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    Why I Hate Washington, DC

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    Free Speech, Obama's free community college, Republicans in the House and Senate - what should they be doing, falling oil prices, oh my!

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    Conservative Religion: Bondage and Discipline of the Spirit

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    Last week, terrorists shot up the offices of a satirical French magazine that has run pieces perceived as being critical of Islam and Mohammad. Conservative Christians have of late returned to their book burning tactics of old, and are themselves far from innocent in the "killing people we can't get to comply" category. Buddhist monks in Myanmar have become violent and attacked Muslims, despite belonging to a tradition that expressly prohibits violence. It's to the point where you almost couldn't blame somebody for thinking that religion does more to increase violence than to work for peace. The problem is that the only way to hold such a belief is to work very hard to ignore the teachings of the founders of the great religious traditions and instead focus only on a subgroup of practitioners of those traditions.

    The problem is that fundamentalists of all stripes care very little about the historic teachings of their tradition and prefer instead to focus on the teachings of modern day leaders who distort the original teachings of their tradition beyond recognition. Why and how that happens - and how such practices feed into the same kind of nonsense on the Atheist side - are the focus of today's program.

  • Mama Mia NO Sharia! with Vito Esposito

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    Happy New Year Radio Jihadists! 

    We'll discuss the days events including this past weekend's Funeral Service for Officer Rafael Ramos. The killer,Ismaaiyl Abdullah-Mohammad, may have had ties to the ISNA - Islamic Society of North America.  Officer Wenjian Liu's funeral has been announced for this coming weekend in Brooklyn.  

    Some NYPD Officers were seen turning their backs on Mayor Bill DeBlasio.  Seems the Mayor is singing a different tune about the police, since the senseless killings.  His campaign and post campaign mantra villifying the NYPD seems to have subsided when reality has set in. How long will that last? 

    Seems as though Palestinians try to pull a fast one at the United Nations trying to circumvent the Israel-Palestinian Peace process.  It appears the Palestinians led by Pres Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan tried going through the UN with a resolution that calls for a timeline for an Israeli withdrawal to the "PRE-1967 Lines".  Yes ladies & gentlemen the "PRE-1967 LINES".  US has REJECTED that offer and RIGHTLY SO!  9 votes are required in the UN Security Council for the resolution to pass. THis is NUTS! 

    We'll also be discussing yet another Malaysian Jetliner is lost.  What is going on with Malaysian airlines?  

    Mama Mia NO Sharia! 

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    Part 3-The Community of Self - Dr Na'im Akbar-Clinical Psychologist

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     After a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri voted not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown and the protesting that followed we decided that revisiting Dr.Na’im Akbar’s book, The Community of Self,would be in order.

    "The Community of Self talks about yourself, myself and ourselves.The context is the African-American experience, not to reduce the generalizability of the concepts to one group of people, but because this is my cultural context.The African-American experience stands as one of the strongest examples of high human principles being able to endure despite environments of extreme opposition,and there is instruction in what we can offer the world about being human.Because of the seriousness of the assault on the African-American,our situation is also precarious. We need the attention of our thinkers for ourselves.  

    We need to restore our communities and to understand and develop our communities of self.We need assistance in correction some serious problems in our psychology,our education, our economics, our families and our religious thinking.The Community of Self is intended to provoke thought and action.It is intended to stimulate an improved understanding of who we are,what we are and our potential to be something valuable to the world as we have been before and are destined to be again." Dr.Na'Im Akbar Na'im Akbar,Ph.D.is a Clinical Psychologist at Florida State University.He is a prominent lecturer, author and recognized expert on the Psychology of Africans Americans.A graduate of the University of Michigan,Dr Akbar has served as a professor of psychology at Morehouse College and at Norfolk State University.

    Community of Self is Akbar's fifth book related to the issue of a holistic human psychology and an increased understanding of the African-American experience from an Islamic and an Afrocentric perspective.

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    UGP Radio #316 A Look Into The Mythos Of Muslim Inevatibility

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    There is a mythos today that the Mohammedans are going to win, that it is inevitable. So let’s just roll over and give up. 


    Tonight’s show will explore why we have more than 15 years to deal with the problem that is the cult of Mohammad.  This is a number often presented as an explanation to our doom.  Therefore, we will look at this and see if it hold true or if a counter argument may have greater weight…

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    Writing Royalty Radio: "From Boys To Men...."

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    Topic:  "From Boys To Men...."

    Guest Authors: Itchie- Mu and Byron Carey

    Author Byron Carey is a reformed drug distributer that served a ten year federal prison sentence was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He has transformed his way back into society as a truck driver and author. He was an outstanding basketball player that worked his way into the USBL basketball league in 2002. He attended Alvin Community College where he holds an Associates in Business Administration. He is the author of Nowhere 2 Turn with several more to come in the future. 

