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  • Author, Miranda Parker

    in Books

    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    ABC"s Modern Family Star Brooke Sorenson

    in Education

    The Total Tutor will interview Brooke Sorenson.

    Sorenson, who got her start doing local community theater, spent time in her hometown being part of professional theater companies as well as working in commercials and voice-over projects. She continued to challenge herself and spent summers auditioning for Broadway as well as studying acting, voice, and dance in New York City before moving to Los Angeles at the age of twelve to pursue a career in television and film.

    Sorenson’s hard work and dedication shined through, and eighteen months after moving to the west coast she booked the lead role on a FOX pilot, “The Gabriels” with Angela Kinsey (“The Office), Tim Meadows (“Mean Girls”), and Rob Riggle (“The Hangover”). Soon after, she booked the role of ‘Heidi’ on Disney XD’s “Kickin It.

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    Success Freaks #137 - “Modern Family”

    in Motivation

    With so many different lifestyles coming at us lately, what we consider family has changed from “Leave It to Beaver” into “Modern Family.”  Though caricatures of real life, these shows represent real-life relationships that are happening all around us.  This episode, Mordant & McFall discuss what it means to move from intolerance to indifference to tolerance all the way over to acceptance of people and lifestyles that are different than our own.

    Join your Success Freaks as they chat with stars from the upcoming web series “My Two Black Girlfriends.”  Together they discuss their experiences with intolerance, differing family dynamics in today’s society, and creating a web series that crosses some many lines & barriers.  For those of you still growing up in a “Brady Bunch” world - where even actor Robert Reed (aka Mike Brady) would not be welcome - this is yet another opportunity to broaden your horizons from the safety of your living room or wherever you might listen to “Fenómenos de Éxito” or “Success Freaks.”  Enjoy!

    Episode Segments:

    Intro Quincy & Brian of “My Two Black Girlfriends”
    The Family Dynamic of your Work/Hobby
    Moving Past Tolerance into Acceptance
    Super Bowl Commercial Controversies vs. the American Melting Pot


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    The Joys and Pains of Adoption in a Modern Family

    in Family

    Master Burnett Stops By the FreshStart Studio to Chat about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adoption in Today's World

    Master Burnett is a seasoned business professional as the Director of Strategy at Brave New Talent.  Life seemed pretty near perfect. He and his partner, recently married, wanted to share their love with a child and expand their family. 

    Enter adoption.  

    Master will share with us the ups and downs, heartbreaks and joys of adoption and how the fear and anxiety can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there is a happy beginning for Master and his family.  Join us for an insightful conversation about modern families...


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    **Big Thanks to Miles Arnell and Playing For Change for their musical contributions to this project.


  • Actor Semi Anthony talks Modern Family, The Butchers on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Entertainment

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes actor Semi Anthony to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his love of the craft and what it's been like to go from roles on comedies like MODERN FAMILY to suspense films like THE BUTCHERS.

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    Kid Ministry & the Modern Family!

    in Religion

    Join Tom & Ron for the First KMC show of 2014!

    We are talking about Kid Ministry & the Modern Family!  Ozzie & Harriet? The Brady Bunch? The Ozborns? The Simpsons?  What does "Family" look like in 2014 and how do we as the Church best minister to them?  Join us for a great episode!

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    The Modern Family Unit.

    in Family

    We will be discussing the definition of a modern family and take a look at how the idea of family has changed over the years. How does society see them? How do they measure up to traditional families? Great show with lots of views and opinions! TUNE IN!

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    Kidmin1124 - Ministering to the Modern Family

    in Religion

    Join Wayne Stocks as he welcomes a very special guest - Ms. Amy Dolan from LemonLimeKids.com to talk about Ministering to the Modern Family.  Join us as we talk about how your church, and your ministry, can become a more welcoming place for children from divorced homes, children living with gay parents, children living with grandparents and children from other types of non-traditional families.  As the numbers of these kids continues to increase, we need to be in a position to minister to them and their families.

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    The Family and The Sea Movie out to beat Harry Potter!

    in Film

    The Family and The Sea is an independent G rated True life seagoing tale of a self made millionare who rejected sociaty and took his family to sea ... for 25 years. This radio show series will describe and promote the movie(s) while at the same time answer questions from fans, actors and interested persons. A radicle deprture from customary Hollywood type productions, we feature off the shelf Samsung Wi Fi video cameras exclusivly. Other unique features include, on line casting,audition, editing, promotion and ditribution. We also have a unique profit sharing system where all the actor, exras, staff and crew participate. This flys in the face of conventional feature films often requiring all participants to work for free  Details on thee podcasts and on www.thefamilyandthesea.com

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    Family Relationships: It's Not Too Late to Reboot

    in Religion

    Episode: 20150425

    A 90-minute episode

    On this edition of Cross Encounters Radio.....

    1. Tony travelled to Butler, PA (30-40 minutes north of Pittsburgh), with his three younger sisters. Butler is where Tony's generation of Miano children were born. Tony will share some deeply personal details about the trip, which was the first time in more than 40 years Tony and his sisters have returned together to Butler. Tony learned, and he saw firsthand, that it is not too late to reboot family relationships.

    2. "And the Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth, and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will" (2 Timothy 2:24-26).

    The above passage of Scripture includes a series of imperative, governing principles for life on and off "the box." Tony, Richard, and Chris will discuss what they are and how important they are today, especially in a world driven by social media and other forms of impersonal, personal communication.

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    A Theory of Parenting - Tribeca Family Festival

    in Film

    April 25, 2015


    Welcome to A Theory of Parenting on blogtalkradio.com

    My name is Tammi Joyner

    I am your Host for the Show

    Today we are reporting on The Tribeca Family Festival  between Chambers and Hubert Street

    The festival is free for all ages

    Website Info: www.tribecafilm.com

    The event last from 10am to 6pm 

    The blurb say: Celebrate the close of the Tribeca Film Festival at this Family Street Fair.

    You'll have the chance to see special performances from an Off-Broadway show on the Festival Stage, attend free screenings, participate in high tech activity stations and animation demo's in addition to enjoying food and face painting stations.

    The schedule is TBA, but previous years highlights have included live chef demo's from local restaurants and film making workshops, a bubble garden, and a book fair, where young readers can browse titles and enjoy readings.