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    Breathing Through Paper ~ Lyrical Movements Birthday Bash

    in Poetry

      This is an Invitation to a Lyrical Celebration, like none other.... I will be turning 30 and this is also Breathing Through Paper's One Year Anniversary. I want my Birthday… To be etched in stone… This will be a Night of Memorable Poetry, Heartfelt Laughter, Interesting Stories, Great Music, Good Food for the Soul and Best of all... YOU.... The Mic will be OPEN ALL NIGHT!! ~ Come & share your Original Poems, Music, Comments, Birthday Wishes, Love, or Just your {DVV's} Dynamic Verbal Voiceprints... This is a very Special Occasion....  This show is going down in history as one of the most enjoyable Lyrical Birthday Parties ever... And you will be dancing with the rest of us…. Bring your Party Hats and I will provide the Entertainment….Get ready to be blown away by Lyrical Movements, WrittenInPain & The Family.... If you can make it, then you already know ~ IT'S GOING DOWN!!… If not… Please Party with the Archives… ~ Hear You There!! :) <3

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    EP28 "Internet Movements"

    in Education

    Joe and the boyz get down and dirty and talk about internet and online movements, fundraises and awareness programs, and hyped bullshit that gets made into a fad for other reasons than what they are actually for. Join us 8pmPST/11pmEST on Friday August 22nd and call-in to get in on the subjuct. 

    Austin Hairston - austin@gorillajoe.net
    Sean Jenkins - sean@gorillajoe.net
    Nellz Fuller (Ashy) - ashy@gorillajoe.net

    Website - www.GorillaJoe.net
    Joe Email - askjoe@gorillajoe.net
    Twitter - www.twitter.com/TheGorillaJoe
    Webstore - http://gorillajoe.spreadshirt.com
    YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/AWordFromJoe
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gorillajoepodcast
    Instagram - http://instagram.com/thegorillajoe

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    2015 The Year Of Activist Movements

    in Politics

    Toward the end of 2014 activist movements sprang up all over the country. Spearheaded by Black Lives Matter....Movements of Racial Justice, Police Brutality, Immigrants rights, and income inequality are sure to change the political landscape across the country in 2015.

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    Civil Rights. Human Rights, and Mass Movements: Ferguson & Beyond

    in Culture

    Please join us tonight at 7PM CST/8PM EST as we discuss Civil Rights. Human Rights, and Mass Movements: Ferguson & Beyond.  The Ferguson Grand Jury decision, no charges filed against against police officers, racism, and the turmoil that has been brewing and is currently spilling over.

    You can dial into the show:  310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with us.  You can also Skype.

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    in Politics Progressive


    So we got a new Governor 

    1. How will this inpact our movements

    2 What changes will we see 

    3 How will this inpact our daily living

    4. Should all our movements be working togeter 

    How we hold these people in office accountable

    these are questions we all should be asking 

    this will be a 2 hour show with guest on the show the first hour . The 2nd hour will be for questions and moving to looking a head 

    Please Join us Guest on the show are

    Amber Smocks with Access Living and the Disability Movement

    Fred Klonsky update on what is going on in mexico

    Jacq Spreadbury With Feminist Uprising to Resist Inequality and Exploitation

    Denice Davis   Talk about the work she is doing in chicago also gives her view 

    Sabrina Morey Talk about the work she is doing in chicago also gives her view 

     Alberto AL Bocanegra give his view on things

    Jacob Klippenstein With Chicago Childcare Collective

    Danny Saenz talks about work he does in Texas 

    and more so join us on monday

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    Breathing Through Paper - 4th Anniversary Celebration

    in Poetry

    In this episode of the Breathing Through Paper Show with your host Lyrical Movements and WrittenInPain... We want to hear your favorite Breathing Through Paper Memory/Moment... Come Celebrate with the Family... This is our fourth Anniversary and it also happens to be someone's Birthday!! 

    Magic Happens Everyday…. So…. Remember You Are Not Breathing… Unless You Are Breathing Through Paper!! 


    Thursday @ 11PM EST

    Call In# 213-769-0921

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    Breathing Through Paper Presents - Spyt Your Fire

    in Poetry

    In this episode of the Breathing Through Paper Show with your host Lyrical Movements and WrittenInPain... We want to hear your fire... Bring them hot off the press & You know the rest!! Come flow with the Family...

    Magic Happens Everyday…. So…. Remember -- You Are Not Breathing… Unless You Are Breathing Through Paper!! 


    Thursday @ 11PM EST

    Call In# 213-769-0921

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    How Psychologists Subvert Movements - Libertarian Ann

    in Culture

    Libertarian Ann - How Psychologists Subvert Movements

    How Psychologists Subvert Democratic Movements and  why I never got my masters or Ph.D in Psychology. I was out of there with the BA degree, and knew to run as far away from more insane outdate education! I knew I had to educate myself from here on out cause these people were in uncharted terrritory, adn also stupid. l despise "credintials" all that tells me is I'm not hiring you basically. Cause I always want someone is un PROGRAMMED. DUH. In 2005, as a clinical psychology graduate student, it had become apparent to me that the psychology profession was increasingly about meeting the needs of the "power structure" to maintain the status quo so as to gain social position, prestige, and other rewards for psychologists. A degree in the nature of oneself without becoming fully realized first? I mean the arrogance alone was too much for me tocomprehend. I'd never assume I knew better thank ANY other human, much less a student I was lecturing, or a dog in the park, or a baby 3 months old. I knew they are all 3 smarter than me and I can learn from them, not the other way around!

    continued here


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    Breathing Through Paper-Open Mic

    in Poetry

    No theme
    No questions
    just come spit ya fire.. there will be nothing but family anfd friends on the line
    So come on through.. breathe with us

    And remember.. you are not breathing unless your breathing through paper

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    Breathing Through paper- Who would you fight

    in Poetry

    In this episode of Brerathing Through Paper we wanna know who would you fight
    Maybe your first grade bully, perhaps someone from history..  Lebron James
    who knows .. but we gunna find out...   also the mic is open for the family.. and the lines are open for anyone just wanting to listen..


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    Breathing Through Paper- Peer Pressure

    in Poetry

    Tonight on Breathing Through Paper we will ask each caller to give an opinion on the piece they heard before them
    Dont be shy.. we all family here..   

    Remember magic happens everyday.. and your not breathing , unless you Breathe Through Paper

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