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    Good gospel music that food to your soul...then best of mortgage talk1

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    A Nation Under Attack-A Real Time Crisis! LIVE With Daniel Paul Zutler

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    A Nation Under Attack-A Real Time Crisis! 
    IFPP Talk Radio - LIVE With Daniel Paul Zutler
    Thursday May 5th 2016
    8-10 pm EST, 7-9 pm CST, 6-8 pm MST, & 5-7 pm PST
    Call In to talk to Daniel Zutler, 2018 Candidate for Florida Governor, Live!
    Call in # (773) 897-6253
    "We have reached a pinnacle of factions that's sole intent is to create an atmosphere of fear. We are faced with evils never encountered before. They cannot only infiltrate our Nation but worst off they are and have the ability to influence our own citizens to turn on their country."
    "Attend to a broken veterans system, lower taxes, fix the education debacle, attract tourism and business, social services reform and break Tallahassee in half in order to rebuild a system of politics that has been wrong for decades."
    Zutler for Florida Governor 2018 


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    Mitchell Interviews Lester Brown, Environmental scientist on The Water Crisis

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    Mitchell’s guest this evening is founder of The Worldwatch Institute and the Earth Policy Institute, world-renowned environmental scientist and author Lester Brown.

    Purchase Lester Brown’s Books here.

    The Washington Post calls Lester Brown “one of the world’s most influential thinkers.” The Telegraph of Calcutta refers to him as “the guru of the environmental movement.” In 1986, the Library of Congress requested his personal papers noting that his writings “have already strongly affected thinking about problems of world population and resources.”

    Brown has authored or coauthored 54 books. One of the world’s most widely published authors, his books have appeared in some 40 languages. Among his earlier books are Man, Land and Food, World Without Borders, and Building a Sustainable Society. His 1995 book Who Will Feed China? challenged the official view of China’s food prospect, spawning hundreds of conferences and seminars.

    He is the recipient of many prizes and awards, including 25 honorary degrees, a MacArthur Fellowship, the 1987 United Nations’ Environment Prize, the 1989 World Wide Fund for Nature Gold Medal, and the 1994 Blue Planet Prize for his “exceptional contributions to solving global environmental problems.” In 2012, he was inducted into the Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto.

    On June 30, 2015, at the age of 81, he stepped down from the Earth Policy Institute and closed the Institute.  In July, 2014, Lester Brown was a guest of Mitchell’s on the Progressive Film Hour, focusing on the film Plan B. Go to: http://abetterworld.tv/lester-brown-film-plan-b.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Trump Effect

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    Confirm Merrick Garland ASAP?; Terrorism fears grow as Muslim "refugee" screening gutted; Humana next health insurance carrier to bail from ObamaCare cartels; Economic confidence tumbles as Trump clinches GOP nomination; Bruce Jenner to pose nude for Sports Illustrated; Rush Limbaugh returns to the Dark Side; Obama Regime declares North Carolina "No Perverts In The Bathroom" law "illegal"; Trump to join "The Fight For $15"?; Trump WAY behind on general election ground game; Border Crisis 2016 silently tsunami-ing; Former Mexican president apologizes to Trump for F-bombs, still won't pay for wall; House Bush goes #NeverTrump; Hillary Clinton superduperdelegate Sheldon Silver sentenced to a dozen years in prison, $6.75 million fine; Is Donald Trump a capitalist?; Now THIS is "political correctness"; and the Obama Regime's war on eagles.

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       Our mission is to pray as well as bring spiritual guidance to anyone who is in a crisis.  Tune in and Witness the power of prayer with Host Evangelist Hilda, she is truly a prayer warrior.  Weather it’s a prayer of Thanks Giving, Petition, Intercession, Healing, Confession or Corporate prayer.   You will be blessed by this truly anointed women of God.  Glory Hallelujah deliverance is just a phone call away and here is the best news, there’s no charge.   Just call our hotline (626) 213-5681 every Monday Through Friday Evangelist Hilda will be taking prayer requests and at 4:30pm  you can share your thoughts on our Topic of The Day with Co - Host Sister Barbara,  There's more At 5pm. Est. Monday’s through Wedensday Join our bible study with Prophet Wiggins.  Thirsty for the Word! listen every Thursday at  5pm. The Holy Ghost Fire of Reverend Dubois,  every Friday at 5pm.  The dynamic preaching  of Apostle Jackson, every Saturday at 10am  Est. Here Apostle Mother Wiggins of HMC Ministries, and every Sunday at 8pm. Est. Join our Partnership Worship Service and enjoy the Round table of the Five Fold Ministry.   All for the edification of the Body of Christ.   


