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    Combat Sports interviews up and coming MMA Fighter Serena DeJesus.

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    Serena is an up and comer who is having her first MMA fight this Friday. A long time training partner of Roxanne Modaferri, Serena's speciality is Muay Thai, though she also enjoys competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    Combat Sports Podcast is a free and non-profit service to the martial arts community. All I ask is that you help spread the word as it's more fun to do a free podcast if more people are listening! :)

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    FNU Combat Sports Show

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    Tonight we discuss upcoming fights, combat sports news and the continuing list of MMA fighters who are getting ensnared in positive steroid tests. Tom, Tony and Rich break down the week's news and talk about the past week's major events. 

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    Modern Combat Masters presents John Mullin

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    Call in tonight at 646 716 6825

    Modern Combat Masters Host Professor Darrell Sarjeant and his co host Kancho Dan Vena are proud to present Open Mic Night.


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    Combat Sports Interviews UFC Alumni Keith Hackney

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    Combat Sports is proud to bring on Keith Hackney, a Kempo Karate fighter from the early days of the UFC. We will talk to Keith about his expiriences in the early UFC and his current projects.

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    Combat Sports Interviews Boxing Legend Larry Holmes!

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    Combat Sports is proud to present an interview with perhaps one of the most underrated champions in the history of boxing, Larry Holmes. We will be talking to Larry about his past career and current projects.

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    Combat Fear

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    Fear is a word I hear almost every athlete say at one point in their career.  Let me share with you how to combat fear and make it work for you rather against you.  

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     "Psychic" Tom Padgett, "Rabble Rousin'" Rich Bergeron and Tony "The Tornado" Penecale also have a ton of combat sports events and news to discuss this week. From UFC and Bellator cards going down this weekend to Roc Nation's recent moves and Al Haymon starting a new network boxing show on NBC, there's plenty to chat about. We also break the news about Hank Lundy's Friday Night Bout with Peter Petrov is being called off due to Lundy weighing in four pounds too heavy. June White, the mother of UFC President Dana White, was supposed to join us tonight. Unfortunately she had to postpone the interview due to sickness. We will be working to get her on the show next week.   

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    Modern Combat Masters presents Mark Barlow

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    1-(646)-716-6825 Modern Combat Masters Host, Professor Darrell Sarjeant, and his Co-Host, Kancho, Dan Vena, along with our Executive Producer, Sifu Restita DeJesus will have Mark Barlow Hanshi on the program.Mark Barlow Martial Arts Bio, I was fortunate to train with Alex Marshall for almost twenty years in Judo and Jujutsu.  Through Marshall Sensei, I was also able to train and earn black belts with Toshi Takikawa Sensei in his family's Jujutsu system and Tetsuro Nariyama Sensei in Tomiki/Shodokan Aikido.  While I've been able to study under several excellent instructors, my initial training with Marshall Sensei has provided me with the strongest motivation and direction.  His Jujutsu system, Akayama Ryu, has remained focused on practical and efficient self defense and has gained popularity with both civilians and law enforcement.  Upon Mr. Marshall's death, I became the Senior Instructor.Since the early 80's, I've hosted national camps on the Gulf Coast featuring Jujutsu, Judo, Aikido, Hapkido and various other arts.  We stress no politics, limited ego and great training.  All styles and ranks are welcome.  All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to share.I currently hold dan level rank  in Judo, Aikido and three styles of Jujutsu.

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    Modern Combat Masters Presents O'Sensei Chuck Merriman

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    Modern Combat Masters, Host, Professor Darrell Sarjeant, and his Co-Host, Kancho Dan Vena, along with our Executive Producer, Sifu Restita DeJesus, are proud and honored to welcome O'Sensei Chuck Merriman to our program.

    Merriman has served as Head Coach of the AAU National Karate Team, Chuck Merriman has studied under Peter Urban, Chris DeBaise, Soo H'Wang, Nakabayashi Sadaki, Miyazato Elichi, Iha Koshin.

    In 1970 Merriman founded Karate International, teaching Goju Ryu to students in the United States.

    He has been instrumental in popularizing karate in the United States, and goju ryu karate world wide.

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    Modern Combat Masters Presents Hanshi Gregory Duncan

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    Modern Combat Masters, Host Professor Darrell Sarjeant, his Co-Host, Kancho Dan Vena, with Executive Producer, Sifu Restita DeJesus are proud and honored to present tonights special guest, Hanshi Gregory Duncan to the program. Inheritor of the Way of the Winds System.

    The Way of the Winds™ system not only entails training in ninjitsu, but also encompasses a comprehensive approach to all of the many facets of Ronald Duncan's history as a martial artist. Self defense and combative strategies are the main emphasis of training as students are also exposed to the traditional Budo arts. such as jujitsu, aiki-jujitsu, kobujitsu (weaponry), and Karate-do.

    O'Sensei Ronald Duncan his father,

    Born in Panama. Professor Ronald Duncan began training in boxing at the age of seven. Since Professor Ronald Duncan grew up in an area where many of the elite military forces of that country were training in jungle warfare, he learned at an early age to read the signs of nature for directions in and out of the jungle. It was the beginning of a long and very involved career in many aspects of the martial arts.

    Ronald Duncan went on to serve in the United States Marine Corp where he was a member of the USMC Judo team and earned one of his earliest black belt rankings. Professor Duncan went on to earn a black belt in several other disciplines such as Hakko Ryu Jujitsu, Dai-nippon Jujitsu Ryu, Sosuishi Ryu, Kin Dai Gakko Ryu, Aikido, Aiki-Jujitsu, Kempo, Kobujitsu (weaponry), and Shinobino-jitsu (popularly known as Ninjitsu). His teachers were all legendary men; Charlie Neal, Ernie Cates, Tatsuo Uzaki, and Don Draeger.

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    Life With A Veteran: After Combat Can Anyone Return To Peaceful Married Life?

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    After the welcome home parades, the parties and the speeches, the service men and women who experienced combat duty must return to the peace and calm of civilian life. But horrible memories don't do away, neither does programming to react to the sound of sudden noises or the sight of people clothed in the attire of certain ethnic groups. The scars of warfare are more than just physical. Are spouses of veterans really prepared for the psychological damage to their loved one, now a trained killer of human beings? After living among blood, suffering and death, how does one turn off the killer instinct and turn on the intimate lover instinct? Can those who choose military careers maintain stable marriages? Or is the job too violent to deprogram oneself after combat duty has ended

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