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    in Entertainment

    The Malliard Report hosted by Jim Malliard has joined Take 2 Radio as a special host to talk about all things paranormal and more! Listen to his shows every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 7pm Eastern time!

    Omar Morales Saturday, September 26th at 7pm eastern (This is a re-air)

    The Force Media LLC, hand-crafted comic books (TM), presents: CruZader - Agent of the Vatican, an independent, original graphic novel by Omar Morales.

    ?Guest: Omar Morales: As usual before getting into the serious discussions, our host Jim Malliard likes to talk with our guests a little about themselves, and this time is no different when he asks Omar Morales about himself, a little bit about what got him involved in comics to begin with, and of course the inspiration for CruZader and everything, listening intently to the discussion before moving on to ask him what the definite difference is between comic books themselves, and graphic novels. An answer that a lot of fans of the genre themselves might even agree with when listening to the show!

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    Interview with AllSportsTucson.com's Andy Morales

    in Sports

    AllSportsTucson.com founder Javier Morales interviews his brother Andy Morales, who performs diligent work about high school sports at the Web site and is well-versed in the sports history of Tucson and University of Arizona sports.

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    Chirsko Morales , Videographer

    in Movies

    Today' s show will feature a former student of mine Chirs Morales. Chris graduated in 2007 from high school and went on to become a successful videographer in the motion picture industry. Today we will talk about his success story , his Emmy award, and in general his life after high school 

    please join us

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    Empress J on Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre0 w/Sade' and Rude Morales

    in Spirituality

    The world is huge, however, in the world of poetry, whether you are on the stage or listening, the lyrical circle becomes small. If you know one great poet, sooner or later, your poetry world will collide and pleasantly find creative peace in enriched lyrics.  Jamilah Harris is such a poet, she is originally from London, where she is currently based. She is also known by her stage name 'Empress J'. She is a 21 year old lover of poetry and takes great pleasure in sharing her written pieces into some ‘good old’ Spoken Word. She has the ability to take you right into the story of her written word and on stage, her performance is magical.

     Empress J has been invited to the Hotwordz Mic, so you know her talent has struck the bell of creativity on Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre0. Lyrics for your mind is the banner we carry, so ride with the production team with HLT0’s, Sunday HOT Delight hosts, Sade’, Rude Morales and Lisa Michelle Garrett along with Shank Man, our Music Director.


    You could find the lyrical audio works of Empress J on www.soundcloud.com/itsjustpoetry. You could also find her written pieces online at  

    www.itsjustpoetryy.blogspot.com she has recently released an EP (9th June) including several different styles of poetry entitled 'Ripping through the Rubble' which you could also find on her Soundcloud page. 

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    Moving Forward in Faith with Terri Schrews featuring Mel Ann Morales

    in Women

    Today’s Show:

    L.I.F.E. Strategist and Empowerment Coach Mel Ann Morales is Terri’s featured guest this week on Moving Forward in Faith. Mel Ann is also a published author, motivational speaker, and busy homeschool mom to her two children while running her own coaching business in Texas. Mel Ann is an expert at finding powerful lessons in everyday experiences and excels at creating habits and strategies that keep life in forward when the unexpected happens. She will be joining us today to share her secrets for how to manage our environments to encourage success and influence excellence. Mel Ann passionately believes that when we create our environments in a way that supports our individual selves we can achieve the success we were designed to live out. Be prepared to be empowered! You can click HERE to sign up for Mel Ann's Newsletter.

    Links for Terri Schrews:

    Website: www.MoveForwardinFaith.com  

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheSpiritualGrowthCoach

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TerriSchrews1   

    Links for Mel Ann Morales:

    Website: http://melannmorales.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelAnnMorales

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/L_I_F_E_Warrior





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    Elections in Argentina and US-Latin America stories of the week

    in Politics

    Guest: Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz, the editor of Fausta's Blog.......We will look at the elections in Argentina.....the opposition candidate surprised everyone by forcing a runoff scheduled for Nov 22.......there is great disillusionment with corruption. the bad economy and crony capitalism.........we will also hear about the elections in Colombia............Jimmy Morales wins in Guatemala by a landslide......the hurricane in Mexico..............Central Americans continue to be deported from Mexico........

