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    Tremaine France "The Motivator"

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    The mission of Tremaine France "The Motivator" is to speak life and share love to individuals by helping them increase their self-worth through motivational trainings, seminars, and customized speeches. His overall intention is for organizations, corporations, families, and youth to gain motivational insight that leads to constructive actions. Listen to this exclusive interview, it's going down tommorw night make sure you tune and tell a friend. 

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    The Prayer Motivator Minute #506

    in Christianity

    Martin Luther: "All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired." (The Prayer Motivator Minute #506)

    Our prayer motivator verse from the Word of God today is 1 Chronicles 16:11 which reads: "Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually." 

    Our prayer motivator quote today is from F. B. Meyer. He said: "We shall never know, till we stand in heaven, how much has been done by prayer.  Probably the work of which we are prone to pride ourselves is due far less to us than we suppose, and far more to unrecognized fellow workers who labor in prayer for us."

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    Depression the Hurt That Kills or the Great Motivator

    in Self Help

    Children, teens and adults’ lives are being impacted daily by depression; an illness that carries a great deal of stigma no matter the gender or culture.  Everyone at some point in life will experience depression.  But how do you COPE in order to PREVENT Suicide?

    Author and Inspirational Speaker S. L. Young delivers an intense presentation on how to “SAVE Yourself” and Live!  

    If you or someone you know have experienced a traumatic life event or exhibit signs of depression.  This is a show that can’t be missed! 

    Save A Life! It’s time to unveil the TABOO.

    So, Let’s Talk!


     To Learn More About  Author S. L. Young visit:  WWW.SLYOUNG.COM


    TalKs with Sheba Radio Show

    Wednesday, October 29, 2014 @ 10pm EST

    Join us Live online at www.blogtalkradio.com/TalksWithSheba

    Or by phone at (347) 838-8992


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    John Carver - Napoleon Hill - Instant Motivator

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    Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) was born in a one-room cabin on the Pound River in Wise County, Virginia. He began his writing career at age 13 as a "mountain reporter" for small town newspapers and went on to become America's most beloved motivational author. His classic work, Think and Grow Rich, continues to inspire millions to believe and achieve and is a cornerstone of the modern self-actualization movement. Before passing, Hill established the Foundation as a nonprofit educational institution whose mission is to perpetuate his philosophy of leadership, self-motivation, and individual achievement.

    Think and Grow Rich is the number one inspirational classic for individuals who are interested in furthering their lives and reaching their goals by learning from important figures in history. The text read in this audio book is the original 1937 edition written by Napoleon Hill, and while it has often been reproduced, no updated version has ever been able to compete with the original. It has been used as a roadmap to achievement by countless individuals.

    The 13 Steps to Riches offers the shortest dependable philosophy of individual achievement ever presented for the benefit of anyone who is searching for a definite goal in life.

    Hill interviewed 504 people, including Ford, Wrigley, Wanamaker, Eastman, Rockefeller, Edison, Woolworth, Darrow, Burbank, Morgan, Firestone, and three United States Presidents. The process of conducting these interviews required an investment of 20 years of Napoleon Hill's life.

    You can order this at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/earl-nightingale-reads-think-and-grow-rich-napoleon-hill/1101004119?ean=9781932429152#product-commentaries-1

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    LIF Talk with Cherie-Spotlighting "The Motivator" Lynetta Jordan

    in Motivation

    “The Motivator” Lynetta Jordan is a dynamic speaker, inspirational author and fabulous life coach who catapults women’s confidence in God and themselves! A fireball of faith and former college queen who graced the pages of Ebony magazine, she enjoys helping women become go-getters for God!

    Lynetta energetically motivates the masses at church, corporate and community events. The founder of Lynetta Jordan Ministries, her powerful voice has been heard on Rejoice network and her book, Love Without The Drama, featured on CBN.com and Women.com. Currently, she inspires thousands of women through media, magazines, her ministry, motivational speaking, and life-changing coaching and empowerment programs. She holds a M.A. from Regent University and B.A. from Elizabeth City State University.

    Learn more about Lynetta at www.LynettaJordan.com and connect with her on Facebook (LynettaJordan) and Twitter @LynettaSpeaks TODAY!

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    "Mr. Motivator Show"

    in Lifestyle

    Learn how to engage your audience by using powerful communication techniques. Whether your audience is one or a thousand. You can get your message across and capture their heart. Join Mr. Motivator live by dialing 323-580-5712.

