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    Instacruit: The Next Big Thing in Mobile Job Search & Networking?

    in Technology

    The global hunt for passive job-seekers is no easy task.  Instacruit, a new mobile recruiting startup, is helping to change the game by making it easier for recruiters and passive-job seekers find each other globally.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Niklas Lerner, Founder and CEO at Instacruit to discuss how jobseekers are finding new career opportunities globally, without having to send out a single application or CV!


    About Our Guest

    Niklas Lerner | @instacruit  | Founder & CEO, Instacruit

    Niklas is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about mobile recruiting and connecting passive jobseekers and recruiters globally.  Niklas is presently the Founder and CEO at Instacruit.  Instacruit is a unique and smart mobile recruiting service that makes it incredibly easy for job-seekers and recruiters to connect globally. Instacruit is mainly designed to help passive job-seekers become more visible to the recruiting industry and the other way around.

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    JobCast.net: How to engage candidates from your Facebook page

    in Technology

    Facebook now has over 1 billion active users and remains one of the largest social media platforms on the planet.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Ryan St. Germaine, Co-founder and CEO at Jobcast.net to discuss how employers can maximize their social recruiting efforts on Facebook.


    About Our Guest

    Ryan St. Germaine | @jobcastnet  | Co-founder & CEO, Jobcast.net

    Ryan is an entrepreneur and interested in all things recruitment & social media.  Ryan has an extensive background in HR Tech and is presently the CEO @jobcastnet.  Ryan also co-founded what is now the largest job board in Western Canada and @bcjobs.


    About Our Jobcast.net

    Jobcast is a Facebook Recruiting App that makes it possible for employers and recruiters to build fully branded career sections on their company Facebook Page. With Jobcast you can tap into Facebook’s over 1 billion active user-base to source qualified candidates, engage with potential hires, and grow your employer brand.

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    2014 Survey Results: How Today's Job-Seekers Leverage Social and Mobile

    in Technology

    Episode Description:

    According to the latest study by Jobvite - 71% of the US labor force is currently on the job market. 

    Join Michael Marlatt as he chats with Kimberley Kasper, CMO at Jobvite to learn how today's job seekers leverage social and mobile technologies in their search for the perfect job.


    About our Guest:

    Kimberley Kasper | @KimberleyKasper | Chief Marketing Officer at Jobvite

    Kimberley Kasper is the Chief Marketing Officer at Jobvite. She has spent over 15 years working for SaaS and cloud technology companies. Prior to Jobvite, Kimberley worked as a Vice President of Marketing at Taleo as well as SumTotal. Before SumTotal, Kimberley acted as the Senior Director of Marketing Programs at SalesForce. 

    * Download a copy of the 2014 Job-Seeker Survey Results


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    Wearable Technology and Recruiting: Future or Fad?

    in Technology

    Episode Description:

    Google Glass is opening up a world of possibilities.  TMP Labs imagines how Google Glass could impact the way recruiters conduct interviews more collaboratively, and how a new employee's first days could be more productive and fun. 

    Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Todd Maycunich, VP Product Innovation at TMP Worldwide to explore the future of recruiting through the world of #GoogleGlass.


    About Our Guest:

    Todd Maycunich | @tmaycunich | VP Product Innovation, TMP Worldwide

    Responsible for helping evangelize emerging technologies, TMP's Vice President, Product Innovation, Todd Maycunich co-manages TMP Labs, the internal design and product think tank. TMP Labs is comprised of the firm's visionaries who bring forward-looking concepts to TMP's product roadmap as well as to help solve complex client challenges. Throughout his seven year career with TMP, Todd has been responsible for helping employers communicate and measure the effectiveness of their employment brands, ensuring they reach, attract and retain qualified candidates. He particularly enjoys TMP's cross-collaboration work environment that encourages critical thinking and dynamic problem solving.

    Site: tmp.com

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    TweetMyJobs: Exploring the use of Augmented Reality in Recruiting

    in Technology

    Episode Description:

    Augmented reality (AR) uses technology to layer virtual information over a physical, real world environment.  How exactly does AR apply to job-hunting?  Is it useful or gimmicky?  Who are the companies using AR for recruiting today? Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat Gary Zukowski, SVP & Founder of TweetMyJobs to explore how augmented reality (AR) is re-shaping the future landscape of job hunting.


    About Our Guest

    Gary Zukowski  | @GaryZukowski  | SVP & Founder, TweetMyJobs

    Gary Zukowski is a successful entrepreneur and is the founder and creator of TweetMyJOBS.com. He works with senior management on product strategy and positioning for the various revenue products, as well as continued management of the TweetMyJobs business unit. Mr. Zukowski, in 2 years, took a simple idea of “tweeting jobs” and transformed it into the largest Twitter-based job board in the world as well as a robust social media recruitment solution on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. His accomplishment earned him Business Leaders’ Top 50 Entrepreneurs award in 2010, and news coverage on many major networks such as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox Business News.

    Site:  http://www.tweetmyjobs.com/