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    Freedom Friday

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    Fear can sometimes have a paralyzing affect on your spiritual life; however, understanding how to overcome fear can unlock the door to unlimited freedom.People often have a very limited, stereotypical perspective on what it means to be free-spirited. If you truly want to be a free spirit, keep the following in mind.Society likes to serve us up a very narrow interpretation of what constitutes a “free-spirit.” Images that immediately come to mind are the globetrotting bohemian, the manic pixie dream girl, the free-wheeling artist, the minimalist philosopher, or the co-op-inhabiting environmentalist. Maybe your vision of free-spiritedness was defined in high school by that tattooed, trilingual, punked-out guy who never failed to remind people of how many countries he’d been to when, really, it was the quiet, dorky girl who spent every lunch break in the library who couldn't care less what you thought about her. Instead of falling into the trap of molding yourself to some predefined role, live your life as a free agent will be discussed today with host Edna J. White. 


    Join us by chat email or phone in.  We'd love to hear from you. 


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    Frank Palangi is rock recording artist currently based in the Upstate NY area. 

    Frank's motto: 
    “I have no plan b on backing down on my dreams.”

    Frank Palangi fuels his own feeding frenzy of contemporary rock. An instant grit and tone surrounds his deep voice molding him recognizable. At the core he is a singer/songwriter pouring his heart and soul into lyrics based around life experiences. From also being a multi-instrumentalist, his creativity, drive, and passion melts into his recordings showing this is what he was born to do. As an independent artist, Palangi is constantly working achieving his dreams. 

    Frank joins Take 2 Radio Music on Wednesday, Nov. 12th at 3pm eastern time for a chat. Hear about his career in music and we'll play some of his music! New single "Falling Too" out Nov. 18th but hear it here first! 

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    Left Turn & The Dialogue

    in Current Events

    1st hr. -----'Left Turn w/ Stewart Alexander'
    2nd hr. ----'The Dialogue'

    On 'Left Turn with Stewart Alexander', Al Suarez, political commentator and social activist, is our guest.
    Stewart and Al will be discussing:
    Is the Love Affair with Obama Over?
    During this hour, also under discussion, will be------- Where did hope and change go wrong?  The Mid-Term Elections, the Republicans controlling the House and Senate and the grand illusion of U.S. politics.

    'The Dialogue'-----Are you an "Experiencer" of an extraterrrestrial encounter? An "Experiencer" can be somebody who has seen a UFO, been an abductee or contactee, has seen orbs, strange lights, heard strange sounds... quite the range of the paranormal. Why is that an important question? It seems of what is wrong with our society is affected by perception. Control of perception, the molding of the "Consensus Reality Show," for it is truly through media and perception control that we are finding a clash of values where there is a devaluation of individual interpretation of human experience given over to "the authorities" or experts to tell us what to think. Karen Christine Patrick shares the discussion with Ruthann Amarteifio and Ken Withrow about an organization for Experiencers called FREE or the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.
    We are joined by Reinerio Hernandez, a co-founder of FREE!!

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    Writing Royalty Radio - "When A Woman's Fed Up......"

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    Topic: "When A Woman's Feed Up......"

    Guest Authors: Tiana Nicole and  Monique Chanae

    Author Tiana Nicole was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she quickly discovered writing was something she could do, and she could do it well. Being given the gift of creating and molding characters for the imagination, she began to shape and mold a writing career of her own. Tiana released her freshman debut novel Deceitful Temptations June 2014 under Dark Berry Publications. Her sophomore novel titled Deceitful Revenge is set to release late 2014, along-side a Dark Berry Publications company Anthology titled The Industry..

    Author Monique Chanae is a Newark, New Jersey native, mother of two and a natural born storyteller. She has had a passion for writing ever since she learned to put pen to pad, beginning her first full length novel the summer of her 8th grade year.

    Her journey into the publishing industry started when she contributed the short story "Heiress" to the When it Rains it Pours anthology alongside authors Shan, YungLit and Dama Cargle in July 2012. Her debut novel "Lighter to My Cigarette" was released in September of the same year. Her next release was a novella entitled "Motives: Everybody's Got One" released in January 2013.Monique is currently working on several different novels, each belonging to an array of genres to entice readers of every kind.


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    Interview with a Mogul, Director Mykel Coleman

    in Movies

    Journey to Legacy is honored to welcome Director Mykel Coleman to the show. Mykel Coleman Studios seeks to be the leading brand of impeccable quality offering inevitable Motion Picture, Television, and Theatrical productions. His company believes in giving opportunities to people who are extremely passionate about their abilities as well as molding individuals with positive attitudes and relentless work ethics to obtain growth and success. Mykel not only directs movies, but owns clothing lines, talk shows, magazines, and more!

    His motto is: “True greatness comes from serving others...if you want to be truly great then serve others.”

    Tune in at 7pm to catch this amazing interview and get inspired on your journey to legacy!


