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    ParaTruth Radio Episode #16: Mothman

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    This week the ParaTruth guys will be talk about the Mothman phenomenon.  Come check out the theories from our two perspectives about this creature.  It's going to be a great show.

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    True Paranormal: Mothman and Eerie America with Deb & Jon

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    Deb DeRousse & Jonathan Lento are your Hosts

    Tonight we welcome Elmer Boster from "I Wanna Believe Radio."  Elmer has been working with the paranormal for many years and has studied The Mothman, Bigfoot, and just about everything paranormal.  We are excited to have him join us! 

    Author, publisher, artist, and lecturer Corvis Nocturnum, along with Author/Producer Kevin Eads, will be with us tell us all about the filming of "Eerie America"   See how you can help fund this amazing show!!  


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    The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com Talks Mothman

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    Join your host Alex Matsuo as she welcomes back guest favorite Robin Bellamy for a discussion about the illustrious Mothman. With the Mothman Festival in just a short ways away, Alex and Robin will discuss the original sightings, the Silver Bridge collapse, what Mothman is, and how Mothman changed the lives of not only the people of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, but also the world.

    Robin was born in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the early 1960's and lived for many years in nearby Ravenswood. The child of a Republican Dad and a Democrat Mom, Robin learned early that there are many sides to every issue. She approaches her research the same way.

    Robin found herself living in Toronto, Canada in 2000.  Through a series of unusual events, she became a member of Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society and added paranormal research to her resume.   Since leaving that group in 2012 she continues to consult with film, television, and other media writers.  In addition to professional pursuits, Robin is the primary blogger for CFZ-Canada.

    Robin's publications can be found at www.amazon.com.  She has appeared on SyFy Investigates, Freak Encounters, and many other shows and podcasts, including the Canadian documentary “30 Ghosts” and as part of the press junket for the film “White Noise”.  She does script and technical consulting, and speaks often at seminars and festivals as well as college campuses.    

    Robin is currently working on Xenoforensics, a guidebook for using forensic science in paranormal research.  Her next appearance is at the Mothman Festival and ParAmeriCon in September and Angles and Aliens in October.




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    A true legend and haunt.

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    Sasquatch Watch Radio: 2014 Mothman Festival Recap

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    Join us Tuesday night September 23, 2014 at 9pm eastern as we recap the 2014 Mothman Festival that the Creature Seeker and myself attended.  This was my first time attending the festival and enjoyed it a lot!  The Mothman Museum had its grand opening in their new location and a new Mothman costume was unveiled.  There were plenty of vendors and the entire community was involved.  Fun was had by all.  Did you attend the festival?  Is so, please call in and give us your recap.  And who knows, a surprise guest here or there may call in.

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    Mothman Chronicles: The Real Truth

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    Friday, April 11th

    10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST

    Have you ever heard of the infamous case of the Mothman Prophecies? This legendary moth-like creature has been witnessed in Point Pleasant West Virginia from 1966 to 1967 but has also been experienced for many years later. Is it a real phenomenon or is it just make believe? Is it a prophetic element from another dimension warning us of disasters or does it have a more evil intention? We’re all attracted to this story like a moth to a flame…no pun intended. Join us next Friday night for a crazy real somewhat weird discussion about the Mothman Prophecies with Mateo and Mike from the show "The What Cast".


    Call In To The Show: 661-244-9831


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    LA Marzulli On Bigfoot, Mothman, UFO's and more

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    On this episode, movie maker and Bible prophecy expert L.A. Marzulli joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his latest movie and book. Among the topics discussed - Bigfoot, Mothman, UFOs, Bible prophecy, and events in the middle east.

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    Join us as we talk with Jeff Wamsley from the Mothman Museum and author of "Mothman, Behind the Red Eyes.

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       The mysterious winged creature that has been seen in the town of Point Pleaset, West Virgina and is accused of killing 47 people on Christmas eve by bringing down the silver bridge that crosses over the Ohio river....

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    Mothman: The Facts Behind The Legend - Special Guest Jeff Wamsley

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    Jeff Wamsley, author of Mothman:The Facts Behind The Legend, joins Jim Paris Live. Was there really a connection between the appearance of Mothman and the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967? Is there any correlation between the large number of UFO sightings in Point Pleasant and the Mothman? What were among the most shocking witness accounts and what was the lasting psychological damage to those that saw the creature? Why do many now believe that Mothman is a demon and not of this world? Why are Mothman type creatures being seen around the world and at notable locations such as near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster? How accurate was the depiction of actual events in the 'Mothman Prophecies' Movie starring Richard Gere? Is Point Pleasant known for other paranmormal phenomenon? Jeff also shares information about the new Mothman Museum and the upcoming Mothman Festival. http://www.mothmanlives.com

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    Mothman with Jeff Wamsley

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    In the first hour, Steve and Alex will be joined by Jeff Wamsley. Jeff is the Mothman festival and museum director. The festival just celebrated it's 12th annual year. We'll be talking about the event and the legend of the Mothman. More info visit