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    Universal Alignment Through Astrology, Moon Phases, & Orgasmic Energy Part II

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    Join us tonight for another episode of the sexual power that we have within us, and how the universal law can come in alignment with the astrological moon phases, and our orgasmic energy. Tonight it is all about our sexual powers, sexual energy, and sexual transmutation that can take place through the astrological moon phases. So get in on this juicy discussion as we discuss sex and orgasms that can create the strongest energetic field, and is at its strongest point when we are sexually stimulated and energetically in alignment with different moon phases. So as always, you know this is going to be a show that you certainly don’t want to miss, and we’ll be joined by our special guest, and Erotic Talk Radio Family member,  Daddye Duvayne.  A Physic Intuitive, Root Worker, and conjurer. Join us for this erotic discussion of the hour.

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    Universal Alignment through Astrology, Moon Phases, & Orgasmic Energy

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                         The Sexual power With Universal Alignment through Astrology, Moon Phases, and Orgasmic Energy  

    Join us tonight as we discuss the power of sexual positions, sexual energy, and sexual transmutation. Tonight we’ll discuss how sex and orgasms serve to create the strongest energetic magnetic field, that’s at its strongest point, during different moon phases. Tonight we’ll discuss how important it can be, when the moon phase is in alignment with different astrology signs. Therefore, tonight is going to be a show that you certainly don’t want to miss, and we’ll be joined by our special guest, and Erotic Talk Radio Family member,  Daddye Duvayne.  A Physic Intuitive, Root Worker, and magic conjurer. Join us for this erotic discussion of the hour.


  • Moon Phases: Why is it of value for me to know?

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    There are 8 Moon phases. They are:
    New Moon - the Moon is not visible because we are not seeing the lighted side.
    Waxing crescent - the Moon we see, the lighted portion appears as a crescent shape with the points to the left. The waxing crescent follows the New Moon.
    First quarter - one quarter of the Moon's surface is visible after the waxing crescent Moon. It has also been called a half-moon because it is half of the side facing us.
    Waxing gibbous - the visible portion is greater than the quarter Moon and less than the full Moon.
    Full Moon - We see the entire lighted side.
    Waning gibbous - the Moon has gone to less than the full moon, but still greater than the third quarter.
    Third quarter - one half of the lighted side is visible after the full and waning gibbous.
    Waning crescent - the Moon appears as a crescent after the full, waning gibbous, and third quarter. It has the points to the right

    Source: http://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phase..

    Day: Thursdays

    Time: 11:00am - 11:30am PST

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    Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa ( Oracle of The Sea, Energies Moon Phases )

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa, welcomes mystery guest! Oracle of The Sea. Born in Greece, now living on the East Coast, she is a natural intuitive whose gifts were passed down through the lineage of her ancestors.


    Have you ever wondered who are those psychics on the 800 lines, well this is your opportunity to connect with one of the most popular, on Keen. She will share with us information about this week’s full moon, the Blood moon, and how we can maximize the energies of these moon phases to increase love, abundance, and our own spiritual awareness.


    Oracle has an amazing story of ancient history from Greece and her life as a young woman, widowed, and a mother of small children. Successfully she worked in a mainstream job then realized what was missing was her more authentic self as the counselor, and advisor.


    The second half of the show Oracle By The Sea will take caller’s questions.


    Contact information: 1(800) Ask-Keen ext. 04018210                                                                                                         

    Blogtalk radio call in number: 347-838-9862, to listen to the show.

    Press 1 to speak to the guest.

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    Metaphysically Speaking with Laurie Barraco and Nicole Sandhu

    in Spirituality

    Join hosts Laurie Barraco - owner of The Mystical Moon and Nicole Sandhu - manager of The Mystical Moon as they discuss different topics related to spirituality.

    This week - Moon Phases 

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    How to use the Moon Phases for Healing and Happiness

    in Health

    The harmony and balance of Natural Rhythms guide all that we do – our very existence. Our ancestors lived their lives by the rising and setting of the Moon and Sun. It was a neccessity for them to be 'in tune' with the natural rhythms of the Earth.  For us, in this modern world, it is a choice.     Join Kimberley and discover how you can use the natural rhythms of the Earth and the moon phases as a tool for better health and greater happiness. Understanding moon cycles and how they affect the body can be a key to better health. To understand how the moon influences your health the first step is to realize that the human body is made up of over 60% water, and the moon effects all water on the Earth.  The moon controls the ebb and flow of the oceanic tides and it controls the human body in the same way.
    Kimberley is a Reiki Master Teacher descendant of Cherokee Ancestors, Life Coach, Intuitive Healer,National Radio Host, Speaker, Empowerment Coach, and Consultant. Kimberley combines the ancient tradition of Holistic Energy Healing, Native American Healing practices and her intuitive gifts to create a wonderfully unique experience.
    Whether you have a session with Kimberley seeking healing energy, spiritual guidance, or empowered coaching, your session will give you tools and support to connect you to your Divine inspiration and live your life in harmony and balance .... while being Happy & Healthy. Join Kimberley Harrell D.D. for a dynamic experience of happiness and healing, once a week.

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    Not only do we have amped up energy with Mars and Venus in Aries but the week ahead has SO MANY really GREAT aspects as Venus and Mercury interact with the big boys to open things up and bring the excitement back to our lives. This is going to open up money-making opportunities, love, talks, meetings, offers, agreements, and lots of fresh energy in the mix. We are also building emotionally to a FULL MOON in Virgo that climaxes on Thursday with something coming through, celebrated or ending in a work situation, with a health issue, your paperwork, the pets, a co-worker, the people you hire to help, or some organizing or clean-up situation. Tune in to hear how your sign will feel it at 8pm eastern, 7pm central, 6pm mountain, 5pm pacific, 1am UK!

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    Daily Moon Phases

    in Self Help

    Have you ever felt you wanted or needed a general outline for you day and what to expect? So that you can better prepare yourself for it? I mean I'm sure we've all said at least once in our life, "Where's the instruction manual'? Like always, I remind each and everyone of us, to seek within; know thyself.
    We will cover everything from what not to eat, when to get married, even as far as when to harvest those crops!
    Every day is someone's birthday, so we will talk to them directly day by day as well.

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    Holly Stephey & Zoe Moon "ASTROLOGER TO THE STARS"

    in Spirituality

    It is always a pleasure and so much fun to have Zoe Moon "ASTROLOGER TO THE STARS" on Red Velvet Media Blogtalk Radio. Zoe Moon began her journey as a singer/songwriter with BMG Music and Arista Records, traveling the country, connecting with others of varying spiritual disciplines, sharing song and insights, and honing her techniques as a reader. She worked in television and film where she connected with her first clients, a base which has grown by word of mouth, through referals. She works fulltime now as an astrologer. Zoe is a highly sought after astrologer to the entertainment industry.  This is your chance to call in with personal questions. http://zoemoonastrology.blogspot.com

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    Weekly Witchy Wednesday-Grave Yard Dirt with Lady Grave Dancer-Tequila Aquayo

    in Spirituality

    Weekly Witchy Wednesday with amazing Woman, Lady Grave Dancer-Tequila 
    Discussing 'Grave Yard Dirt' the power of the element and how to use it effectively.

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    Full Icemoon

    in Spirituality

    For the Full Moon in the period from 22 January til 18 February. This ritual I will give 4 lectures about the card of the Fool. Very interesting. You are welcome to join in and listen.

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