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    Breakdown of the 1789 Letter to Sultan of Morocco from George Washington

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    The letter to the Sultan of Morocco, from President George Washington is one of the Documents of American History that clearly indicate the newly formed “United States of America” corporation, under the first Masonic President, George Washington, that was subordinate to and dwelling on the dominions of the Moroccan Empire. Anything other than that holds no standing, as to why George Washington would write a letter as such to the Sultan of Morocco. It indicates without contradiction that the Moors were in the superior position, that George Washington was the newly appointed – not elected President of the United States of America Corporation - in the North (Al Moroccan) American Continent, under the rule and Dominion of the Sultan of Morocco.

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    Moors vs Morocco: Why Do American Moors Claim Morocco? Lord Abba vs Chief X

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    Lord Abba



    vs //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    Chief X


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    Sankofa vs Israel Doctrine
    "Is The Bible The Best Tool For Our Liberation?"
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    Devine Performance: Dr. Djelani

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    Djelani is a creativity, results and performance coach who specializes in transformation. He has had a long history of supporting clients in getting unstuck. He completed a BM in Music, MA in Theater, an MFA in Film Producing and he holds a PhD in Culture and Performance from UCLA. 

    Djelani has traveled to more than thirty countries around the world and loves learning about new cultures and he loves learning languages. He has completed extensive studies in France, Morocco and Senegal. Besides coaching, Djelani has worked as an Education Specialialist with children with disabilities for thirty years in the Los Angeles Public School system. He specializes in working with children with emotional problems and children who learn differently. 

    Djelani loves livingout loud. He has completed six marathons around the United States. He also completed the first California AIDS Ride, a 500-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to LA to raise money for AIDS organizations. Djelani believes that everyone possesses a unique brilliance and a divine talent and he enjoys assisting clients in unleasing those gifts and talents. His Divine Performance Book will help you see a new way of being. 

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    TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT! Each Tuesday & Thursday from 9:30 PM TO 11:30PM EST for a doses of wholistic Moorish Science: history, spirituality, civics, law, health, psychology economics; everything that is essential for uplifting falling humanity.  The gnosis of life, the application of the gnosis. Standing on Mor'als and All-Law in public and in private. 
    Tonight's Subject matter: Peace and Friendship with Morocco Part 3 with Taj Tarik Bey  Be sure to have your pen and paper ready! 
    Civil Alert Rising Informative, Engaging & 3rd Eye Opening

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    Tune into Civil Alert Tonight!  as we discuss the Treaty of Peace and Frienship of  Morocco (Amerruk'a) of 1786.  Present will be Taj Tarik Bey and Abdullah Bey of  M.O.O.The R / Moorish Civil Letter.
    Be Sure to have your pen and paper ready.  
    Civil Alert Rising Radio Informative Engaging and 3rd Eye Opening 858.357.8450 Option 1 to Ask/Speak  

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    Monday Night Madness with Jay Barnes

    in Automotive

    Discuss events from Donya and  Grudge Inc's Kings of Grudge in Morocco, IN.  

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    The Road from Morocco by Wafa Faith Hallam, Part 2

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    Wafa returns to continue sharing her life story that begins in Morocco, with her mother, as she is married off at 13 to a man she does not know or love.   The true tale continues, weaving through varied countries, religions, economic states, romantic trysts, lusts, and loves. It transports readers back in time to a Middle Eastern society far removed from modern American sensibilities.   In today's hour-long episode, we will raise the issue of Wafa's identity as an Arab-American Muslim who, particularly found it difficult to share particularly following 9/11 and the Iraq War. As diffiult as it is, Wafa considers her speaking about it as a sort of "coming out" process.

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    The Splendor And Beauty Of Morocco With Traveler Kitty Morse

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    Barbara Conelli interviews travel writer and Morocco expert Kitty Morse.
    Casablanca-born Kitty Morse has authored nine cookbooks, five of them on Moroccan cuisine, including Chronicle Books’ best-selling Cooking at the Kasbah. Her career as cooking teacher and food writer spans more than two decades. Kitty once taught alongside Julia Child, and has been a guest on radio and television nationwide. Her latest book, Mint Tea and Minarets: A banquet of Moroccan memories, a memoir with recipes, came out in December 2012. It is centered on the riad (Moorish mansion) that her father willed her 50 miles south of Casablanca.
    www.kittymorse.com www.mintteaandminarets.com

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    Living Happy -Inside and Out! with author Maura Sweeney

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    Huffington Post, Generation Fabulous and Better After 50 . . . . 

