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    Mood Swings and Postpartum Depression

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    Mood Swings and Postpartum Depression   Are you having mood swings and don't know why? Are you not able to feel a connection to your newborn child? Join Nikhol, J Wesley Brown and Dr Sarah Allen to discuss mood disorders and postpartum depression. Find out what the symptoms are and how it can be treated.   The Healing Place,“a fun and informative radio show exploring various mental health & wellness topics for daily living.”  

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    Mood Swings

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    Mood swings, we all have them we just don’t always understand them. The mood you wake up with in the morning is that the one you want to go through your day with? Learn what is behind your moods and how to consciously create your day. Join us as we discuss how to choose how you’re showing up today.

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    Does Christian identity identify with mood swing actions and feelings? If not, how do Christians gain victory over their moodiness? If so, then does God have mood swings? If He does, and He teaches us to have them, then why are mood swings based so much on clinical origin? Join us, via the EYIC RADIO NETWORK. The call-in number for this broadcast on Sunday, 3/23/14 from 8pm to 10:30pm EST is (347) 945-5654. Listen from your cell/computer by clicking this link and share, http://tobtr.com/s/6226977

    To visit us on face book please log onto https://www.facebook.com/loveattheroot. Christian Education, for Christian Relationships! Also please visit this link http://www.gofundme.com/loveattheroot for a donation or love offering if you have been blessed by this broadcast.

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    I am celebrating 28 years of "clean time".....I'll let you in on the SECRET.....from Boston to Vietnam to Absolute Horror....from ADDICTION (8-10-1087 to 8-10-2014)  I will play music appropriate to my particular "Malfunction".  c e l e b r a t e  w i t h  m e

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    Life Changing Insights - Internet Addiction & Holistic Nutrition

    in Health

    Life Changing Insights with Dr. Alan Simberg with his guest  Robyn Srigley:

    Robyn Srigley has a Bachelor of Arts from UOIT, is a certified Personal Training Specialist with CanFitPro and Certified Nutritional Practitioner from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Through many years of personal interest in health, as well as struggling through her own health issues, Robyn decided to complete her studies to become a holistic nutritionist. In her practice, she strives to help people achieve happy, joyous lives filled with health and laughter. I am The Hormone Diva! I started this business with one goal in mind: To help women suffering from mood swings, cravings and painful periods achieve vibrant happiness, exuberant energy, blissful health and passionate relationships. 

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    Hit Parade

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    Total request Show (TRS)
    Call me at 00923314391414 and request your songs!
    Callers in USA can call at the number showing on screen

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    AOT: Timely, Appropriate Psychiatric Community Care Plus Subsistence

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    Discuss the need for timely, appropriate treatment for serious mental illness (SMI) through AOT programs. Your input is invited at (347)857-3293. Most families experiencing mental health crisis agree that their mentally disabled loved ones would be able to avoid psychotic episodes if the patients were faithful to their mental health treatment program and took their meds. However, many Americans with SMI are untreated, some because they have no health insurance that covers mental disfunctions, and others because patients refuse to accept treatment and take prescribed meds.

    Assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs mandate continued psychiatric treatment and provide subsistence assistance (food and housing) for Americans with SMI. AOT programs reduce homelessness, arrests and incarceration, hospitalization, and deaths caused by the lack of treatment. That means less crime and safer communities, lower prison costs, and restoration to wholesome living for many sick people.

    We congratulate the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), which endorsed unanimously the “authorization, implementation, appropriate funding, and consistent use of assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) laws to ensure treatment in the least restrictive setting possible for individuals whose illness prevents them from otherwise accessing such care voluntarily.” The IACP represents more than 20,000 members in more than 100 countries (see more at the Treatment Advocacy Center website). Nobody knows the needs of people with SMI like their psychiatrists, their families and police. With few exceptions, they agree that AOT would make ours a safer and more humane society. Please call and give your opinions on air.

    All Human Rights Demand shows are archived for your access at any time. Please share. 

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    Wet Wet Wednesday wit E-MONSTA *  co host Stallion Baltimore

    Tune in as we spinn the music to get you in the mood with some adult conversation @ 7:30pm -EST/ 6:30pm -CST / 5:30 pm -MST ..

    *Rated - Freaky as Phuc!

    Call# (424)243-9649


    Adult conversation x  sexy music x crazy host(s)

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    'IN THE MOOD!"

    in Lifestyle

    With our emotions soaring high, our minds overloaded with personal & worldly cares, with our hearts pricked by injustices....Let's get "IN THE MOOD!"

    PEACE out of CHAOS




    MENU:  Spinach, Kale & Arugula Salad with Mango Dressing with Baked Chicken paired with Vanilla Chai Tea

    Join Us here on MY SOUL BTR at 6:30p est THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2014


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    How To Get Out Of An Emotional Funk

    in Health

    This is a topic that I return to every once in awhile because I know how common it is to feel depressed, sad, lonely, misunderstood, unfulfilled frustrated or stuck.

    I have been through all of these emotions, repeatedly, both for long and short periods of times.

    These feelings are a healthy and normal part of our emotional cycles. What is not healthy is when you get stuck in a bad-feeling emotion and it is hindering your participation in, or enjoyment of, your life.

    Here I am, six and a half months into my cross-country move from D.C. to L.A. It's been wonderful and happy and easy, until recently.

    The Take Back Your Health Conference™ is growing into a bi-coastal event. I'm working on the first TBYH book and we're going to start videos in the next few months.

    Lately I have felt out of balance. I know that this is because I am stretching myself thin with my work, in an unfamiliar city.

    When you stretch yourself thin, you lose sleep, you walk around on edge, you get frustrated with others when they take your time, and emotions, like loneliness and self-doubt, become magnified.

    I let it go too far - to the point of being paralyzed from action. I couldn't even write this email to you all! I finally turned to a good friend of mine. My lover, friend and boyfriend. He sees me more clearly than I can see myself sometimes.

    I told him that I felt like I was losing myself in the enormity of the changes I had made this year. That's when he did something for me that changed my mood instantly. I was able to get back to writing this email to you and our relationship grew deeper for it.

    I'm going to share his trick with you today on TBYH Radio. I'm also going to share the three things that I do to get out of an emotional funk.

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    Twenty-Six: Another awful day

    in Hockey

    Today was not a good day to be a fan of either hockey in general or the Kings in specific, as more details on the awful Slava Voynov case came out via his court hearing. We'll talk a bit about that with Stace (@stace_ofbase) from Battle of California, who wrote a great take on the story back when news first broke. But we'll try to lighten the mood a little too with tales of Stace's recent trip to watch the Sharks play the Alberta teams, and touch on their recent success, the Flames' recent downturn, and the Oilers decision to fire coach Dallas Eakins earlier today. We'll also have on Laura (@hildymac) from St. Louis Game Time to help us preview this week's home-and-home series between the Kings and the Blues.

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