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    Mark Boyle 'The Moneyless Man' Interview

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    My interview with Mark Boyle 'The Moneyless Man'. Mark is an author and has lived without money for 3 years. We talk about the predictably collapsing money system which is literally killing people psychologically, physically and spiritually, and the planet we live on, being based on debt, short term greed and fear. We talk about the urgency and emergency that we find a new way to live without money, and find a more sustainable, harmonious way of living and being on the planet, before the negative consequences of decisions and actions that are being made now, without vision and wisdom, become too overwhelming to reverse in the near future. Mark also shares some of his experiences with us.

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    Left Turn & The Dialogue

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    1st hr.-----'Left Turn w/ Stewart Alexander'
    2nd hr-----'The Dialogue'
    Stewart's guest is Brian Stetten, from 'Progress Toward Democracy', right here on Air Amarteifio.
    Stewart and Brian will discuss: "The Global Crisis Among the Super Powers".
    Are you enjoying cheap prices at the gas pump? OPEC is flooding the market with crude oil to weaken the demand for Russian oil; the sanctions are not working. Europe is experiencing a greater financial crisis than in 2008. The Central Banks are calling for more austerity measures on European countries. China, Russia, the U.S., and NATO are preparing for war and the U.S. is committing $1 trillion to update their nuclear arsenal over the next decade.  Sounds like a global crisis? You decide.  Give a call, or come to chat room!!

    We've talked quite a bit on 'The Dialogue' about a moneyless society or moving beyond money to provision humanity. We've talked about permaculture and an abundance economy. For several years now, there have been rumors afoot of a global financial reboot. In the past, one could chart economic "cycles" and make life plans or investment plans to adapt to the changes. Now, it seems, the ship of commerce has run aground and there may not be any "return to normal" as we know it. On 'The Dialogue', we look at signs that significant change in the global financial construct is actually occurring. We look at the IMF vs BRICS, the death of the Petrodollar, the new global trading platforms for precious metals, crypto-currency, etc. Is this just the usual suspects with new tricks or do we have the opportunity to change our value system so that the fate of the majority is not in the hands of the few any longer?  We speak of the movie "Thrive' and the Red Dragon Family---

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    Educate 4 Barter - Thomas H. Greco, Jr.,

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    Thomas H. Greco, Jr., is an independent scholar, author, educator, and community economist, who, for the past 30 years, has been working at the leading edge of transformational restructuring. He is the author of numerous books and articles and is widely regarded as a leading authority on moneyless exchange systems, community currencies, financial innovation, and community economic development, and is a sought after speaker internationally. In recent years, he has traveled widely in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas, lecturing, teaching, and advising. He has been a speaker at numerous conferences and has led many workshops and colloquies in 14 countries.

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    Left Turn and The Dialogue

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    1st hr.-----'Left Turn w/ Stewart Alexander'
    2nd hr.----'The Dialogue'

     X..On 'Left Turn with Stewart Alexander',  writer and political activist Al Suarez will be in.
    Stewart and Al will be discussing: 
    "Gaza, a 21st Century Holocaust".

    X...'The Dialogue' returns with results of our exercise-----each of us talking to someone about a topic we've not broached with them before----Basically talking to a 'stranger' about Living by Using No Money.  See what our results have been so far!
    And, we go on from there!
    Ken Withrow, Karen Patrick, Bret Colin Sheppard and Ruthann Amarteifio ------

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    The Socialist Insight and The Dialogue

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    1st hr.  'The Socialist Isight w/ Stewart Alexander'
    2nd hr.  'The Dialogue'

    X On 'The Socialist Insight', Steven Katz, philosopher, joins Stewart to discuss:
    "Fabricating a Case for War". In this segment of The Socialist Insight, Steven Katz will give a glimpse of the 200 years of conflicts and wars the U.S. has been involved in. They will talk of how the United States has gone from isolationist, to interventionist, to mastering the forces of global imperialism.  Also, how fabricating a case for war with Iraq and Afghanistan has cost millions of lives, has destroyed nations and has cost trillions of dollars.
    You must tune in to this segment to understand how tens of millions of Americans are buying into a global conflict like never seen before.

    X 'The Dialogue' returns with part two of 'The Moneyless Society'----
    What it will be like, and how we will implement it -----
    Thoughts from Ken Withrow, Karen Patrick, Bret Sheppard, Kara-lynne Wilson, Copal, and Ruthann Amarteifio------
    We're putting the pieces together!!

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    The Socialist Insight and The Dialogue

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    1st hr. -----The Socialist Insight w/ Stewart Alexander
    2nd hr. -----The Dialogue---'Tackling Ordinary Issues From Non-ordinary Perspectives'

    X On 'The Socialist Insight', Stewart Alexander is joined by Alan L. Maki, www.thepodunkblog.blogspot.com, political analyst and social activist. 
    The discussion: The Art of Baiting and Switching for Political Capital. 
    Stewart and Alan will discuss how baiting and switching has become the norms in U.S. politics;
    They will also discuss the politic of baiting and switching with healthcare, increasing the minimum wage, jobs, education, senior care, the national debt, war and peace .

