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    Daytime after dark Jason shane scott frist time

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    Scott was born in Southern California. At the age of two he moved to Reno, Nevada with his mother and older sister while making frequent trips to Los Angeles to visit his father. Scott attended Wooster High School and excelled at sports, playing baseball, basketball and football. His football talent earned him particular recognition; his team won the state championship and Scott himself was offered numerous football scholarships. Upon graduation, Scott chose to pursue an acting career and moved back to Los Angeles. Enrolled in acting classes, he began studying intensely. He also took up modeling and spent several months in Europe.


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    Enlightened 30: Death The Show presents Andy Curtiss

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    Andrew Curtiss;  (1978-present)  grew up in the mountains and hills of upstate New York's Tug Hill area. He joined the U.S. Army upon his graduation from high school. While serving in the Army in 1998 Andrew became involved No Holds Barred Fighting or with what is now called the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. While in the Army Andrew had served in the elite F. Company 51st Infantry (Long Range Surveillance) unit as an Infantry Paratrooper scout and was later selected and trained as a Green Beret. 

    Andrew is a decorated veteran of the Global War on Terror who was nominated for one of the nations highest awards for valor; the Silver Star. Andrew was awarded the Bronze Star with a "V" device. His first book, "Combat Application Techniques: Principles of Destruction," was written based on the military combatives program he had developed for his Special Forces "A" Team. In 2010 his book 1984 Redux Say Hello to Big Brother was published by Authorhouse. 

    During his research and writing of 1984 Redux that Mr. Curtiss found his calling as a Libertarian leaning American Constitutionalist. 1984 Redux highlights America's descent into tyranny and the spiral to a police state. In 2011 he published an Amazon Kindle Only work titled "Economic Collapse: The warning signs, impact on America, 42 things you should buy before it's too late; and how to develop a survival plan". This work was based on the hypothetical theory of an American Economic collapse, what would likely occur and how to prepare for the worst.


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    Rebecca Fisk: Intuitive Psychic!

    in Spirituality


    Rebecca Fisk returns to take your calls for the month of August!   Rebecca is an intuitive psychic.  During the show tonight, callers can ask 1 (ONE) question on whatever subject you like:  money, career, love, job, home, pets, family, friends, etc...   

    Call 323 657-1493 (Press 1) to ask a question!

    Rebecca is also scheduling Group Events.  Having a Party, Graduation, Anniversary, Corporate Event, Birthday, Bacherlorette Party, Housewarming?   Contact Rebecca today to find out how you can have Rebecca be part of your next event!  Click here!

    Follow Rebecca on her Facebook fan page here!

    Buy Rebecca's book THE LIST on Amazon here!

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    "Youth Success Week - Keeping You In the Know" with Angel the Cool Smart Chick

    in Self Help

    "Youth Success Week - Keeping You In the Know" with Angel the Cool Smart Chick

    Launching, Monday, August 17, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m. EST. Just call into the broadcast by dialing 914.338.0464. Sit back and Enjoy!!

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    Inner Vision: The Courage To Say YES To Your Vision

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    Life Coach Ade is joined by Christine Job (Author. Consultant. Entrepreneur. Catalyst)  for " The Courage To Say Yes To Your Vision" on the Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show on LifeConversationsRadio.com

    We continue the conversation on the Theme of Month: Inner Vision. Today, Life Coach Ade and his special guest - Christine Job will discuss the courage it takes to say YES to one's "Inner Vision"

    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show" fan (LIKE) page on Facebook.

    Christine Job creates content and provides services that promote high vibrational thinking, believing, acting, interacting and living. She believes entrepreneurship is a method of self-actualization. As a strategist and consultant she works with clients to uncover their purpose, live in alignment with that purpose and share that purpose with the world. "I Do What I Want" is the title of Christine’s first book and is her long held motto.. “I Do What I Want” is written from the perspective of a rehabbed people pleaser who went from College Floater to a Law School Queen Bee, graduating with a kick ass job (taking her to Africa within two weeks of graduation) to leaving it all to do what she really wanted, start her own consulting company, write, and launch the music festival SeekerFest. www.TheSeekerFest.com

    For more information about Life Conversations Radio visit www.LifeConversationsMedia.com

  • Nika J., Owner of Touched by Nika

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    Nika J. is a handful of spice packed into a small bowl of gumbo, and who doesn’t like gumbo? As a single mother of three, she has still finds the time to, go back to college and obtain a degree to add to her license of Cosmetology of 13 years, along with helping those in need, praise dancing at her church, starting a blog with impactful subject matter which will prepare audiences for her up and coming book upon completion. She is an excellent example of strength, determination, consistency and undying faith that inspires everyone that crosses her path.

    Nika decided to go back to school, and was terrified, because of the 10 year break she had taken, the responsibilities and fear of failure. In the car on the way to her graduation she realized just how wonderful her achievement was. What Nika learned was priceless and obtaining ultimate self-confidence meant more than the degree! The sky is the limit, you can do anything you put your mind too!

                         (704) 931-TBN2 (8262) * www.touchedbynika.com * touchedbynika@gmail.com

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    Managing music Manocha style.

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    Driven by a life long passion for music in all its varied forms, Arvind Manocha is President and CEO of Wolf Trap Foundation for the performing arts, a position he has held since January 2013. An expert in both artictic programming and operational management, Manocha is expanding the foundation's view of what is Wolf Trap. 

    Prior to joining Wolf Trap, Manocha worked at the legendary Hollywood bowl, which under his leadership was named 'Best Major Outdoor venue in America'  by Pollstar magazine for eight years in a row. As Chief Operating Officer of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, Manocha oversaw a wide range of artistic and operational functions at both the historic Hollywood amphitheater and the association's primary home, the landmark Walt Disney concert hall in downtown LA.