    Author Mohammed “Itchie-Mu” Anwo is an urban fiction author and the co-founder of Street Dedication Publishing which he started with his co-partner Hakeem Fleming. The first of six siblings, he quickly became involved with the streets at the age of 14, when his father, Mohammed Sr. was deported back to Africa due to a narcotic conviction. Author Itchie-Mu served 22 yrs of his life in prison, while sitting in his cell the last time he took a close and deep look into himself and he hated what he saw. Mohammad began reading novels to pass time, and then he came across a book called “How to Write Novels and Screenplays” and was instantly inspired. He began writing novels to both escape his reality and became good at it, at the same time, he vowed that once released he would never return. Author Mohammad “Itchie-Mu” Anwo is currently working on a host of novels and screenplays and looking forward to working with other authors with the hope of turning their novels into screenplays as well.

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    Obama's America supports Hamas

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      Under President Barack Obama, the US foreign policy has been anything but pro-Israel. Liberal Egyptians [not merely "redneck" tea-Party people] have called out Obama as a Muslim Brotherhood stooge over his one-sided support of Mohammad Morsi and his Muslim Botherhood regime. The leftist paper the Haaretz [which includes "wonderful" anti-Israel self-hating Jews like Gideon Levy and Amira Hass, the latter of whom justified stone throwing against Israelis as writers for their toilet paper rag] has come out with an article bashing Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon for daring to stand up to the leftist Obama regime and their anti-Israel foreign policy. Haaretz blasted Yalaon for calling Kerry "messianic and obsessive", but forgets that Kerry claimed that Israel was heading toward being an Apartheid state. The likes of Haaretz and the international far-left love to play up with any crisis [that is when the left is not trying to convince Jews that Obama is pro-Israel] and then blame Israel. Far-leftists came out with the false allegation that Benjamin Netnayahu's Government wanted Romney to win. Yet the Netanyahu Government in Israel tried to say that everything was going smoothly with the US in front of the international community. But it's clear that the US indirectly supports Hamas. The US, under Obama, continues to support Qatar, the main backer of Hamas, as well as two other Hamas supporters: Jordan and Erdogan's Turkey. Not only that, but according to a leaked transcript, during the 2014 Gaza War, Obama demanded that Netanyahu accepts a unilateral cease fire mediated by Hamas supporting terrorist nations of Erdogan's Turkey and Qatar. Tune in, as I discuss this issue.

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    New Bollywood star Mohammad Ali Shah-Dr.Afshan Hashmi

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    New Bollywood Star and sensation who has acted in new Hindi blockbuster film Haider :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haider_(film)


    Dr Afshan Hashmi


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    The Zoabi Family: A Testament to how Israeli democracy favors Israel's enemies

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     Haneen Zoabi is a notorious example of a terrorist apologist sitting in Israel's parliament [Knesset] with Israeli guards. She recently said that the kidnappers of the Yeshiva students were not terrorists. While she freely sits in the Knesset supporting terrorism [with guards protecting her, which is the irony, as you'll see below], her relative Mohammad Zoabi [May Hashem bless his soul], a courageous heroic Israeli Arab Muslim who said the truth about Israel, received death threats from Arab and Muslim extremists for daring to love Israel. Mohammad Zoabi even went in hiding and, on September 29, was forced to flee just for being a heroic pro-Israel Arab Muslim Zionist and just for appreciating the freedom he has in Israel. I'll talk about how this one family shows that Israeli "democracy" can actually favor Israel's enemies. Even in Israel, Arab and Muslim supporters of the Jewish state aren't always safe.

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    ISIS, Something you might know.

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         ISIS made a direct threat to AMERICAN MILITARY AND THEIR FAMILIES recently. They MUST have their BURKA'S a little too tight to even remotely make a THREAT at AMERICA'S SONS AND DAUGHTERS who keep us free.  I guess all that HIDING BEHING MUSLIM WOMAN AND CHILDREN must make them think they are MEN. MEN don't beat woman like PIG MUSLIMS do, MEN DON'T MOLEST CHILDREN LIKE ISIS and MOHAMMAD DOES.



    Dierks Sterling.


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    Mama Mia NO Sharia! with Vito Esposito

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    Join us this evening at 6pm est

    We'll be discussing ISIS latest hostage beheading - what would Mohammad do?  Exactly what the Islamic State is doing!

    Update on Rayhaneh Jabbari - Iranian women sentenced to death by hanging for stabbing her rapist! The rapist died and now Rayhaneh must die.  Who really is the victim?  Islam proclaims they have women rights. Really? Tell that to Ms. Jabbari as she prepares for her death on October 8th!

    We will be discussing the Ebola pandemic and the negligence of the President & his administration to protect America and Americans. Does Obama possess the Ability to Preserve, to Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States as his oath of office commands?  We'll also discuss Dr. Michael Savage's comments on the Ebola virus!

    Phone lines will be open to accept your comments and questions!

    Mama Mia NO Sharia!


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