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    Monster Fish - Catfish

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    Wednesday September 10th at 9pm est, 8pm cst and 6pm pdt, we are excited to be resume our monster fish series and we will be discussing some monster catfish ! Some catfish are rare and endangered, such as the Mekong giant catfish ! The world’s largest scaleless freshwater fish lives a tenuous existence in the murky brown waters of Southeast Asia’s Mekong River. Capable of reaching an almost mythical 10 feet (3 meters) in length and 650 pounds (295 kilograms), Mekong giant catfish live mainly in the lower half of the Mekong River system, in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.



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    Monster Fish Sound-off Thursday: Gars

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    On this episode of Aquatics Euphoria Monster fish sound-off Aqua Alex and Discus Man William T will be discussing one of the most popular monster fish known as gars. Gars are a monster most North Americans are used too and enjoy!!! Aqua Alex will discuss this famous monster fish!

    On this episode Alex and William will discuss the famous gar fish, how big they get, what they eat, why you should avoid keeping them, and everything you need to know about gar fish!!!!

    You can call in at 347-677-1837 dial 1 to join the chat on gars!

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    Debate on Monster Fish VS Feeders

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    In this episode of Aquatics Euphoris Aqua Alex and William T will go head to head on issues relating to The fish and the aquariums that they are kept in. Are certain sized aquariums just to small for these particilar monster fish? All you fish hobbyists must have a shared opinion with either William T or Aqua Alex. Aqua Alex is a die hard monster fish guy but I have issues with some of his ethics when it comes to keeping fish that he loves so much. Take part in our debate and you could win a guest shot on my show so call in live at 1-347-677-1837.

  • Monster Fish Discussion: Peacock Bass

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    On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, Saturday host fish keeper James Cardinale will be discussing the Peacock Bass. Peacock bass are loved by many people, and they are quite popular in the fish keeping hobby. Peacock bass come from South America and are a great game fish, but are also kept in the Aquarium hobby.

    James will discuss how to  care for the peacock bass in the home aquaria, he will also discuss the various kinds of peacock bass and much more!

    You can call in LIVE at 347-989-8142 dial 1 to discuss peacock bass!


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    Aqua Alex's Monster Fish Sound-off: Pacu Fish!

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    On this week's episode of Monster fish sound off here on Aquatics Euphoria, Alex will be discussing one of the most common Monster fish in the whole world and in the fish keeping Hobby, the pacu. The pacu is known as the world's biggest nut eater and will eat nuts in the wild. But the pacu is sold in most fish stores and people buy them because they look like piranhas and are much more peaceful.

    Our topics for this show will be : General information on the pacu, Why you should avoid the pacu, the different kinds of pacus out there, tank size required for the pacu, care requirements, and much more!


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    Aqua Alex and William T Monster Fish Sound-off: Arowanas!

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    Aqua Alex and William T will sound off on Monster fish each and every Thursday here on Aquatics Euphoria. This week, they will be discussing the monster fish known as Arowanas in the fish keeping hobby.

    Arowanas are adored by many, and kept by many. But, should they be in the hobby? Alex will discuss this. Plus Alex will discuss the size arowanas can get, the different kinds of Arowanas, the asian myths of Arowanas, and much more!

    You can call in at 347-677-1837 dial 1 to join the chat about arowanas.

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    Aqua Alex and William T Monster Fish Sound-off: Monster Catfish!

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    On this episode of Monster Fish Soundoff here on Aquatics Euphoria,  Alex and William T will be discussing Monster Catfish! Many of the catfish seen in the fish hobby get huge! We will be discussing these catfish on this show, along with their care requirements and why you should avoid them at all costs. Plus we will discuss what it will take to keep them in an aquarium and much more!

    Species we will be mentioning are: Red Tail Catfish, Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, Oxydoras Niger Catfish, Marbled Pim Catfish, Lima Shovelnose catfish, Electric Catfish, ID Shark catfish, and much more!


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    Aqua Alex and William T Monster Fish Sound-off: Piranhas!

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    On this episode of Monster fish sound-off here on Aquatics Euphoria, Aqua Alex and William T will be discussing perhaps the most common monster fish of all time, the Piranha. Piranhas are very well known all around the world and are very well known in the aquarium  hobby and they are able to adapt to almost any condition.

    Alex and William T will be discussing the states piranhas are illegal in, then we will discuss the many different kinds of Piranhas, we will also discuss how to keep and care for piranhas in the home aquarium. Piranhas are a very neat fish and are one of a few monsters, people can keep in the aquarium hobby if they are legal in the state.

    Feel free to call in at 347-677-1837 dial 1 to join the chat on Piranhas!

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    Monster Fish Monday: Monster Catfish

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    On this show, we are debuting a new series for Mondays! Every Monday we are going to do a show called Monster Fish Monday where we will talk Monster fish! This week, we are going to be talking about Monster catfish! Catfish are a very unqiue fish in the fact that they have whiskers and they can smell things in the water. Some catfish can grow to over 3-4' feet in length while other catfish don't get past 3''. We are going to talk about the MONSTER catfish on this show!!! There are many species of Monster catfish and I am glad to talk about them! Alex is a big fan of catfish, and he loves cats. Notable species for this show include: Megladoras Irwini, Oxyadoras Niger, Red tail catfish, tiger shovelnose, and more! Feel free to call in at 347-989-8142 with any catfish questions, share your favorite monster catfish and why, and more! www.blogtalkradio.com/aqua-alex

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    Aquatic Wetline Special: Monster Fish Hour: River Giants Rehoming Sanctuary!

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    On this special episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex and CrayfishmanJames are very happy to support a good cause. We are going to be supporting a movement in the United Kingdom called the River Giants Rehoming  Sanctuary which is a Monster Fish rehoming facitilly.River Giants rehomes Monster fish in too small of a tank to very large aquariums! The owner of the facitully will be on the show to discuss everything it does and the species they take in. If you have questions, call 347-989-8142!

    About River Giants:

    River Giants are a new, unique and specialist re-homing sanctuary based in Maidstone in Kent. We re-home some amazing, wonderful fish that span the globe.There's something primal that leads people to wonder what's lurking below the surface of any large river. Humans seem to be hardwired to be both fascinated by, and somewhat fearful of, Volkswagen-sized catfish.

    There’s something in the back of everyone’s mind when overlooking a large river, lake or bay. “What’s lurking below the surface?” Grainy images of the Loch Ness Monster feed those thoughts. 

    In the wild, these amazing animals live in remote locations from Australia’s Outback to the steamy jungles of southeast Asia.  You will be thrilled by the prehistoric-looking arapaima, weird-looking wallago, giant freshwater rays and other BIG fish.

    Our fish collection includes rare and exotic Species of all sizes, BIG FISH with BIG APPETITES for BIG TANKS. It's not easy for most people or other "regular" fish keepers to understand why we maintain this type of collection and spare no expense on this fascinating hobby. 

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    Monster Fish - Pacu

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    On Friday September 14th 2012 - 10 PM EST, 9 PM CST, 7 PM PST
    An interesting monster fish episode will be on the Under The Sea Radio Show discussing very close relatives to the Piranha which are known in the industry as Pacu. The term Pacu is a term of Brazilian Indian origin. When the large fishes of the Colossoma genus entered the aquarium trade in the U.S. and other countries, they were erroneously labeled pacu. In the Amazon, the term pacu is reserved to smaller and medium sized fishes in the Metynnis, Mylossoma and Myleus genera. The Colossoma macropomum fish are known as tambaqui, whereas Piaractus brachypomus is known as pirapitinga.
    Check this episode out here


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