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  • 01:25

    Strategies for Connecting With DNA Matches with Shannon Christmas

    in History

    Have you had your DNA tested and don't know what to do or say to your newly discovered relatives?

    Corresponding and conversing with unknown relatives found via DNA testing can present family members and genealogists with as many challenges as opportunities. Learn how to initiate a fruitful dialogue, double response rates, and clear a path to genealogical discovery with these tried-and-true communication techniques.

    Join Shannon  Christmas to discuss what you may need to say and do to take your DNA results to the next level.  Communications is key to getting the answers to many of your DNA questions.





  • 01:28

    Goins Book Reasearch Reunion at Tol Barrett House-DNA

    in Books

    This week the agenda line up for discussions is, Goins Book Research Weekend-DNA (both yDNA/MtDNA), where we discussed Goins/Goyens/Nash/Sweat/Perkins/Ashworth/Doyle/Williams/Warwick/rick/Johnson/Hill and many more Mixed Blood Native American Redbone clan families.

    Marilyn Baggett, Gary Gabehart, Lorene Brown, James Ray Johnson and others will discuss the new findings and collaborate on research and writing efforts for the new Goins Book to be released this fall by Backintyme Publishing at www.backintyme.biz.

    We will update you in the findings from Jamestown to Republic of Texas. Not unlike the reputation of the Goinses, we will also lay to rest some myths, legends and out right scandlous gossip!

    Please join us, listen in and spread the word to help us collaborate further with extended family. Hope to chat with you here, but if you miss the live listening episode, you can always listen to the archived live recording at Blog Talk Radio~


  • 00:45

    Let's Talk Redbone & Melungeon DNA

    in Social Networking

    Call in and tell us about your DNA scores. I will elaborate on Redbone DNA results and the often confusing myths and obstacles to understand your results, ethnicity and admixture.

    To get a basic idea of Redbone DNA results, you may review these on my website, here. http://txredbones.mehrapublishing.com/my-redbones/

    Please do prepare and contribute your scores and or share questions and answers for others.

    This will be a 45 minute discussion. Hope to chat with you there!

    If you would like more information on Tribes DNA testing that the Redbones took, you can visit their website for more information here.

  • 02:10

    Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Alex Hearn

    in Paranormal

    Join us Tuesday night May 27, 2014 at 9pm eastern as we invite Alex Hearn to the show!  Alex is the founder of The Arizona Cryptozoological Research Organization (AZCRO).  In recent news, Alex is in possession of a toenail allegedly from bigfoot and is in the process of trying to collect funding for the DNA analysis.  They have, through the Sasquatch Genome Project, completed mtDNA testing, but the nDNA testing for the Toenail of Bigfoot was never completed. They have an offer from a very fine DNA Lab to get that ever so important testing completed. They are less than $1300 from their goal to get that testing completed.  Tune in so that you can get the background story behind the toenail and hear Alex's side of the story.


  • 01:00

    The Unknown Zone

    in Paranormal


    Join Judy Sellins and Dave Turco of the Unknow Zone as we unearth the details of this unusual puzzle.  Very unusual large elongated skulls being found around the world. They belong to skeletons that range from 7 feet tall to some that are 12 feet, even one at 30 feet. Are these the Nephilim that the Bible says were here. The skulls have been tested at great length.....they are NOT human and the mtDNA matches nothing ever recorded. You'll want to hear this! We're on from 10-11 am Tuesday morning. You are welcome to call in and add to the conversation or ask questions.

  • Mitochondrial DNA with Bennett Greenspan

    in History

    Bennett Greenspan, president and CEO of Family Tree DNA, joins Jane to talk about mitochondrial (mt) DNA. Find out what mtDNA is, what the differences between mtDNA and yDNA haplogroups are, and how to interpret our results. Bennett will explain how the migration maps and origins used by FTDNA were determined, what applications mtDNA has for genealogy research, and where he thinks mtDNA applications will be going in the future.

    Find Family Tree DNA here.

  • 01:01

    Visible Sounds and DNA Songs with Composer Stuart Mitchell

    in Paranormal

    Stuart Mitchell was born in Edinburgh and began to learn the piano at the age of five. His father is the jazz pianist and composer Thomas J. Mitchell, and this influence and guidance has been invaluable to Stuart's music. By the time he was 15, Stuart had discovered a whole new world of technology in keyboard synthesis which interested him greatly and this led to developing new sound textures and performance abilities to his music. In 1986, he signed his first record deal with Red Bus Records, London, for five years as a producer and writer. 2005 saw Stuart's first major classical CD release of his score Seven Wonder Suite for Orchestra, performed by The Prague Symphony Orchestra, The Kuhn Mixed choir and conducted by Mario Klemens. Stuart's work in cymatics, which is the study of visible sound and vibration, allowed him to break the code of the cubes carved in the ceiling of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and play the ancient song preserved there for hundreds of years. He also has developed a method of interpreting DNA into musical notes which make up a unique song encoded in every living thing. Stuart was commissioned to translate a MTDNA sequence of Ludwig Van Beethoven's ancestry and produced a composition called Ludwig's Last Song. Stuart's websites are:

  • 00:49

    The Usefulness of DNA Testing in Genealogy

    in History

    Host Anita Wills, shares Genealogy and History as it relates to the African American experience. This weeks topic is the usefulness of DNA Testing in Genealogy.

    Tune in and Listen Up!!