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    Coaches Corner plus PGA Golf Guru - Scott Seifferlein joins me tonight.

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    Welcome to Golf Talk Live!

    This week on Coaches Corner:

    Clint Wright - A 30 year member of the PGA, Partner at TGM Golf, a big proponent of The R3 Approach. One of the best covering the short game today. Plus one of my favorite guests & panelists here on the Coaches Corner.

    Monte Scheinblum - Professional Golfer and son of Major League Baseball player, Ritchie Scheinblum. After an impressive career as a long drive champion and trick shot exhibitionist, Monte became a full-time professional tournament player, with the goal of eventually playing on the PGA Tour. He played on the Web.com (then Nike) tour for a number of years. Monte teaches golfers of all ability levels, from the earliest beginners to top juniors, college players and PGA Tour players, and has given more than 1,000 online lessons.

    Plus later in the show I interview - Scott Seifferlein - Founder of Business Golf Mastermind and five time published author.

    Here's a little about Scott:

    Author, Speaker & PGA Golf Guru,Founder Business Golf Mastermind, 2011 GR Chamber Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist & 2011 Bill Strausbaugh Award For The Advancement Of Teaching.

    Golf Talk Live is also available for download on iTunes, and Stitcher.com.

    Join me Thursday at 6PM CST right here on GolfTalkLive.

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    YGY 2015 Series Preview Show: Yankees-White Sox (7/31-8/2)

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    On tonight's episode of the Yanks Go Yard Radio Show, brought to you by KNODA.com, host and senior staff writer Ricky Keeler gives you the latest on the Yankees trade deadline rumors and reacts to the mega deal in the AL East that sent Troy Tulowitzki to the Blue Jays. Plus, Ricky will react to the first two games in this Yankees-Rangers series. 

    Then, James Poellnitz, a co-editor at Southside Showdown joins the show to help look ahead to this weekend's series between the Yankees and White Sox at US Cellular Field. Ricky and James will discuss Chicago's disappointing first half, their recent five game win streak, and whether or not Jeff Samardzija will be traded before Friday's deadline. Plus, how has David Robertson fared as the closer in his first season? Finally, they will breakdown the pitching matchups and give you their hitters to watch in this series. 

    As always, you can interact with the LIVE show at anytime by calling in at (347)-324-5455 or tweeting us: @YGYRadioShow

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    His Heart Speaks

    in Entertainment

    Tune in to Carolyn King Robertson as the host of His Heart Speaks

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    A. Louise Robertson talks about her latest book

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         A. Louise Robertson talks about her latest book, Chained to Mineola (Long Island, New York Book 2)

         About Chained to Mineola: Carly Eubanks returns to her hometown for her aunt's funeral. Before flying back to California she drives down the street in Mineola where she spent her childhood. The house was originally owned by Betty and Bill Edwards, her grandparents, who bought the house after WWII. Carly is dismayed when she discovers a road crew who is just about to cut down the oak trees on Oak Street, including the one she played in as a child in front of her old home. She can't let this happen. She mades an instant decision to save the tree, climbing inside the limbs and then chaining herself to the branches. With the help of her cousin and an old high school boyfriend she sets out to save the tree and the environment and swears not to come down until the City changes its plans to widen the street and to demolish the trees. It's not going to be easy, in fact, the unforeseen future presents more than one challenge to this determined woman. It's Carly's story, but also her cousin and her niece's story. Her niece, Alison becomes involved with a young man from Scotland who has an uncle also very concerned about the environment, in fact he makes a career from working in Perthshire's annual Enchanted Forest. Destiny is about to step in and change all of their lives, because of a girl who loves a tree.

         About A. Louise Robertson: A. Louise Robertson was born in New York City in 1948. She's been a writer since first opening the cover of Little Women as an eight-year-old and falling in love with the written word.


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    Buckets And Dimes Presented By Nuts And Bolts Sports

    in Sports

    NBA Off Season is in full effect as free agency begins and we also take a look back at the NBA Draft. Who are the winners? Who are the losers? And what are the needs for some of the teams in the NBA. We discuss it all and more in another great show so join the team and tune in! The gangs all here and ready to debate on all these topics and more. 

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    Way of the Rabbit

    in Spirituality

    In this podcast, Yeshe Rabbit honors several recently-deceased ancestors, each of whom left a powerful mark on her world : Loreon Vigne, Ai-Churek, Randy David, Lady Olivia Roberston, Les Feinberg*, Morning Glory Zell, and Shekinah Mountainwater.

