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    Mompreneurs Taking Bold Action

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    Many women long for the benefits—the flexibility, financial wiggle room, personal fulfillment, and quality family time—of being a mom business owner. But few actually take the bold action and risks to make it happen.

    Jill Christensen is among those few and in this episode she will share how she ACTUALLY got to where mompreneurs long to be.

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    Learning From Other Mompreneurs

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    Who are the people in your life who cheer you on in this mompreneur journery? 

    In this episode Christina will help you take an inventory of the people in your life who are loving you to success and filling in the gaps where necessary.

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    Biblical Mompreneurs

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    Christina suggests the qualities Catholic mompreners should look for in a mentor.  She explores Biblical Mompreneurs and lessons to learn from them. 
    Check out her original blog, "4 Biz and Life Lessons from Biblical Momprenuers" and get your free report, "12 Things You Can Do Today to Earn More Money in Less Time" at http://www.catholicwomensguide.com/moretimeandmoney.

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    Overcoming Fears About Your Business

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    Having fears is a normal part of being a business owner. When you ignore your fears or simply ruminate on them, you stay stuck. You procrastinate and make excuses for taking the next step. It is in those steps that the feedback from God, the world, yourself, and others on what to do next comes.

    In this episode Christina will discuss the different types of mompreneurs and how to work through fears commonly enxountered by mom business owners.

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    Self-Care While Building Your Mom Biz

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    Like in most beginnings, the first few months— or even years— of being a mom business owner are the most challenging. On top of being in charge of your own business, you also have a household to run while trying your best to be present during the most important milestones in your family.

    There are so many things to juggle that it is not surprising one aspect in the life of a mompreneur gets neglected during this phase of building a successful mom business—self-care.

    Our  guest for this episode advocates self-care and expansion of self-love in order to experience the personal and professional life of your dreams.

    A best-selling author and leader in the fields of women empowerment and coaching, Dr Eve Agee will share with us some tips that will surely inspire every mompreneur to create health and wellness on top of a thriving mom business.

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    How to Deal With Learning Curves

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    Are you unconsciously sabotaging your business?

    To upgrade your business and life, you must do things differently, as well as, do things you weren’t doing before. But your unconscious protests, “I can’t do any more. I can’t add any thing else to my plate."

    "Changing is stressful. I don’t want to do it.”

    Making sure you got the message, your unconscious halts activities that makes your business prosper, (and you squirm a little).

    You say, “Make the difficult phone call.” Your subconscious says, “No, let’s work on your website instead.”

    What does your unconscious mind know that you don’t?

    In this episode Christina helps Catholic mompreneurs and wannabe mompreneurs in dealing with learning curves and how to overcome difficulties in starting up a business.

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    Owning Who You Are

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    Most people don’t realize that their journey into entrepreneurship will take them beyond just having a successful business.  The path almost always ends up into a deep investment into personal growth.

    Those who don’t do the inner work often become feel stuck.  Many get blocked from achieving their dreams.

    Our guest today has spent a lifetime discovering and sharing with others the way to live authentically and powerfully both in one’s business and personal life. 

    Cassandra Spears has a colorful past of living in a spiritual community with like-minded individuals interested in living and working communally and with certain values and beliefs.  And today, she continues to stay true to her values by restructuring her life and moving so she can support her aging parents.

    The wisdom of Cassandra can help mompreneurs move past the internal obstacles that are keeping them from what they want most in life.

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    MomBiz Solutions Show for Mompreneurs

    in Moms and Family

    Join Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach and co-founder of MomBiz.com, on Wednesdays at 10 am ET for her 15 minute "audio blog." Get your weekly dose of business coaching for mombiz owners from a straight-talking mompreneur business coach who wants you to succeed on your own terms.

    Lara offers business coaching along with mothering tips, small business marketing strategies, and funny stories about the joys and chaos of being a mom entrepreneur. If you could use a little inspiration, or a guide from a mombiz owner who's "been there, done that," or if you just want to hear from a woman who has learned to laugh off her mistakes and accept her life as perfect (just the way it is), you'll want to tune in every week.

    Lara is an author, speaker and business coach. Hire her or have her speak to your group at www.MomBizCoach.com. Her book, Moms Mean Business: A Guide to Creating a Successful Company and a Happy Life as a Mom Entrepreneur, will be published by Career Press in October. Grab your free MomBiz Toolkit (Time Map, Engagement Marketing Strategy and Simple Business Plan) at www.MomBiz.com! 

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    This Way to Spiritual Direction

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    Some of the questions we often get asked by mothers who aspire to become entrepreneurs are: “How will I know if this is for me?” “Will I still have time for my family?” “I am unsure if this is what I am meant to do.”

    There are many things to consider before you start your mompreneur journey. And if you’ve been and avid listener of Catholic Mompreneurs on Fire, you will recall that aside from the “business” side of mompreneurhood, there are also other things involved like childcare, dealing with distraction while working at home, etc.

    But these are not meant to discourage you from dipping your toes into the water. Establishing a mom business is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. And the road to mompreneurhood can be made bearable if you are guided by your faith.

    In today’s episode Peggy O’Flaherty, founder of Creating Space, talks how having spiritual direction can address life’s everyday challenges—including those you encounter in your mom business.

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    Is Your Baggage Dragging Down Your Business?

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    December is a great time to step back and assess any excess baggage that is draggimng down your business. A perfect time to let go of what isn't serving you and plan, invest and refine what is and will. It's easy to get distracted, but release, focus, and planning can turn your business around.

    In this episode Catholic Mompreneur Coach Christina Weber discusses how .

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    Successfully managing your two loves: your business and your marriage

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    Running a business isn’t a walk in the park. It is doubly challenging for mompreneurs who, on top of managing a business, want to keep their hubbies first.

    Between work and personal responsibilities and caring for kids, it’s not always easy to give our spouses the love and attention they deserve.  

    So how do you exactly mix your two loves—your business or ministry and your marriage life? How do you avoid your husband from feeling that you’ve become more of a business partner than a wife?

    Our guests today can help us with this mompreneur dilemma.

    Yes, guests, because today we are having husband-and-wife team of Manny and Karee Santos. Karee and Manny have been holding marriage preparation and enrichment programs for over a decade now, revealing the Church’s secrets to a happy, holy marriage.  

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