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    Mud Toe at Midnight: The Final Squelch

    in Spirituality

    Mud Toe ends his show and disappears forever.  Or maybe he re-emerges next week on a new show on Fridays at 10:30pm EDT.

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    Mud Toe at Midnight: The Penultimate Episode

    in Spirituality

    Mud Toe does pretty much the same thing he always does --- it's just that this is the next-to-last show with the present format.

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    Jim Allchin, Joanne Fish, Mud Morganfield & Chefjimi

    in Music

    Jim Allchin joins me.  Jim has a brand new album entitled Q.E.D.
    His story is one of a bluesman indeed.  Born and raised in a small house in the middle of farmland in Florida, he sometimes missed school because crops needed to be harvested.
    From there, he became a world recognized leader in Computer Science and software.  He worked at and started a couple of small companies before joining Microsoft in 1990.
    Through it all, he had music.
    His new album, Q.E.D.,  is “at the forefront of contemporary blues” — recorded in 5 different studios (4 in Seattle) and one in NYC.
    Joanne Fish is a Documentarian and she is currently working on a Documentary about W.C. Handy. In 2007 Joanne completed her award winning documentary on the “Queen of Rockabilly” Wanda Jackson, entitled “The Sweet Lady With The Nasty Voice”, won “Best in Show” at the Oklahoma City Film Festival, a Cine Golden Eagle Award, and was an official entry at over 20 other film festivals.
    She won an Emmy award for  "Class Acts" a documentary about Los Angeles’ first public High School of the Arts, and received seven Emmy nominations for her work.
    We will talk about her latest project entitled “Mr. Handy’s Blues
    Also first Monday, so Chefjimi will be here. He is sharing his time with ‘Couch Kid’ Mud Morganfield who is in a legal battle over his music.  We will delve into this situation, so you, the fans, can be more aware .

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    Gotham 2x14 - This Ball of Mud and Meanness | Review

    in Film

    WARNING: SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #132 - Gotham 2x14 - This Ball of Mud and Meanness | Review - Matches with mutants for Alfred! Matches Malone for Bruce!  Indian Hill virtual reality is on point, but did it make Cobblepot a more polite Penguin?  Lori Petty annoys us with her Jokeresk character, but Matches Malone and Bruce are amazing.  A man gets tired of doing wrong and going unpunished. And that's all Matches is. Not a monster, but a man.  Come talk this week's Gotham with us! We had a lot of fun!

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    The Saturday Morning Motivation With C. Maria (How Deep Is Your Mud)

    in Women

    I saw a post the other day; a small dog and a larger dog that stepped in the same puzzle.  The smaler dog was covered up to his neck while the larger dog was covered to his lower lets.  The same puddle but the results seemed different yet they are equal.  Never look at your pain in comparison to others then convince yourself your pain is any less.  Once we allow ourselves to believe the results of a hurtful action is not as important as the that of another, we become victims all over again.  Your pain hurts you 100% just as mine hurts me100%. Never be re-victimized or diminished   it will take more effort for the smaller dog to make it through the mud than the larger dog BUT it is still the same MUD.  We need to be mindful of our limitations and strengths.  

    C. Maria Wall

    The Wall Foundation Inc.


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    SF #248 - Your Journey of 1,000 Miles Begins in the Mud

    in Motivation

    Today McFall wants to discuss the difference in the feeling of being in the mud (hard times), staying to busy and losing traction, and finally the forward momentum and living the work. It would seem that Mr. Mordant is feeling one of the three more than the others so we will see where this conversation takes us.

    Grab ahold of the rope and start pulling, Buttercup!  You are going to start out in the mud alongside Mordant & McFall.  Join in as they work their way out of the mud and explain how to find your happy!  This episode starts out in the muddy phase, works past being too busy, and ends off crushing it.  You’re going to learn how to gauge your life and different ways to start moving towards where you want to be.


    Intro Theme: By Jason Shaw @ audionautix.com

    End Theme:  Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer

    Producer: Mike Woodard

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    Mud Toe at Midnight: Thrown Together at the Last Minute

    in Spirituality

    Mud Toe tries to cobble together 30 minutes of show after realizing he never recorded the one he meant to record earlier in the week.

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    Françoise Digel, Randy Knight, Sean Pinchin, Guy King & CKNM Lisa Mann

    in Music

    SHOW # 323 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should KNow"

    We begin the show speaking with Françoise Digel, whose exhibit Screaming The Blues debuts at the Blues Hall Of Fame on Friday.  Ms. Digel will chat for a few about the exhibit and how she came upon the subject.

    Then we spend a few minutes with Randy Knight, the creator of the play Ghost Of The Blues which will have a performance on Friday at the Orpheum Theater.  This edition will feature Mud Morganfield, Biscuit Miller, Stacy Brooks, James Armstrong and Bobby Wilson.

    Sean Pinchin was nominated for a Maple Blues Award for Artist Of The Year in 2014 after his album Rustbucket was released.  His new album, Monkey Brain dropped the beginning of March and Sean & I will chat about his career and his album, a collection of personal struggle and triumph wrapped in some stellar guitar-work.

    Guy King grew up in Israel but relocated to the US in his early 20’s.  Since then he has worked continuously to build his skills and fan base playing some 200 shows a day.  His latest release, Truth is his Delmark debut and is a collection of originals and reworkings showing Guy’s guitar and vocal prowess.

    Finally, Lisa Mann will be calling from the road as she makes her way to Memphis for the BMAs.  Nominated for Instrumentalist-Bass (an award she was honored to receive last year) and is also releasing her new album.  We will get to share the new album and speak with Lisa about everything that has been going on in her world.

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    Mud Toe at Midnight: Food and Beverages

    in Spirituality

    Mud Toe shares his limited knowledge of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and draws the 7th Shaman Tarot card.

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    The Muddy Waters Show - With Mr. D

    in Current Events

    Let's clean up some of this mud so we can see things clearly.  On The Muddy Waters Show we engage in respectful, open, and honest dialogue without censorship or avoidance of tough subject matter.  Look at the topics below, this is not a hello kitty show! Together we can make our lives better by making the effort to evaluate our discussion and find common ground to stand on! If you have a topic that is not listed call and let me know.



    Mr. Hastert

    The rape of Puerto Rico

    and more............

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    Heavenly Sunlight

    in Religion

    1ST. Kings Chapter 9 King James Version.

    Here God appears to King Solomon letting him know he had indeed heard his prayers and how King Solomon had walked upright before him as did his father King David, and that he established  his throne of his kingdom forever,but also gave warning to Israel what would happen if they turned from him.

    Psalm 40:2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit; out of the mud and mire, he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.