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    Weird News, Pop Culture, & The Middle East

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    Hr1 Andrea Nelson joins Joe to cover current events, including those weird news you wont find anywhere.

    The Oscars as a political platform? Maybe they should do a little homework before spouting Liberal talking points.

    How does Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear illuminate the Oscars?

    Judge says a Detroit man must pay $30K in child support for kid who is not his

    Hr2 Why doesn't the FFRF or the AHA sue the President when he says God Bless America? They only pick on schools.

    Major General Paul E. Vallely, US Army (ret) check in with an update on the violence in the Middle East. Where exactly is that coalition of 60 allies that we're supposed to have?

    Dems think that he should be able to ignore federal court rulings and laws. Wouldn't that make us a ruling monarchy?

    Hr3  Atty General Holder says the best way to secure the border is by protecting illegal immigrants. Huh?

    Sally Kohn from CNN wants her child to be gay (like her). It's ok for her to want to push that on her daughter, but it's not ok for Christian to push their child to be straight. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

    Which party supported: abolition, women's voting rights? Republicans. Which party supported Obamacare?

    Why won't people admit that they don't know about something? They just make stuff up! 

    Pro-abortion Sen. David Haley complained about the use of the term “dismemberment” when discussing Kansas law “Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.

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    Is America a democracy in the truest sense of the word???

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    Another Monday...snow on the ground...politics in the air.  America has been called "the greatest example of democracy in the world." One man, one vote!!!  Canadians fashion their government after the people of Great Britain without the monarchy. After all, Canada was once part of Great Britain. Israel, like Canada and Great Britain is a Parliamentarian form of government. When the party in power loses its popularity, the opposing party may call for a "vote of confidence." The result are new elections. However, in the United States, we elect a leader, the President, for a four year term. He or she may serve by the will of the people for  two terms, eight years, at which time new candidates may run for the elected office. American government is an example of the Roman form of democracy or a Republic. Let's get the discussion moving. Call us at 646-595-3275.

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    The History of the House of Saud: The Royal Saudi Family since 1902.

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    Before the modern day reign of the Saudi Royal family which declared its throne in 1932, a young prince  at age 20 wanted to eliminate the Ottoman empire and restore rule of Al Saud who once dominated the region from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf.  He didn’t second guess his rightful birthright in the area.  His name was Abd al-Azia ibn Saud.  He crossed the desert with sixty brothers and cousins to reclaim the land.  He enlisted nomadic Bedouins, local warriors named the Ikhwan who also wanted their own version of a puritan Wahhabi Islamic state.  After the victory in 1902, Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud wanted to kill 1/3 of the army that helped him win, the Ikhwan.  He consulted the religious elite, the ulama, and got approval.  He killed the coalition that enabled him to win.   Since 1932, there has been no royal monarchy but the House of Saud and each subsequent ruler was a brother.  A few turns of betrayal or alliance have tipped the kingdom momentarily but only cost one real life 80 plus years.  Dirty deals with the U.S. have kept them in an interfacing East-West loyalty that may switch up generation to generation.


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    "Table Talk" Study Hour - Episode 42

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    Ray Goodwin and Carolyn Yeager read and comment on the June 28-July 3, 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Henry Picker. Included in this episode:

    The Danube is a German river that needs be under the control of Germany for the "new Europe" to work;
    The welding together of Europe has not been accomplished by statesmen, but by force of arms;
    Hitler says war is the current inspiration for artists, and questions the value of the academies for art training;
    Responsibility of the family for individual members' bad behavior - Japanese are a model;
    A warning about half-castes, that Germany cannot afford to burden its blood-stream with foreign elements;
    Collapse of British domination in Egypt - Hitler correctly predicts their propaganda will downplay it;
    The fall of Sebastopol brings comments on the Turks and Japanese, who are cunning diplomats;
    Hitler compliments the Habsburg monarchy for upholding the Pan-Germanic ideal, and calls Jean d'Arc a great heroine in the cause for freedom.
    As predicted, Britain writes off the loss of Egypt, saying it's a bigger difficulty for the German High Command than for themselves;
    Churchill survives a censure motion in Parliament.

