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    Belly Dancing your way to Motherhood!

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    “Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”  Barbra Katz Rothman.  When it comes to Birth women are often scared and confused!  But there is another way.  Birth is just as much a spiritual and emotional journey as it is physical one.  Maha al Musa, founder of Belly Dance for Birth, shares her cultural tradition of Belly Dancing with women to help support their journey inwards that is pregnancy and birth.  Thorugh birth we can have a profound experience where we learn to draw strength, courage and grace - all amazing qualities for motherhood.  Even if you aren't planning children or have older children, it's importan for all of us to gain a better understand of the significance birth has as in a woman's life as a Rite of Passage - so that we can support her.  It could be you, your friend, your daughter, your niece or your sister who will be grateful that you have some awareness and understanding of birth in this light.  www.epoweringmotherhoodradio.com

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    #1-Empowering Motherhood - An Introduction to the Power of Being a Mother

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    Hi I'm Tara Darlington coming to you all the way from Australia! Welcome to my first episode of Empowering Motherhood. Just because women were built to birth a child doesn't mean being a mother is easy or natural. There's tons of books and articles written about it, but there is no substitute for the real thing. In this episode, I will introduce you to the concepts, topics and guests who will join me in this broadcast over the next weeks & months. Together our goal is to help lead you on the path of becoming empowered in Motherhood. Learn more about me and my show at www.empoweringmotherhoodradio.com


  • Motherhood: The pros and the cons

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    Motherhood isn't a walk in the park, but the perks of motherhood outweigh the troubles by a landslide. Today, I talk with Terrie Kellogg to get some advice on how to conquer young parenthood. 

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    How to create more calm and happiness in your family

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    Do you need to create more moments of calm and conenction in your life and your family?  

    We've all heard of the saying 'stop and smell the roses' - but as weeks, months and years pass by, we are becoming busier and more rushed, constantly striving.  This is leading us to a generally stressed state of being and therefor a generally stressed family environment.  It's important in every area of your life to take time to calm down, to slow down and to enjoy the present moment.  I know for sure that my 6 children are more calm and more connected when I am. 

    Leonie Percy, Author of Mother Om, joins us today to share her journey from stressed single mum to one living in joy and from the heart. She will share what she learnt in her life and through her yoga practice, she will share her learnings with you on how you can manifest more peace and joy in your life and in motherhood by finding "moments in your day that will create and restore a sense of calm".   www.empoweringmotherhoodradio.com


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    Cooper Munroe Inspires the Motherhood

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    Join Denise as she has a mom talk with Cooper Munroe, co-founder of The Motherhood, an award-winning digital PR and marketing agency with more than 100 Fortune 500 companies and national non-profits as clients and a network of thousands of highly influential moms online who reach millions of moms across the country.

    You do not want to miss this inspiring episode of Mom Talk with Denise LaRosa as the ladies discuss the power mothers have to bring about change in our society and around the world. The mothers also talk about Cooper's journey as a mompreneur and how her 4 amazing children inspire her daily.

    For more information, please visit...

    Website: www.denisenlarosa.com

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/DeniseNLaRosa

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/MomTalkwithDeniseLaRosa

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    CloseUP-Motherhood, the "Mother" of All Jobs!

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    No matter what we do in our lives, giving birth to children and raising them to be healthy adults is THE most important achievement in our lives, but  it’s also THE most difficult.  Why? Because there really is no book or resource on earth that can prepare you for the real thing. In walks Tara Darlington, one of the newest hosts on eWNRadio Network featuring her show "Empowering Motherhood.".Tara hails all the way from "down under" in Australia!  She is the mother of 6 children (no twins!), a Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer and educates mothers on how to take back their innate power of mothering all the way from pregnancy until the day your children walk out the door on their own.

    Amont other things, you will learn:
    The 3 most important aspects of parenting
    How parenting styles change with each child
    The importance of empowering yourself as a mother
    How to empower your children
    Best practices for discpline
    The role of a step-parent

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    "Simply Haneef" celebration of motherhood.

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    Topic: A celebration of motherhood
    with special guest: Kerri Zane from "Single Mom Expert"

    Kerri is an internationally recognized single mom lifestyle expert, co-parenting authority, speaker, spokesperson, Emmy award winning television executive producer and Amazon best selling author of “It Takes All 5: A Single Mom’s Guide to Finding the REAL One.” She has an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a B.A. from UCLA.

    Special Guest: Kathryn Orford
    Known as The Confidence Coach, Kathryn Orford has empowered thousands of people to believe in themselves. A nervous breakdown and feeling suicidal in her early thirties was the catalyst for her to learn to love herself. So Kathryn is passionate about sharing the skills she used to transform her life with as many people as possible. Hence why she’s written her book Become your #1 Fan - How to Silence your Inner Critic and Live the Life of your Dreams. 
    Born and raised in Australia, Kathryn spent the last 3 years in Hawaii with her teenage daughter but recently returned to Australia to launch Empower the Youth of the World TV. 
    She is in demand as an International Speaker, Peak Performance Coach and Personal and Professional Development Facilitator.



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    Motherhood Woes

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    Motherhood has it's share of ups and downs so do you think motherhood reinvented you???

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    Back to Basics Parenting - dirt, hugs, creative play!

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    Can it be as simple as dirt, hugs and creative play?  Natural Parenting, Conscious Parenting, Intuitive Parenting... What does all this mean?  How would you like to know that you are supporting your child's development on all levels by the choices you make as a parent - Physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually?  Would you feel good to know that way you are bringing up your children will help to create a better world?  The good news is that it's time to get back to basics.  It's back to a more simple way of life.  Parenting has got so complicated that it's to to reconnect with some simplicity.   Today we talk with Kristy Doyle, creator and founder of Australia's Natural Parenting Magazine, Nurture on what it all this means and how she sets up her boundaries to balance work and family.

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    Wildly Desirable Living - The feminine way

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    Do you sometimes feel like your walking to the beat of someone else's drum?  How would it feel to unleash yourself, to remove the ceilings, the floors, the proverbial lid on your life and live in passion and heartfelt joy with everything that you do?  Lotus Kruse works with women to help them connect with their true self in it's naturally 'wild' form and helps them to shift and shape with life - to flow with life - in the feminine way.  With feminism of the 70's 'clearing the slate' so that we have a more equal playing ground we have been able to restart the conversation about what it means to be a woman and to reconnect with our true self as a mother, as a wife/partner, and as a woman.  Join us in this most exciting conversation about working with your feminine energy to create abundance and joy in your business, your family, your sex life and most importantly yourself - and to live a Wildly Desirable Life.

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    Single Motherhood in 2015 " Her VoiceRadio"

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    Join Dee Neal & Celeste Watson on Her Voice Radio as they discuss trials, tribulations & the love of Single Motherhood 2015call in & share your opinion on this discussion (347) 884-8239

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