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    Frenzy, JoeDoe (Power), Strebor Relyt of TGFTR on HLT0's Sunday HOT Delight

    in Indie Music

    Frenzy is an artist catching many producers’ ears from Sacramento to Denver. JoeDoe is looking to add a little bit of love and prosperity to somebodys' life or maybe help change them for the better.  Strebor Relyt (Temesis) never to be overlooked with his unexpected sound, a rap vocalist. Find him on the tracks,  Tragedy5280, Darkclouds, Tragic Visions, and most recently Horror Film and Starting Line. Frenzy, JoeDoe and Strebor Relyt with the rest of the crew TGFTR  has flows and when they touch the mic, the magic shows. 

    HLT0 is proud to present Frenzy and JoeDoe Power of TGFTR on our anniversary show November 22, 2015. We were coming back live on air in 2016 and realized, it’s anniversary time and what better way to broadcast  informing the world, Hip Hop is not dead yet if, you’re listening to Frenzy and JoeDoe Power TGFTR. Music influences the decision we make and the way we think. ` JoeDoe 

    Rude Morales on theghettotruthmagazine.blogspot.com. There has been some changes with the TGFTR tune in to hear for yourself the talent that could beat any mainstream rap artist down.

    Tune in for the hot pix  in unsigned artist.  Music Will Be Radio Edit.



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    Deciding Your Fate... and walking the talk of a true Master

    in Education

    Who are you choosing to emulate in your life?  Finding your true north takes allowing the mind chatter to release.......

    Come join us for an hour of exciting dialogue with Reiki Master, Jodi Friedman and Conscious Business Consultant Denny Morales as they bring Spiritual Love into your experience this week!

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    ~SPIRIT RADIO~ Self Help Line!

    in Self Help

    ~Spirit Radio is a safe place for you to call in your struggles and questions on how to make it through the pain of life. It's also a place to call in and SHARE your story of hope or success so others can see YOUR past pain as HOPE and a light in the dark. 

    Join World Renowned healer, Tahsha Renee and Conscious Business Consultant Denny Morales for another life changing hour of ~SPIRIT RADIO~ Where we surrender to letting Spirit works its magic through our callers! 



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    in Self Help

    ~SPIRIT RADIO~ is a LIVE, FREE, radio show for you to call in your questions to get advice on and to call in and HELP OTHERS by giving YOUR ADVICE to the callers! Join World Renowed Healer Mirasha Renee and Conscious Business Consultant Denny Morales for another half hour of life changing yet entertaining show!! 


    #spiritualjerks #spiritualacademy #thelastformula #healingheartswithhands @spiritualjerks www.healingheartswithhands.net http://launch.thelastformula.com/

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    Want Digital Pharma Marketing “RESULTS”?

    in Business

    Pharmaguy interviews R.J. Lewis, President and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions, about his new book "RESULTS: The Future of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing," which he co-authored with Scott Weintraub, Brad Sitler, Joanne McHugh, Roger Zan, and Stephen Morales. 

    The book covers 5 key themes:

    Regional Marketing
    Digital Marketing
    Big Data
    Evolving Systems of Care & the ACA
    A view from the manufacturers perspective

    RJ will focus on the chapter about digital marketing. Questions and topics we will touch on include:

    What are some of the biggest trends you are seeing in digital marketing today?
    There is a shift from targeting contextually to targeting based on an audience, how is this playing out in digital marketing and where is it heading?
    What are some examples of “data driven” targeting in online advertising?
    What does the future hold for the newer media and platforms such as mobile and video?
    How big of a role does societies concerns over privacy play in how the future unfolds?
    For the chapter on a view from the manufacturer, I understand you interviewed over two dozen pharmaceutical executives. What are the main themes you heard from them?