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    Player Spotlight: Julian Hayes, Monmouth

    in Sports

    Small school sleeper Julian Hayes bring all the intangibles to the running back position. He joins host Ric Serritella on the NFL Draft bible pLayer Spotlight Show to discuss his recent pro day workout at Yale University and his prepartion for the 2015 NFL Draft. 

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    Why I Voted Blake Griffin, not LeBron James, 2nd for NBA Most Valuable Player

    in Basketball

    I caught some grief from all corners today after news came out that I was the only voter among 125 who had Blake Griffin second, behind Kevin Durant and ahead of LeBron James, in the NBA's Most Valuable Player voting.

    Quite frankly, I am stunned I was the only one. Doc Rivers made the case in April that Griffin was the better No. 2 candidate, and that was something I decided, too, over the final two months of the season -- a time when the Los Angeles Clippers were defeating all comers and the Miami Heat were blowing a chance to win the No. 1 spot in the East.

    Here are five reasons why I voted Blake ahead of LeBron. I elaborate in this podcast.

    1. Griffin had the best year of his career as the Clippers had the most successful season in franchise history.

    2. The award is about value to a player's team. The Clippers had a better year than the Heat, and Griffin was the main reason why -- especially when he carried the team during Chris Paul's injury absence. Lest you forget, the Clippers (57-15) won three more games than the Heat (54-28).

    3. The Heat had eight more losses than they did a year ago. Buy their own standards, they had a subpar season. They lost to a ton of bad teams.

    4. The Clippers put up those 57 wins in a much tougher contest than the one Miami plays in.

    5. Griffin had a 31-game stretch in which he scored 20 or more points. That is sustained greatness. LeBron's longest such streak was 10, accomplished twice.

    If you need more, it is right there for you in this segment from the NBA channel on Sirius Radio.. Enjoy.

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    Introducing the Most Valuable Person on Earth (Think & Grow Rich)

    in Motivation

       Today in my radio show I am going to answer the question "who is the most valuable person on earth?" if I had gotton the opportunity to see in person and ask you that same question you may give the following intelligent answers. (1) may be it is Bill Gate who has the net worth of $76 billion dollars, (2) may be the President of United State America, (3) may be Oprah Winfrey, or (4) Carlos Slim Helu who has the Net Worth of 72 billion dollars, or (5) you may say that it is Amancio Ortega who has the net worth of $64 billion dollars, or (6 )you may say that it is Warren Buffett who has the net worth of $58.2 billion dollars, or (7) you may consider Larry Ellison who has the the net worth of $48 billion dollars, lastly may be someone you know and love to be your model in live . But you will be surprise to hear in my show tonight that they are not.

        I will reveal to you who the most valuable person on earth is, which I will want you to reach out to, make him your friend and become successful in this life. Jesus Christ the greatest Teacher and Master of all introduces this person to me.

        Friends! tune in tonight by 7:30pm  New York eastern time.Thanks to all my friends all over the world who sent me birthday wishes yesterday.------ Bishop Emmanuel Udoeyo (The regional 3 Bishop of the Ambassadors Ministerial Fellowship, USA).

    Radio link : www.blogtalkradio.com/winnersbroadcastingradio

    Website link: www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/emmanueludoeyo  for speaking appointments and coaching invitation



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    What The Haunted?! - Shannon Scott on "America's Most Haunted City"

    in Paranormal

    In 2013 In New Light Video Magazine interviewed Shannon Scott for the October Issue Vol8 publication.  We wanted to get the scoop on how Savannah Georgia became known as "America's Most Haunted City"

    Presented for 6thSenseWorld Radio "What The Haunted?!" Radio show!

    Tune in every friday to catch more stories about one of America's Oldest, Most Beautiful, Most Romantic, and Most Haunted City - Savannah Georgia. 


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    Player Spotlight Tyrell Williams, Western Oregon

    in Sports

    NFL Draft Bible host Ric Serritella goes one-on-one with wide receiver Tyrell Williams of Western Oregon.

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    Jane Lim - The Most Common and The Most Deadly Silent Killers In Our Environment

    in Health

    Call in Number 310-861-2349. Do not miss this show. It might save your life.

    Jane Lim is an author of The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi.

    She will be talking about the common mistakes in diagnosing cancer in early stages.

    We will cover the following 10 topics in this show:

    1.      What are the common mistakes in diagnosing early cancer?

    2.      Why has cancer been misunderstood as a genetic disorder?

    3.      Why is ultraviolet radiation misunderstood as a cancer-causing radiation?

    4.      What are the best signs of early cancer?

    5.      Why is a high level of LDL Cholesterol likely a precursor of cancer?

    6.      Why are fungal sterols mutants?

    7.      How are autoimmune diseases initiated by parasitic fungi?

    8.      Can a mental illness be a fungal infection in brain?

    9.      How do fungi form cancerous cells?

    10.    What other diseases can parasitic fungi cause?

    Jane Lim’s Homepage, Youtube channel, and Bookstore websites.




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    Building Yourself Up In Your Most Holy Faith

    in Religion

    Please join me Tuesday April 14th at 11 am, as we discuss the gift of tongues. A most misunderstood gift, and a most powerful gift. Very obviously a gift given through the outpouring of The Spirit. And a sign to the Apostles that the Gentiles were accepted by God.

    "Of Him all the prophets bear witness that through His name everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins." (Acts 10:43)

    While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were listening to the message. (Acts 10:44)

    All the circumcised believers who came with Peter were amazed, because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also. (Acts 10:45)

    For they were hearing them speaking with tongues and exalting God. Then Peter answered, (Acts 10:46)

    "Surely no one can refuse the water for these to be baptized who have received the Holy Spirit just as we did, can he?" (Acts 10:47)

    And he ordered them to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they asked him to stay on for a few days. (Acts 10:48)

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    EPISODE#4 The B-Most Episode

    in Pop Culture

    Episode#4 featuring rapper B-Most.

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    How Gay Marriage Can Undo Our Most Basic Liberties and Truths

    in Politics Conservative

    As I promised yesterday, I made the decision to do a special show today on this issue of gay marriage yet again.  I know, it's old hat for me, old hat for this show, old hat for some of you.  But I saw an article a couple of days ago that as I said, to me it's a most read for all Americans with what the Supreme Court is hearing arguments over right now.  I'll have that article on the Facebook page so you can read it.  But I wanted to discuss some of the finer points of it today, because to me it really hits on not only what has happened in Canada with the legalizing of gay marriage 10 years ago.  It hits on what is already beginning in the United States.  I'll try to reference how on the show today, beginning at 4:30 Eastern time and archived afterward.

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    Who Believes In You The Most?

    in Self Help

    BEYOND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION TALK RADIO- Get ready to become inspired and live the life you deserve to live. This 30 minute internet based radio show will inspire you to take inspired action. Listen each week to Chaney Weiner, inspirational speaker and founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential as he discusses the topics that matter most to you in any of the 7 areas of life (financial, relationships, career, spiritual, mindset, health & well being, and social). If you wish to receive regular updates on upcoming show topics please register for the Attraction Secrets newsletter at www.ChaneyWeiner.com

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    Making the Most of Your Summer

    in Education

    The semester will be over in a few weeks and at this point you have a very good idea of what you're doing this summer.  I'm guessing you are working an internship, conducting summer research, or taking classes.  Whether you are doing these things or something else, I'll provide a few tips on how to make the most of your summer.