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    the Helios Biblios hour book of the Sun AKA BIBLE

    in Current Events

    The word genesis is derived from genes-of-Isis. The word genius is derived from genes-of-Isis. The original Isis was born a genius by chance. The genesis of her genius wasn't left to chance. The Genesis of Isis dispersed genes-of-Isis throughout the world in a missionary campaign to unite humankind into a peaceful world family. Via that religious campaign to unify humankind, Isis became the ancestral mother of everyone on earth. She became the EarthMother Goddess. We are now a WorldFamily of EarthMother's children. The Genesis of Isis began in Africa. A genius was born in Africa. She was an alien freak amongst her own people. She was born amongst Homo sapiens who had flat foreheads and a single bushy eyebrow without the part at the middle. She was born with a bulging forehead and a parted eyebrow. She was the original Homo sapient sapient with the full forehead and the parted eyebrow. Hundreds of generations of Africans, even down to colonial times, practiced molding the skulls of children into idealized shapes acting in accordance with customs that harkened back to their original genius ancestress. That African genius was a female ancestress of the woman who would later become the Earthmother Goddess, Isis.The genesis of Isis' genius remained a family affair for many generations. Over time, that family gained power in the Blackland kingdom. Eventually, descendants of the African genius conquered UrRea in the Nile Delta. Isis became the mother-of-the-throne goddess. The throne of Egypt passed from generation to generation via the female line of inheritance.

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    Deciphering Relationships

    in Relationships

    September 8, 2014 show topic Deciphering Relationships… were did it go wrong.

    The line up


    When we get married
    Why we marry
    Why the marriage become dysfunctional
    Raising children   

    Siblings: Raising children (what is being taught in the house)
    Parenting: Our parenting is a reflection of our childhood. The picture that was painting for us that now have learned to paint for our children.
    Childhood: parenting does not stop at home,  the community also add some type of shaping and molding of our characters.  Mom, dad, uncle, teachers, day care workers so on and so. 



    We are people and everything we are learning we carry into society
    Economical Development etc...

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    Man Creating His Own Truth

    in Politics Conservative

    So I have a few things on my mind today, and while I will talk about a couple of other things as time allows, I wanted to center on the idea of man molding, shaping, and probably the best word is twisting what is true in scripture to fit his own agenda, and to embrace Christianity or embrace the bible when it's convenient for him.  When he's comfortable with it, in other words.  Or, reinterpreting it to make it comfortable for him. I wanted to touch on 2 or 3 headlines and news stories concerning this, one with the Osteens and one with John Kerry, which could translate to almost any "leading Democrat" at the national level today.  I also plan to comment a little bit about actually some Democrats in Congress now criticizing Obama for not having or not articulating a plan in dealing with ISIS.  I think this could be a very interesting development perhaps even prophetically.  Anyway, that's the gist of the show today at 4:30 Eastern and archived afterward

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    Wednesdays at 11:00 with Anointed Scribe Theresa Harvard Johnson

    in Writing

    Today's topic: Molding Scribes to Lead in the Marketplace and Beyond

    Theresa Harvard Johnson, a poet, spoken word artist, playwright, and artist who often ministers with a team of prophetic scribes creatively to facilitate healing to the broken. She is a nationally trained leader in inner healing with the Living Waters Program of Desert Stream Ministry. She serves as a leader within the Voice of Peace Retreat for adult survivors of child sexual abuse led by the international organization, Voice Today, Inc. With a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, she is completing a Master’s of Divinity in Biblical Studies from Liberty University.

    Theresa’s creative, scribal ministry is rooted in inner healing, Godly character building, affirmation and bringing significance to the lives of others through the prophetic, creative arts. A former award-winning print news reporter with a career spanning more 22 years, she is an active freelance writer, blogger, and the author of The Scribal Anointing® Book Series. She also authored a collection of poetry and spoken word, Thank God for Salvation, and is the co-author of nationally published and distributed workbooks addressing child sexual abuse awareness and prevention including: The Courage to Speak; The Grooming Mystery: Unmasking the Sex Offender; True Intimacy; Pathways to Healing and the soon-to-be-released workbook, Splinters of Shame. Theresa has published blogs and articles, and has been published in Charisma Magazine, Rejoice Atlanta News, The Answer Newspaper, and more.

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    Get DIY projects done & power up the jobsite with A Concord Carpenter

    in Design

    Tool up and get DIY projects done better and faster than ever. See how a pro---a good one, not Joey-Bag-A-Donuts---approaches projects. And, DIYer or pro, check out some cool tool tips that'll keep you working faster and safer than ever.

    Rob Robillard, ace remodeling contractor and creator of A Concord Carpenter, Hangs Out with us to talk DIY projects that work. And little signals your tools might be sending you that things may not be headed in the right direction. And for you seasoned pros, Rob's tips for efficient cutting, measuring and job-getting-done-ing will have you wanting to work on his job sites and read his tool reviews.

    When it comes to tools---and work well done---performance doesn't lie. It doesn't even pull punches. And neither does Rob. "I’m not afraid to give my opinion---never have been. When I do give an opinion about something, I make sure it’s based in fact."

    So give your DIY projects a leg up and look for the little things that can make a pro a lot more money. From outdoor projects to molding and more, hit the switch.

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    Effectively Shaping The Heart & Mind Of Your African- American Son

    in Relationships

    Today on HELP! Relationships102, we unpack more of the shaping tools available to the single mother for effectively molding her African-American son. Your child's future does not have to be left to chance! There are definitive approaches you can use that can potentially make all the difference in his young world!

    Join us as we address this unaddressed issue!

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