Amazon.com. The healing music Allison composed while in the coma is available at www.musicfromwithin.com.

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    Connecting with Your Soul

    in Spirituality

    We are more than our bodies, that which our physical senses tells us we are.  Today we will discuss how we connect with our  soul.

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    Defining Non-Physical Reality

    in Spirituality

    We are all evolving at our own pace into what is termed "multisensory beings".  This is a broader consciousness than our five sensory perception allows us to experience.  As multi-sensory beings, we are capable of interacting within a non-physical reality.  Join us as we define this reality which is so crucial to our existence in this current age.
    Discover spiritual truths and techniques which may assist you in manifesting those long sought after changes in your life. Call us at (323) 375-3296 to participate in our LIVE discussions or share your questions or comments in the chatroom.  To talk LIVE, press the number 1 on your keypad, and we will connect you.
    You CAN create the life of your dreams. Visit our website http://www.spiritchange.com and let me know how I may help. Please follow this show and tell a friend about us!
    With much love,
    Queen Mother

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      In 1973 I was invited as a guest speaker at the Creative Problem-Solving Institute (CPSI) at the SUNY I was there for five days and I learned about the Creative Problem Solving Process, but I met and learned from some of the world’s best minds in many other disciplines.I returned home and developed a small classroom model of Esalen. Alicia Arnold learned this process and has applied her understanding of it. She takes us through a journey in a fairy tale world inhabited by characters from well known nursery rhymes starring Jack and Jill. J & J are stymied by the PROBLEM of getting up the hill and getting water down without spilling any.Throughout the book as J&J desperately try to keep from falling or spilling the water. They keep failing, but through their failures and from what each character teaches them, they do not give up, but try different approaches. This is the CPS (a scientific approach) and applied Socratic questioning. Beside the narrative, she has changes of pace in SIDEBARS that explore the meaning and learning of the chapter.She also has visuals of key ideas in cartoon form that adds another dimension to the process. By tying the learning to familiar nursery rhymes Alicia takes advantage of what the student knows and more easily connects them to what is to be learned.Teachers and parents could modify this book to fit any age as they learn to think creatively. The CPS process could turn any classroom or home into a creative thinking laboratory. 

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    Nuts and Bolts of Taking a Product from Invention to Market

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    Imagine being able to smell and taste via the Internet? How about hydrocarbon specific sensor technology that detects excessive alcohol consumption that prevents drunken drivers from operating a vehicle?
    Inventor Ellwood G. Ivey, Jr. is the brain behind such revolutionary technology and is the subject matter expert on creating new technology, licensing a product, branding the concept and bringing it to market. He has received national media attention that includes “CNN Tech Watch”, “Good Morning America”, “Today Show in BusinessWeek, Black Enterprise and Popular Science magazine as well as the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal newspapers.
    The Savannah, GA native founded TriSenx Holdings in 1999 and as its CEO led the research, development and launch of its innovative multisensory technology called the ScentDome, which was later licensed to Scent Sciences Inc. Less than 10 years prior, Ivey founded the DUIE Project, managed the development of its revolutionary technology, (hydrocarbon specific sensor) and licensed this technology to Tran biotech.
    What could possibly be next for this brilliant innovator? As the holder of 10 patents, Ivey will discuss on July 12th at 7 pm as he walks through the process of how to bring an idea to conception. Ivey will share how to properly protect your invention and what it took for him to navigate his business through the technology implosion, a prolonged recession and the devastating events of 9/11.
    Stay connected with Tenacious Woman by visiting us online or calling our office at 912.443.1995.