    A native of Ohio, Manocha grew up in an Indian American family, where he listend to everything from Indian ragas to Beethevon to Queen. He graduated with honors from Cornell university and earned his Masters degree as a Marshall scholar from the University of Cambridge. Upon graduation, he joined McKinsey and Co. as a strategy consultant serving clients in London and LA. While in Los Angeles, Manocha served in many not for profit boards and currently serves on the board of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce. 

    Manocha and his husband, Gideon Malone, make their home in Great Falls, Virginia. 


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    Christian Recording Artist Janice Lary

    in Christianity

    Janice S. Lary was born in Macon, GA. She is a Contemporary Christian recording artist. Miss Lary's journey and love for music started early when she began singing in her church choir.   Miss Lary is a mezzo soprano. She studied voice and music at the University of West Georgia while obtaining her  degree in Marketing Management.

    Miss Lary has a dynamic voice range from tenor to first soprano and has a very diverse background in music. She has performed and recorded backup with many professional artist, including rappers, Platinum artist The Egyptian Lover and A-Town Players.  She has also sung with the Choral Society of Middle Georgia, the Macon Symphony and the US Air Force Band.

    Miss Lary can sing country, jazz, R & B, Rock, Blues, and Classical music, but her favorite music that she enjoys performing is gospel. Shortly after graduation from the University of West Georgia, she played the role of Fraskito in the operas Carmen, and Cosi von tutti.

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    Ann Rea: How to Make Art and Money

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    Our Host: Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, and Consultant.  Please visit her webiste at www.svetlanakim.com and e-mail her at svetlana@svetlanakim.com. 

    Our Guest: Ann Rea, Artist and CEO of Ann Rea, Inc. 

    Once Upon a Time...

    a talented young girl pursued her dream of being a famous artist by attending a very prestigious and expensive art school. 

    For five years she learned how to make art but not how to make money from it. 

    Soon after graduation her student loan bill arrived. 

    Quickly she realized that she needed to make more money, much more than she needed to make more art.

    Every Day...

    she commuted to a grey-base colored corporate cubicle.

    But this artless existence drove her into a deeper depression and anxiety that she could not numb.  

    Too often she would sit with two work mates bitching about the relentless office politics. 

    But One Day...

    she realized that both of her work mates had just entered into remission from Stage IV breast cancer. 

    So she stopped and asked them,"If you had a magic wand and you could do anything, and be assured of success, what would you do?"

    Please visit Ann Rea's website at www.annrea.com. 

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    in Current Events

    Today, Debbie Barth and Lynn Bensy are talking with Pattie Curran! Pattie Curran is running to represent North Carolina’s 5th congressional district.

    Pattie enlisted in the Army National Guard (ARNG) when she turned 18 and later attended Officer Candidate School, receiving her commission just prior to her college graduation.  As a veteran, a Christian, wife and homeschooling mom, and … as a former social worker, Pattie understands, and has experienced … the challenges others, in these positions have had to face.

    Ms. Curran is also the founder and president of the nonprofit Shwachman-Diamond America. Two… of her three children … have a rare disease, Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome with secondary mitochondrial disease.  She knows full well, the catastrophic financial ramifications of Obamacare and is adamant in her fight to repeal Obamacare.

    Debbie and Lynn will be talking with Pattie about how Pattie was able to rise about the dire circumstances of her own childhood and go on to become the first person in her family to graduate from college.

    Pattie’s story is one of encouragement and inspiration.  Her ability to overcome life’s adversities, combined with her desire to make this a better place for her own children to live, is the driving force in her political aspirations.

    What is her stand on the Constitution, Common Core, abortion and gun rights?

    Call in and ask Pattie these questions and more at 323-792-3071. (Press the number 1 to speak to the host.)

  • Wealthy Wednesday with Author Karla Akins of The Pastor’s Wife Wears Biker Boots

    in Entrepreneur

    Wealthy Wednesday Radio show hosted by Luci McMonagle, a Money Manifestor Coach, is for Conscious Holistic Entrepreneurs and small Business Owners interested in empowering themselves with knowledge, education and to increase their happiness, wealth and health. Listen today to our expert guests.  Like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WealthyWednesdayRadio

    Have you ever wanted to be writer, but didn't know where to start? Our featured guest is Karla Akins who is an award-winning, prolific writer of books, short stories, plays, poems, songs and countless nonfiction article. Her biography for middle grades, Jacques Cartier, when #1 in its category on Amazon.

    Besides writing interactive historical biographies for middle grades, she also writes fiction for the Christian market. Her first novel, The Pastor’s Wife Wears Biker Boots was released in 2013. Her short stories have been published in four Splickety Magazineeditions.

    She is also a classically trained musician on piano, violin and voice as well as a bible scholar. She received her seminary degrees at Kingsway Theological Seminary in Des Moines, Iowa and holds a Bachelor’s in both Theology and Christian Education as well as a Master’s and Doctorate in Christian Education. She’s currently a full-time college student pursuing a degree in Special Education with a graduation date of spring 2016.

    Karla is also a pastor’s wife, mother of five, and grandma to seven little girls. She lives in Indiana with her pastor-husband, twin teenage sons with autism, a mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s, three dogs and two cats. When she’s not writing she’s riding her motorcycle and looking for treasure.

    Website: KarlaAkins.com/Contest - Facebook: facebook.com/karlakakins - Twitter: @KarlaAkins