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    CBM with Merlijn and Greg- Are your Movement Choices Fun?

    in Fitness

    Is the movement you are choosing fun?

    Why do you move?

    Are you having fun with your movement?

    Where does your head go with that…? ;)

    Is there something else you could choose that is really… fun?

    Come and explore the conversation about Movement and FUN!

    Join Merlijn and Greg Tuesday March 29th

    12pm Denver  2pm New York  8pm Eastern Europe

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    ~SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO~ with Tyiece Love!!

    in Self Help

    This Thursday 4/21 7pm pst on ~SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO~ We have New Age Spiritual Blogger and Youtuber TYIECE LOVE aka 
    "Tyiece Livinginsync" joining us live to talk about the importance of the emotional manifestation of unconditional happiness and to take your calls! 
    Her youtube page is youtube.com/tyiecelivinginsync
    Also on the show:
    FREE mini guided meditation for all listening
    FREE mini tarot card reading for those that call in 
    GIVE IT TO THE UNIVERSE (on air shout out to someone you hope is listening or to say a prayer for someone)
    Topic Discussion about Judgement of Spiritual people and how to spot someone who says they are spiritual but are not
    Call in with any life question or struggle!! WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!!

    JOIN THE ~SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO~ group page on fb at https://www.facebook.com/groups/answersbyspirit/ or email us at spirittherapyradio@gmail.co

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    Voices of the Movement: Chris Robbins

    in News

    Chris Robbins, a student journalist and editor, discusses FOIA and the New Voices USA movement.

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    in Spirituality

    My guest this week is:
    Joseph who is not only a Amazon best-selling author of the Love Notes For Your Soul/Loving 
    Yourself Wealthy book series lovenotesforyoursoul.com and founder/Grandmaster of Kenshin-kan martial arts but who 
    also CHANNELS MARY MAGDALENE!!! If you would like to ask MARY MAGDALENE a question please send 
    those to joseph at joseph@lovingyourselfwealthy.com and he will read your answer from her on air!
    Also a possiblity that Joseph will be doing a live channel of her on air!
    Also on the show:
    *FREE short Hypnotherapy session
    *FREE Tarot Card Readings
    *Final topic disscussion on the 3rd way on how to MANIFEST WHAT YOU NEED AND WANT OUT OF LIFE
    *Call in to "GIVE IT TO THE UNIVERSE"...say a prayer, request, or shout out to the universe 
    directly for yourself or someone else

    Tahsha Renee is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and has her AA in Holistic Health/Transformational Psychology. She also owns HEALING HEARTS WITH HANDS which has services in Psychic Tarot Readings, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Hypno-Reiki, and Intutive Pictures Readings. www.healingheartswithhands.net 

    For show info: spirittherapyradio@gmail.com and please like our fb page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/answersbyspirit/ to be kept up on upcoming shows and topics


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    Intercultural Competences in Music Therapy and Beyond

    in Health

    The next Radio Show with Janice Lindstrom on April 29, 2016 at 1:30 PM (CST) will feature Dr. Petra Kern, Dr. DeLoach and their students Madison, Holly, Emma, and Garrett. They will talk about “Intercultural Competences” that are necessary to shape music therapy practice with a culturally diverse population in today’s global world. Join me coming Friday at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mtshow

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    ~SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO~ with Renée Angel

    in Self Help

    Renée Angel Psychic Medium Healer and qualified Angel Intuitive will be joining us on this weeks show all the way from Austraila 
    to do a cord cutting session for all listeners and to take callers to answer a psychic question for those that call in! 

    Also on the show
    *Free Reiki session for all listening
    *Topic discussion on you can use your sexual energy to make you more creative and successful
    *Give it to the universe (prayer request or shout out to someone you hope is listening)


    Renée Angel is based in Sydney Australia and is a Psychic Medium Healer and qualified Angel Intuitive who helps clients all over the globe.
    Renée has a warm, compassionate and grounded energy and receives clear guidance of the same vibration to assist in moving forward out of the haze that one may feel. Renée helps to heal and cut cords that may restrict forward movement. Renée will be offering her guidance and will help with any questions you seek further assistance with. https://www.facebook.com/reneeangelpsychic/

    Please see the group page for disclaimer and to be kept up on future show dates and time at https://www.facebook.com/groups/answersbyspirit/

    www.healingheartswithhands spirittherapyradio@gmail.com 





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    Voices of the Movement: Cristin Langworthy

    in News

    Cristin Langworhy, notable lobbyist and women's right activist, shares her high school censorship story and her passion for the New Voices USA movement. 

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    We Return ... Lounge Therapy Live Radio, Let's Need This

    in Social Networking

    Appreciate you tuning in. We are back & looking forward to giving you more Show content to Vibe to & start some conversations with. You either Listening Live or Listening later, but you listening so it's all Good. We need this, you need this & they need this ... Lounge Therapy Live Dallas. Welcome to the Couch. 

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    Topic of Talk Tuesday ... Lounge Therapy Live

    in Social Networking

    Your either Listening Live or Listening Later, but you Listening so it's all Good & we appreciate it. Radio Reality with Chill Social Mentality, 


    A People, Sports, Life & Social Intellect Show. Topics Tonight are Sex, Attraction, The City, Dallas Cowboys, NBA Playoffs, Dallas Mavericks, First Fridays Lounge, Life & More ...

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    in Self Help

    This week:

    ****I will be administering a LIVE ON AIR Reiki (energy healing) session to all those listening! You don't have to call in just be there listening! 

    ***FREE MINI TAROT READING for those who call in 

    ***GIVE IT TO THE UNIVERSE (call in for a prayer request for yourself or others or to do a shout out to someone you hope is listening

    ****TOPIC DISCCUSSION on getting older and how to deal with it

    *****FREE MINI HYPNOTHERAPY SESSION (guided imagery) to end the show with 



    Tahsha Renee is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and has her AA in Holistic Health/Transformational Psychology. She also owns HEALING HEARTS WITH HANDS 
    which has services in Psychic Tarot Readings, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Hypno-Reiki, and Intutive Pictures Readings of those living or passed on. 

    You can reach her at
    www.healingheartswithhands.net or healingheartswithhands@gmail.com 

    For questions or comments about the show please email spirittherapyradio@gmail.com and please like our fb page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/answersbyspirit/ 
    to be kept up on upcoming shows and topics!

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    Loyalty, Faithfulness, Lies and Betrayal. Urban Therapy with Sun

    in Lifestyle

    On this show we're gonna focus on our expectations of people. Are we asking too much of the people we care about? Are we expecting too much in return for the love that we give? Are we giving enough of ourselves?

    Are there really different rules of conduct for lovers than there is for friends? If so, then why?

    Is there a difference between being faithful and being loyal?

    Can a dishonest person be loyal?

    Do we really distrust liars all the way like we say we do?

    Should you always be truthful to your love?

    Is being truthful and being honest the same thing? The exact same thing?

    What really makes us hang in there with a person whether it's a lover, a friend or a family member?