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    MOTHER'S DAY-Dennis McDougall

    in Entertainment

    In June of 1985, while her teenage sons held their half-sister down, Theresa Cross beat her nineteen-year-old daughter Sheila unconscious and then stuffed her into a 2´ x 2´ storage locker. After three days, the knocking, kicking, and cries stopped. Theresa and her sons dumped the girl’s body in the desolate High Sierras. The summer before, Theresa had dug a bullet out of her daughter Suesan’s chest with a paring knife. When Suesan failed to recover (without benefit of doctors or hospital), Theresa and her two sons drove the delirious girl to the mountains, doused her with gasoline, and set her on fire. For nearly nine years, Theresa Cross Knorr got away with murder, until her youngest daughter, Terry Knorr Graves, finally found a cop who believed the incredible story of her two murdered sisters.?That story is all here, the shocking life of a woman whose violence, jealousy, rage, and domination led to a brutally heinous crime of ruthless ferocity. MOTHER'S DAY-Dennis McDougall

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    The Barbershop ~ Mother's Day Edition

    in Lifestyle

    The Barbershop is open on Mother's Day! In honor of the one of the most impact pillars of the black commumity- moms. We invite a panel of two women into the shop to discuss their roles in molding and shaping the next leaders of our community. We will be joined by Minister Genae Kulah President and Founder of God's Leading Women Ministries and Ms. Jennifer Pink the Single Mom Sage Founder of J Family Inc. and producer of this show. Don't miss out on the Holiday special in the Barbershop!.

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    Mother's Day Survival

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    Mother's Day is just around the corner. As we gear up to celebrate our moms, we reflect on the things they have done for us in our lives.

    Our mothers are special people. They nurture, guide us, and are strong for us. But how would your mother handle the apocalypse?

    This week on the Apocalypse Nana show, we talk about moms in the apocalypse. Not only how they would do, but what they would do to keep you and others safe and alive.

    How would your mother do? Would she rule? Perhaps she would be a pillar.  Join us live, in chat, or call in Thursday.

    Joining us this week is author and apocalypse guru, Scott Baker. Scott will share his own stories, talk about his latest works and analyze mothers in the apocalypse.

    It's an episode you won't want to miss

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    Happy Mother's Day Message

    in Christianity

    Proverbs 23:2 says "Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her." The role of the mother in the lives of her children can never be underestimated. Beyond the miraculous role of giving her children life, mothers also reflect the grace, compassion, and uncondidtional love of God every day.  

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    The Heart of a Mother at Mother's Day

    in Christianity

    Mothers are the heartbeat of the family. They parent, clean, counsel, nurse, cook, feed, bath, and all in between. They love their child with a heart of gold and discipline them with a firm hand. Mother's Day is the perfect time to acknowledge the role that Mothers fulfill in the home with their family, in their community, and in their career. This month, we will talk about it all! 

    Tonight we will talk specifically to Mothers about your role in the home with your children. My Mom, Sister Brenda Humphrey will join us tonight to speak on this very subject. My Mom has raised four children and knows a thing or two about the do's and dont's of properly raising children.  Call with your questions and/or comments! Talk with you then!

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    Mother's Day 2015: The Preciousness of Women

    in Spirituality

        We wish you a happy Mother's Day, courtesy of Restoration Christian Ministries and the King James Radio Network.

        On today's episode, Pastor John Bazemore, Jr. pays his annual tribute to mothers everywhere,including selected women in the Bible who faced different challenges, as do women everywhere.

        We take you to Proverbs 31, where the Bible describes exactly what a virtuous woman is all about. Thank you for stopping by Restoration Christian Ministries on the King James Radio Network..

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    BWB Mother's Day Drinking Special

    in Entertainment

    Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! Start off your day the right way and join us for another action packed edition of the BWB Podcast! Not a mom? It's all good here. We welcome one and all to join us for the show.

    What's the perfect way to show mom how much you love her? Give her the Night Train Express gift package! A perfectly chilled bottle of Night Train Express and an official Night Train Express T-Shirt is guaranteed to make her the happiest mom in the world! You can purchase the Night Train Express Shirt in a variety of different colors (along with the Thunderbird wine shirt) from our friends wrapfairy over in the UK on eBay.

    What are your picks for the perfect Mother's Day drinks? A bottle of red? A bottle of white? Maybe a box of wine for mom to enjoy?

    The Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas have been named the BWB Beer Of The Week! Which ones are good and which ones should you stay away from?

    All that and MORE on this weeks episode! Want to be part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join in the discussion. Cheers!


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    Mother's Day Stress IN & OUT of Business

    in Business

    Does your business increase sales on Mother's Day? (Hint: It SHOULD). Do you have mother? Did you? Listen to tips on now to last minute organize for this year and plan better for future year success.

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    in Moms and Family

    Happy Mother's Day!! This show will focus on songs for our wonderful mothers! There are so many women who are single moms, who are married with children, and who are grandmothers who are taking care of their children's children! So many women who have stepped up where there was no biological mother around for children and they raised these kids as their own. The love of a mother is a very special bond for any child. So on this day of the year that we set aside to honor Moms The Crystal Show want to recognize them.

    Tell your mother you love her, call her more, and who ever was that special woman in your life, let her know as often as you can!


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