    H.M.C. Ministries

    Pastor Prophet R.D.Wiggins 

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    Welcome To The Age Of Chaos - Class Warfare,Insurrection, War,& collapse

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    *A Must Listen*- We will be discussing the state of affairs that we are living in and how it directly impacts you locally, regionally, nationally, & internationally. We will bring to the forefront issues that are censored by mainstream & alternative media and how these coming catastrophic events, some of which are now well underway, will greatly influence events that will lead to global chaos, national insurrection, wealth destruction, governments collapsing, national & regional wars, & mass starvation. We will also be discussing the impeding decay and fall of America....We look forward to hearing from you! 

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    January Jones-Try Laughter with Bobbe White

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    Let's Do Something Scary

    Bobbe believes laughter and humor surround us daily. Her insights will change your group's perception of both. Your audience will be enlightened to the therapeutic value of humor and laughter and learn how to tap in to their benefits to communicate more effectively, both personally and professionally.

    From crisis management, to team building, personal wellness, or stress management, Bobbe will empower your group to a new level of confidence

    From crisis management, to team building, personal wellness, or stress management, Bobbe will empower your group to a new level of confidence


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    A look at Latin America's political crisis and other stories of the week

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    Guests:  Fausta Rodriguez Wertz, the editor of Fausta's Blog.....plus Jose Nino, columnist at Pan Am Post.....we will discuss Jose's article about Latin America.........we will also talk about impeachment in Brazil and the problems in Venezuela........a private cruise ship visits Cuba..........and more stories of the week............

    Click to support some of our friends....




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    Is there a deeper reason that people are excessive with physical enhancements?

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    In light of what's going on with Lil Kim, and all of the alterations that she's made to her skin, it has me thinking.....For people who gets plastic surgery, wear excessive makeup, weaves, bleach their skin, get butt injections etc, Is there a bigger/deeper meaning for them doing so? Lil Kim explained that she never thought that she was pretty, because people use to talk about her. Other people have been accussed of trying to be white or shaming their own race. What are your thoughts about this topic? I think that in certain cases, it can be much deeper than it appears.

    At what point does physical enhancements/alterations become too much? Is there an identity crisis, of those who feels a NEED to enhance their look, to excessive degrees?  Are we trying to conform to someone else's standard of beauty? Are we upset with our bodies, and who we are, physically?

    "Darryel's Daily Dialogue....where positive words, manifest positive action."

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    Donald Trump is the last man standing. Governor John Kasich finally drops out and Senator Ted Cruz has been vanquished. Democrats fight on as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders slug it out for the 2016 Democratic nomination. Who is the real Progressive? Who has the better chance to defeat Republican Donald Trump? President Obama is in Flint, Michigan as he leads the fight for Justice for the poor people who were wronged in the Flint Water Crisis. What are your honet opinions and thoughts on Governor Rick Snyder?(Please don't hold back?) 

    As we move to the next round of primaries, can Bernie Sanders force a brokered convention or will Hillary steal a win and seal the nomination? Hypothetically speaking, what will happen if Hillary Clinton is brought down by the FBI? Will Bernie be given the nomination or will the Establishment Democrats nominate someone else? Talk is of Vice President Joe Biden being that person. It is for the Democrats to lose as many regular voters have registered as Independent in protest to the DNC. Bernie or Bust will never support Hillary if she is nominated. Can she win without their votes? Can Bernie Sanders defeat the biggest political machine in the history of American politics?

    Let's talk about these topics and anything else on your mind. The stakes have never been higher. Join us as we're not anti-social but just anti-stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!

    CALL IN AT (619) 789-1959. Press 1 to speak LIVE ON AIR. Say first name and where you are calling from.Thanks for pressing LIKE, SHARE, REMIND & FOLLOW buttons.

    "Proudly Representing EVERYTHING RWNJ Hate In America"

    LIKE: www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123

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    Conversations with Sapphire JBlue with Author Tonya Barber - Misty's Blue

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    Conversations with Sapphire JBlue with Author Tonya Barber  - Misty's Blue -Misty Blue, a 27 year old Administrative Secretary is engaged to her high school sweetheart Bryan Jones. Misty moves up the corporate ladder and becomes an Executive Assistant to the Company’s owner Mr. Jeffrey Colter. Her new position requires extended business hours and numerous trips out of town which puts a strain on her relationship with Bryan, a relationship already in crisis mode because of his infidelities and lies.

    Bryan comes to realize things are rapidly changing between him and Misty. Jealousy overtakes him and causes him to become insecure, demanding and eventually abusive. He begins to pressure her about setting a date for their wedding but Misty feels there are things that need to be worked out before she can do that, like his inability remain faithful.

    Over the course of the next few months Misty is swept off her feet and begins to see what true love really is. The only problem is the one who is sweeping her off her feet is not the man she’s about to marry. Torn between two lovers, will Misty set a date and go on to marry Bryan even though she’s not sure she’s still in love with him or will she step out on faith and try something new , something different? Find out in this riveting tale of love, lust, and lies.