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  • 01:40

    The Spotlight Ep: 71 Matt Kelland Moviestorm 1.5 Roundtable

    in Entertainment

    Synopsis: We discuss the Future of Moviestorm software.

  • 00:46

    Bonus: Kinte on the TMOA 2013 24hr Show pt 2

    in Entertainment

    Host: Ken White

    Co-Host: Roger Strange Burlong

    Guests: Kinte & RammZee

    Kinte on the TMOA 2013 24hr Show part 2

    We talk about the future of Moviestorm.


    It seems like only yesterday.....I was young, you were younger, Roger was slender, Monk was...well, okay, no real difference, Flanagan's Fog was still together, George Bush was President, Tony Blair was Prime Minister...well, I could go on and on, but I think I've exhausted the whatever humorous possibilities this paragraph had....


    This coming Sunday, more or less depending on where you are, TMOA celebrates its 7th Anniversary with our annual 24-Hour Hellfest. It's like any other Sunday Show, only 8 times longer. Which could mean 8 times the fun. Or 8 times the misery. Depending on your perspective.


    As always, we have no special plans for the show - no exciting reveals, no special once-a-year surprises. I think of it as the Horse Race scene in They Shoot Horses, Don't They, with me as the Jane Fonda character and Monk as the Red Buttons character. I will get him across the finish line, even if RPOshard, as the Gig Young character has to have Monk removed on a stretcher after the show ends. It's a grueling example of man against the clock, and if you're lucky, one of us will lose.

  • 01:27

    The Spotlight Ep: 78 Kingpengvin (4x09)

    in Entertainment

    Host Kinte K. Fergerson
    Co-Host: Psylent Knight & Ramzee
    Guests: Kingpengvin