    The edition of Hitler's Table Talk being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here.

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    Welcoming Jeniqua of Monarchy Records to the Leopard Carpet

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    The Australian born singer/songwriter is equally comfortable with R&B, Soul, and Jazz fusion. Her voice blends elements of these genres naturally to create a unique sound where every note exceeds expectations. Jeniqua writes all her songs, straight from the heart and does all her own backing vocals, vocal arrangements, and co-production on her songs.

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    Very Special Guests, Owners and Creators of Pet Monarchy Ltd

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            How Far Would You Go With Your Pet?

    Please join Catherine and Jason as they welcome in their very special guests, Joanna and Coco-Mau who are the owners and creators of Pet Monarchy Ltd   http://petmonarchy.com

    This will be a really fun, informative and interesting show!  We'll be discussing everything from human behavior with our pets, pet behavior, pet fashions and also some fun facts that the hosts and the listeners may not even know! 

    *Giveaway*  One lucky caller/participant will be the recipient of a very special gift, compliments of Pet Monarchy Ltd    http://petmonarchy.com    Be sure to call in, join in the chat room or send a tweet!  

    See you then!

    Catherine and Jason 

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    Truth, Wisdom, Strength, Understanding

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    Speaking on 'demon'ions and 'Real'ms (ether 'gods' 'goddesses' monarchy telepathic, evolution, revolution, raising frequencies and vibration, Kabbalah, chakras [7 and eight to twenty, all the bs) also some more on astrology, soulmates, twin flames on this yet anotha rainy day.

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    The Geopolitics of the Middle East

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    Darrell Castle talks about Geopolitics in the Middle East: the relationship between Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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    We the Anunnaki ~ 10/16/14 ~ Emily Cragg, Glenn Bogue, Janet & Dr. Sasha Lessin

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    We the Anunnaki with hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin, guests Emily Cragg, Glenn Bogue on Thursday, October 16, 2014 on www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio (and later in archives).  Among the many things we'll discuss in this episode we will focus on hierarchy and how did it get inserted into the Anunnaki history and into our modern history that affects humanity to this day.  What conspiracies operate in the Anunnaki regime?  We'll look at British history and when the hierarchy concept took over the British monarchy.  

    More at http://www.aquarianradio.com/2014/10/15/we-the-anunnaki-101614-emily-cragg-glenn-bogue-janet-kira-dr-sasha-lessin/

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    Judicial Activism, Role of Government, and Executive Amnesty (10.22.14)

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    Liberty or death? Is that extremism or a reflection of the deep desire of human beings? Shane Krauser, the host of Liberty Storm, talks about the issues of the day and provides serious solutions. Shane covered the following topics:

    1. What system of government do we live under? Monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, a republic? Why is it important to define our terms anyways?

    2. We often talk about judicial activism. What is it and what do the Federalist Papers say about it?

    3. The Obama Administration quitely put out a bid for millions of "Green Cards" in anticipation of immigration reform. What is going on here?

    Facebook: Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser
    Twitter: Shane Krauser

    Find out more about how to get involved by going to Freedom Fires or Shane Krauser Enterprises.  

    *Please pardon the technical difficulties over the first 20 minutes of the show. 

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    Royal News Round Up: The Queen, Kate, and Politics | RoyaltyNow!

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    Welcome to the show! Today I am rifling through the news to talk about the latest royal happenings.

    On today's show: The royals' ability to be political. Germaine Greer said Kate can't be spontaneous and has to blend into the background, but isn't that what the Queen is expected to do, too? If I had my druthers, she wouldn't. 

    The Duchess' pregnancy and Prince George pap pics - are the Cambridges fighting a losing battle?

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