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  • 00:36

    January Jones - Curtis Stone & Mother Nature

    in Nutrition

    January Jones welcomes Curtis Stone is an Australian celebrity chef, author and television personality, nicknamed "The Quiet Terminator" by fans following his performance on The Celebrity Apprentice

    Curtis' Cooking Philosophy

    My cooking philosophy is to keep it simple and cook with naturally produced ingredients just as Mother Nature intended.

    My philosophy really evolved while coming up the ranks in Marco’s restaurants. We worked only with the best local and seasonal ingredients and treated them simply. Filming Surfing the Menu cemented my philosophy even further as it enabled me to personally meet farmers and manufacturers, and visit orchards, vineyards, paddocks, fish farms, even an apiary, and much more, to truly see where food originally comes from.

  • 01:08

    Mr. Brett A. Scudder hosts The Human Conditions of Winter 2014 Season

    in Lifestyle

    Join Mr. Brett A. Scudder tonight for a look at the human impacts being felt by people from the winter season as storm after storm hits the US causing shortages of supplies, salt and effective cleaning of streets. Traffic jams, unsafe streets for pedestrians, limited walkways and snow build up everywhere creates a real sense of depression for many on top of the already depressing freezing temps.

    Seasonal Depression is on all-time high levels as more people express their frustration, weariness and struggles dealing with Mother Nature's effects as she passing through.

    So join us for this discussion as we look at the challenges and ways in which we can overcome them as the winter continues and more storms ahead brings more challenges.

    Please share and invite your networks to join in.

    Much Love Always and God bless,