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    Hidden Mysteries: The Multi-Dimensional Being in Inter-Dimensional Reality

    in Paranormal

    We are focusing on but one course of events right now in our lives. We are everywhere on simultaneous levels of existence all at once. You are the Soul, the Spirit, the all encompassing energy, while at the same time you are also every entity that was ever experienced in every past and future incarnation; every parallel branched off reality where your path choices veered off into separate time lines and probable realities. We are also all inter-dimensional explorers of various other planes, and we are doing all this - NOW!

    Join us as Rev. Maria D'Andrea and Mimi take a look at the incredible spiritual makeup that makes each of us unique. Visit www.MQuestMedia.com for other simulating subjects like this and www.facebook.com/MQuestMedia.  To contact Rev. Maria, visit her on www.mariadandrea.com or call her @ 631 - 559 - 1248.



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    Off the Charts Manifesting with Multi-Dimensional Energy! Readings Too!

    in Spirituality

    My new book, The Aha! Factor: How to Use Your Intuition to Get What You Desire and Deserve is now available in book stores worldwide as well as Amazon and major online outlets! Get your copy and you will be eligible to recieve the free online course that will be released next week! Stay tuned!

    ***If you attempted to listen to this episode last week, we had some difficulties and did not complete the show. We will run it live this week! So be sure to call in early!"

    Whether you know it or not, there is a whole other level of energy, space and consciousness that exists and is effecting your life every single minute, of every single day. This stretches way beyond your standard mental focus and faculties and is operating full time in your world right as we speak.

    If you have ever been interested in manifesting, creating your day with your imagination, visioning, or any other process of accelerating the solutions you need and the desires that you seek, this show is for you!

    On this show I am going to share with you:

    - The breakdown of what we mean when we refer to multi-dimensional

    - The amazing things you can do when you consciously start to direct this energy in your world

    - How at least 75% of what you are worried about can be eliminate when you employ the processes

    - And some top tips on how to get started

    Sounds woo woo? Well guess what it is! The most powerful woo woo you will ever encounter. But it also gets results in record time.

    All New! We are also going to do a few Manifesting Makeovers! So call in with your manifesting project, the stumbling blocks you may be having and I will help you to sort out what will get things moving for you!

    This will be a big show so be sure to call in early!

    347 215 9485

    If you would like to take the class mentioned on the show, send us an email at support@ahamomentsinc.com!

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    Angel Readings and Multi-Dimensional Healing With Archangel Raphael

    in Spirituality

    In this episode, we will be working very closely with Archangel Raphael and his team of etheric spiritual healers to bring forth messages and blessings of health and well-being.  If you would like some intuitive insights about health or healing, or if you just would like to ask a general question then I invite you to call into my show.   Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor.  Please refer to your health practitioner for serious health issues.

    January is the month of Transition, Respect, and Responsibility on Ascension Magic Radio. There are several new shows lined up to assist you on the road to ascension.

    Here is the schedule for January:  

    Jan 3    -  2016 Kick off with predictions, energies, and themes of the year.

    Jan 10  -  Angel Readings and Multi-dimensional healing with Archangel Raphael

    Jan 16  -  Heart Centered and honoring the sacred heart

    Jan 17  -  Responsibility:  Honoring our commitments both individually and collectively

    Jan 23  -  Realm Readings:  What Earth Angel Realm Are You From?

    Jan 30  -  Archangel Michael & The transition from Duality to Unity

    About me:  I am an Angel Intuitive, a Certified Angel Card Reader, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Healer, Teacher, and Friend.  It is my desire to use my gifts and abilities to bring you blessings and return you to the path of Light  .For more information about what I do ,or to receive a professional reading, please visit my website:  www.ascensionmagic.com.   I also invite you to follow the show to keep up with new episodes. 

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    Disabled Reality

    in Education

    Topics of Discussion:

    a) Kids being home from school if there's just a small amount of snow on the ground,

    b) People having issues w/Voter ID's,

    c) People having issues w/women breast feeding out in public

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    The Reality Round Table Show w/Guests: Unfiltered Feedsters!

    in Television

    Thursday, 01/21/16 at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT/ 4pm PT Host Cherry Garcia Welcomes Nick and Rachel aka THE UNFILTERED FEEDSTERS as our Special Guests on The Reality Round Table Show! Tonight will be a fun evening chatting about Reality TV shows such as Masterchef Junior, Hell's Kitchen, MTV's The Challenge, Married At First Sight, Etc! As always, you're invited to join in the conversation! There are 2 ways to join us! Call 1-347-237-5506 to talk with us on air, or click our link, then scroll down the page to our Live Chat Room where you can chat with us during the show! Let's chat #RealityTV 

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    The Edge of Reality

    in Entertainment

    Join Allie and Priscilla to chat all about Reality TV.

    Edge of Reality Facebook page

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    Bernhard Guenther: Piercing The Veil Of Reality

    in Spirituality

    On the January 19, 2016 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Bernhard Guenther. Growing up in Munich, Germany, Bernhard moved to California in 1994 to study drums and percussion at the ‘Percussion Institute of Technology’ (PIT), Los Angeles. His exploration into rhythm and music became a journey of self-discovery and healing which lead him to bodywork and the Healing Arts.

    Being very emotionally sensitive and battling depression throughout his early life, Bernhard faced his shadow and fears. His personal healing process also inspired him to explore the mysteries and hidden knowledge surrounding our planet and humanity’s origins, questioning the roots of what constitutes “reality”, and how social (and spiritual) conditioning impacts upon our collective and individual search for truth, fulfillment and happiness in all aspects of life.

    His blog “PIERCING THE VEIL OF REALITY” is a wide-ranging collection of essays, films and interviews, ranging from spirituality, shamanism, psychology, self-work, esotericism, history, to the paranormal and hyperdimensional realities.

    Bernhard's site: http://veilofreality.com

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    in Entertainment

    Today, Brian and I are talking to multi-platinum musician, B Howard.

    B. Howard has worked with U.S. artists such as Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Missy Elliott, Ciara, Jason Derulo, Trey Songz, Vanessa Hudgens, Jay Sean, and Lupe Fiasco. The list also includes International acts such as Wind-z, Japanese Pop Diva Koda Kumi, Risa Hirako, K-Pop sensation Jay Park, and Nigerian recording acts MC Galaxy and 2face Idibia. A pivotal step in B. Howard’s career was his production of “Ke Nako” a song featured on the Official World Cup Album and released globally through Sony Music.

    Join us to talk to B Howard; the number is 646-595-3032. If you would like to be booked on the show, fill out the guest form here.

    Watch B Howrd's video here

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    The Edge of Reality

    in Entertainment

    Tonights guest if Jason Roy from Big Brother 17. Jason is also raising fund for Reality Rally.

    Facebook     Twitter:   Jason    Allie    Priscilla   Reality Rally