    X Tonight's topic on 'The Dialogue'----  
       "The Moneyless Society"
       Ken Withrow, Angel Marrero, Karen Patrick, Bret Sheppard, Ruthann Amarteifio, and Copal bring their different views to the table-------

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    ZM Global - Ep 147 - Esplori

    in Culture

    Federico Pistono joins Ben McLeish on ZM Global to discuss his new efforts to translate all online courseware into every language for free. This venture falls under the title of Esplori, and Federico provides an overview of the various project milestones, the developments in online learning, and what is just around the corner. The episode begins with a brief retrospective of Michael C Ruppert's life in the wake of his recent suicide on April 13th, 2014.

    - Esplori can be found at www.esplori.net

    - Episode Introductory monologue: Stewart Lee on Tax and Class - from the BBC Show Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

    - Extracts of Vice Magazine's 6 Part Documentary "Apocalypse, Man" on Michael C Ruppert's last months before suicide taken from their excellent Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWWdeTERAsc

    Parental guidance: Brief use of explicit language means a PG-13 rating.

    About: ZM Global Radio is a weekly radio show presented by various active coordinators of The Zeitgeist Movement in a rotational fashion.

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    Are You Ready To Grow And Eat Your Own Food?

    in Women

    Communities can live a healthy lifestyle by collective purchasing of land and learning farming in order to become self sufficient. Is it possible to create a nature based lifestyle, using solar energy? Is it possible to create a moneyless society by instituting a "gift" economy where participants freely give and exchange their talents and skills? Chief Carter of the Occonechee Tribe of Virginia explains how he and others are returning to a healthier lifestyle, Can a communal based living spread across the country and eventually transform the way we live?

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    The Repurposing 20/21 Oct 2013

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    The Re-Purposing of THE ONE PEOPLE
    Updates from Chris and Hope Girl currently in Mount Shasta working on the launch of the ultimate crowd sourcing campaign - The Freedom Fund. Updates from Scott Bartle on his east coast speaking tour tour with Ken Bartle and from Rena Iliadis on her projects.
    We then resume our discussion on removal of unneccesary government structures as we progress to a moneyless society.  ===================================== The Shift is here. Once IT IS DONE the planet, it’s entire population and every system we currently use, will be re-purposed for the new paradigm of free will and abundance.
    Join Chris Hales, Hope Girl, Rena Iliades, Scott Bartle and to continue our discussion on the basic properties of New Governance that will truly serve the people.

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    Prosperity Sunday: Clergy, Feed the Souls

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    Clergy, it is my prayer that you feed the souls. Are you ready for the best life you've ever had? Begin to increase the spirit of your congregation. Clergy can get the ball rolling to prosperity. How you ask? Clergy's job is to feed the word of God to mankind. Feed the soul but first feed the belly and ready the man for God's word. With God word, man can do all things! 
    Many clergy have no poverty in their congregation. Praise the Lord! For sure, this is not reason to ignore the poor. There are clergy who stand up for wealth in sermons; public speaking; and at political action committees which is ignoring in itself ignoring the poor. 50K dollars diners while people are hungry because they are moneyless, jobless. Woe to you who intentionally misinterpret Gods words involving the poor. 
    Clergy seek not just the needs of your congregation; all clergy are to have the needs of the poor on their daily to-do-list. Teach all Gods people to prosper day by day based on God's gifts in their lives. Help God's people to prosper with whatever gifts are of your anointing. Admonish worshippers to increase their gifts, thereby prospering as they work in faith daily.

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    Linda in Conversation with Spyke who lives Without Money

    in Self Help

    Linda Joslin in conversation with Spyke who has lived in the UK without money for the last 20 months.  He says "Following most years of my life in the mainstream systems, I came to the conclusion that money was the problem that prevents us from being and realising who we are. Although money does superficially afford us some comforts , it at the same time can cause misery and discomfort to a massive number of the worlds population." 
    Host Linda Joslin  - Universal Awareness - having awareness of everything on this planet and beyond is imperative at this time in our evolution. Universal Awareness radio show will integrate Truth movement, spirituality groups,channellers, Ufo community, Sustainable groups, freeman & sovereignty groups, free energy and other new technologies. and whistleblowers. Universal Awareness is about sharing all of those things and more in order to become who we truly are operating with true knowledge & cohesion and integration of our energy systems. The channelled manuscript that Linda on occasions reads from is now available in paperback. The Book Of Secrets is the second book channelled by Linda Joslin from Higher Beings who are watching over us as dramatic changes occur to our Galactic Space, Our Planet Earth and to Us as we join with what they call the Universal Energy Continuum. 2012 the pivotal year of our evolutionary jump to who we really are! Available on Amazon.com http://amzn.com/1477500405 and http://www.amazon.co.uk/Book-Secrets-Event-Horizon-One/dp/1477500405/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340016179&sr=8-1 read more