    Waiting a half century to debut in a profession that can't be acquired through university degrees, corporate promotions or public accolades, author Maura Sweeney introduces The Art of Happiness.

    With wit, wisdom and self-deprecating humor, she unwraps a half century of life experience. In this self-empowerment series of short stories, Maura captures familiar issues like Comfort Zones and Competition, Influence and Values, Judgment and Nonsense. 

    The Art of Happiness reflects a lifetime of the eclectic. Maura's experiences range from corporate sales management to suburban housewife and from home schooling mom to publisher and entrepreneur. She's counseled incarcerated teens in Florida and brought medical relief to coffee growers in the mountains of Honduras. Her perspectives are honed by visits to Rome and Paris, Bosnia and Romania, Cuba and Morocco, Israel and Uganda.

    The 1980 Boston College graduate is also an acknowledged law school escapee, a move she claims launched her on the Road to Happiness. Distinguished for leadership and mentoring abilities, Maura holds national honors from her former corporate career. An effective and engaging public speaker, she received the National Award for Media Effectiveness from one of the country's largest women's organizations. 

    An avid video blogger under the Maura4u brand, Maura co-hosted The State of Happiness talk radio program in St. Petersburg, FL featuring interviews with authors, creators and entrepreneurs. Maura is publisher of MIKE sports books and the best-selling preschool series, Inky Winky Spider. 


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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Massive Tornados tear though America hitting Fairdale, Illinois and near Rockford Illinois leaving 1 dead and 17 injured. Also in Morocco in a road collision 31 young athletes are dead as a bus crash has happened. Also California's Drought could leave the State of California in a "Dust Bowl" very soon and health ricks are expected to rise. Also a "Double Earthquake hit on the San Andreas Fault in California and Mexico shaking the earth. Also doctors say a "Tick Borne Disease" called "Powassan Virus" is worse then Lyme Disease. Also the "Worlds First Head Transplant" has a volunteer from Russia 30 year old Vatery Spiridonov and he could experience something "Worse than Death". Also Senator Rand Paul has announced his run for President of the United States, and Former Sec. of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to announce this Sunday. Also Britain is expected to receive "Blood Red Rain" this weekend, the question is why? These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk with Michael Gayk, Educator, Digital Designer and Maker

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    Our guest on Metalsmith Benchtalk on Thursday, April 16th, 2015 at 3:00 PST/ 6:00 EST is Michael Gayk, educator, digital designer and maker of things.

    Please join us for this LIVE interview and participate by logging onto the chatroom at Blogtalkradio.com or by sending a message to Whaley Studios via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

    About Michael: 

    Michael Gayk earned an MFA in Jewelry and Metals from the University of Washington and an BFA in Metals Design from the College for Creative Studies.

    Plural Studios is a design collaboration between Courtney Starrett and Michael Gayk. Plural is interested in creating well-designed objects for the home or body, utilizing innovative digital technologies to create limited editions of our objects. We are inspired by architecture on a micro-level; observing transitions, connections, and details, as the sum of all parts, both man-made and natural.  At Plural we strive for accessibility along with high design objects both for the home and the body.

    “My current work investigates the relationship between body adornment and the digitized human body. Historically jewelry has always reflected the technologies of its time. A necklace fashioned from seashells dating 80 BCE years old was found at Taforalt in eastern Morocco. This discovery illustrates the sense of symbolic material value of that time and suggests a developed capacity for cultural modernity. The example of the seashell necklace comes from a genus of marine snail called Nassarius, which no longer inhabits the shores of Morocco today. With the use of advanced manufacturing methods such at bio-printing and DNA duplication it may be possible to cultivate the lost Nassarius, or any biological structure.”