    This podcast contains music, chants, and speeches by :
    Same blood, Same Heart by Tia
    Members of the family and friends of Loreon Vigne, including her niece Leslie
    Life, Death & Rebirth by Yeshe
    Patrick, partner of the deceased Randy David
    Hekate by Rowan

    *Please note, Yeshe Rabbit included a passage by an author who formerly wrote under the name Leslie Feinberg, but who later in life preferred to be called Les Feinberg. 

    Please forgive the poor quality of some of the audio recordings. Yeshe Rabbit captures audio all over the place and doesn't always have a great microphone.

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    De Yahweh es la tierra y su plenitud el mundo y los que en el habitan

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    De Jehová es la tierra y su plenitud;
        El mundo, y los que en él habitan.

    2 Porque él la fundó sobre los mares,
    Y la afirmó sobre los ríos.

    3 ¿Quién subirá al monte de Jehová?
    ¿Y quién estará en su lugar santo?

    4 El limpio de manos y puro de corazón;
    El que no ha elevado su alma a cosas vanas,
    Ni jurado con engaño.

    5 El recibirá bendición de Jehová,
    Y justicia del Dios de salvación.

    6 Tal es la generación de los que le buscan,
    De los que buscan tu rostro, oh Dios de Jacob. Selah

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    EN ESTOS TIEMPOS HAY QUE SER VALIENTES y Gloria a Dios por la Victoria LGBT

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    125  Los que confían en Jehová son como el monte de Sion,
        Que no se mueve, sino que permanece para siempre.

    2 Como Jerusalén tiene montes alrededor de ella,
    Así Jehová está alrededor de su pueblo
    Desde ahora y para siempre.

    3 Porque no reposará la vara de la impiedad sobre la heredad de los justos;
    No sea que extiendan los justos sus manos a la iniquidad.

    4 Haz bien, oh Jehová, a los buenos,
    Y a los que son rectos en su corazón.

    5 Mas a los que se apartan tras sus perversidades,
    Jehová los llevará con los que hacen iniquidad;
    Paz sea sobre Israel.


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    1. Canción de las subidas. Los que confían en Yahweh son como el Monte Tsiyón, que no se mueve, que permanece para siempre.

    2. Como están los montes alrededor de Yerushalem, así está Yahweh alrededor de su pueblo ahora y siempre.

    3. El cetro de los malvados nunca descansa sobre la tierra asignada a los justos, para que los justos no extiendan su mano a la maldad.

    4. Haz bien, oh Yahweh, a los buenos, a los rectos de corazón.

    5. Pero aquéllos que en su perversidad actúan corruptamente, que Yahweh los haga ir por el camino de malhechores. Que le vaya bien a Yisrael.

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    Live To The Point with Guest Anita Jarrell-Robertson

    in Radio

    Join Paul & Kesha And there Guest Anita Jarrell-Robertson Tuesday June 23rd at 7:00 PM EST Join from the comfort of your home. We now have Two different ways for you to join the broadcast Via Our Talk Shoe. Call-in (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 137073 Join the conversation at http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/137073 Or our Blog Talk Radio. Call-in (646) 716-4416 Join the conversation http://www.blogtalkradio.com/livetothepoint A few things to know about Anita Jarrell-Robertson. Anita is a singer/songwriter with invigorating lyrics, iconic voice and contemporary sound which is displayed in her new album, “God Is There”, a diverse mix of powerful original songs that rejuvenates both believers and unbelievers. Tune in Live 24/7 to W.V.O.D RADIO http://www.wvodradio.net/

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    Celebrando mis 5 Años de haber tomado mis votos Carmelitas, y hoy los renuevo

    in Religion

    Hablaremos del amor a Dios y cuando uno toma votos. Es Obvio decir que no sosmo perfectos ni lo pretendemos ser pero la Relacion de cada cual es unica y verdadera. Tambien vamos halarsobre otras cositas.

    La Orden de Nuestra Señora del Monte Carmelo (también llamada Orden de los Carmelitas) es una congregación religiosa católica y surgió alrededor del Siglo XII, cuando un grupo de ermitaños, inspirados en el profeta Elías, se retiraron a vivir en el Monte Carmelo, considerado el jardín de Palestina ("Karmel" significa "jardín").

    La Orden de la Iglesia Apostolica Catolica de Pentecostes es una Order Completa y con sus proprios pantentes como la Orden Carmelita Reformada de la Cruz exclusiva de nuestra Iglesia y Hoy Oficialmente tomo mi Nombre como Reverendo Padre Jesus de Santa Teresa.