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    Living Abundantly with Tumika Patrice Cain

    in Motivation

    Prepare to be uplifted and encouraged to live the life you were created for. Prepare to receive motivation from someone who truly wants to see you thrive. Prepare to start living life more abundantly!

    Tumika Patrice Cain is an award winning author, radio show host,  poet, blogger, workshop faciliatator and motivator.  She is the author of Season of Change (a novel) and After the Rain...A Poetry Collective.  Both books are available in hardcopy and on all Ereader devices.

    Contact  Tumika:
    FB: Tumika Patrice Cain
    Twitter: @TumikaPatrice
    email: inkscriptionsllc@ymail.com
    Ph: 734.931.0415

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    What's A Sugar Sandwich?

    in Lifestyle

    Join "Mr. Motivator" this Saturday at 1pm (CST) as he and his guest expounds on  - What is A Sugar Sandwich?  -  As you are pondering on this resounding question, - What is A Sugar Sandwich? - Mr. Motivator and guest will explore the opportunities that exist for our youth! What are the needs of our youth? How can we motivate them?  How can we share the history of our sugar sandwiches with them? Tune in to the live broadcast by dialing 347-843-4945.

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    Local Radio Host Dawn “Soy” Kamara Talks on "How to Live on Purpose"

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    Dawn hosts an on-line talk show, Coffee Talk With Soy, where her interviews and on-air debates with local community figures are creating a buzz. She serves as an Area Gov. for  Toastmasters International which is a non-profit organization developing public speaking and leadership skills through practice and feedback. A Achiever, Catalyst,  Motivator and Businesswoman Dawn “Soy” Kamara has been an inspirational leader in the Atlanta Metropolitan area for the past six years.   A cancer survivor, she lectures others about the disease and provides a ray of hope for those who suffer from it. 


  • Ministry and Money Part 8

    in Christianity

    Here are some more common reasons people give for wanting to be involved in ministry:

    “My parents were ministers; the mantle has fallen on my generation now. Besides, what else would I do?” The Lord’s ministry can’t be passed down from one generation to the next because relationship, His Personal Presence, can’t be passed down.

    “I want to be able to spend all my energy, efforts and time with God. Being involved in public ministry will keep me safe and in His will.” But the church, and ministry in particular, was never meant to be a haven from the world or a guarantee against making mistakes.

    “I can do it better than what I see being done.” This probably disqualifies you from that project, at least for now.

    “Look at all God has done for me! The least I can do for Him is serve Him and His people.” You’re not doing the Lord any favors by trying to do His work for Him.

    “I want my life to mean something. I want it to have eternal consequences and rewards.” None of us knows what is coming next, so to try to make decisions now, and use the unknown future as a motivator, robs us of the satisfaction and relationship that the Lord has for us in the present.

    “God healed and set me free. Now I want to heal and free others.” We are to neither give nor withhold according to our own judgment, but in each case depend on the Lord for His direction, resources and results.

    “I need to help people; I’m happiest ministering to people.”

    “I’m just following the Great Commission to ‘GO’.”

    “Even if God didn’t have this ministry planned for me, I’m sure He appreciates all the work I’ve done for Him.”

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    Ralph Marston; The Daily Motivator

    in Motivation

    Since 1995, Ralph Marston has written and published The Daily Motivator, one of the web’s most popular and enduring places for daily inspiration. In that time, he has published more than 5,000 original daily motivational messages, as well as books, audio programs and inspiring video presentations. Mr. Marston's latest book, The Power of Ten Billion Dreams is available now. Ralph graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in business and began his career in the electronics industry. Working as an independent sales rep in the 1980s, he developed an interest in personal development and an appreciation for the value of staying focused on positive possibilities. In 1986 he started his own business providing computer technology services and consulting to small publishers and trade associations. When the World Wide Web was initially gaining traction in the mid 1990s, Ralph saw the possibilities for using Internet technology as a delivery vehicle for positive values, and The Daily Motivator was born. Over the years, his brief, positive daily messages have been embraced and treasured by millions of people around the world from all walks of life. Ralph is married with two young adult daughters and lives in Austin, Texas where he loves to take long walks in the woods behind his home. You can follow Ralph on Facebook and Twitter.

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