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  • I'm In Love With A Pregnant Lady But The Baby Is Not Mine!

    in Relationships

    Blended families are tough to work with as we have seen in one of our previous shows. 

    This, however is a totally new dynamic and the question the writer has is "Will this relationship work out?"

    Join us on Tuesday night as we discuss the pros and cons of this seemingly precarious situation. 

    8:30pm folks!!! We all could learn a thing or two!

  • 02:01

    Abuse: The Human Trafficking Angle With BUKOLA ORIOLA.

    in Relationships

    We have touched on the Abuse in so many spheres on our shows but never in this way!!!

    This next show promises to be very enlightening as we would be having join us a former victim and advocate for abused folks in the person of BUKOLA ORIOLA. She has lived the sordid life and now lives to tell her story as she educates the masses on this heinous act of Human Trafficking not many people are open to or even willing to talk about. 

    We are very excited to have her join us, so make ita point to be a part of the show as well next Tuesday! We all could learn a thing or 2! 

  • 02:01

    The Struggle Is Real (Part II): What Do Naija Men Want In A Wifey???

    in Relationships

    Last week we dealt with the ladies. This time around, we'll delve in to find out what a Nigerian Man wants in his Wife. 

    What qualities makes a lady a Wifey Material to our men folk?

    How do they go about on this search?

    What Qualifies or Disqualifies a Wife material? 

    I am particularly interested as a female so join me and the crew Tuesday night at 8pm Central time and let's swap tales ??

    Ps: Yes, I'm pimping my Bro! ??

  • 01:56

    The Struggle Is Real: Searching For A Quality Naija Hubby!!!

    in Relationships

     As in!!!! The struggle is real yo!!!

    We are not just talking Naija men are scarce, NO!!! We're talking quality dudes!! A dude with an awesome job, correct credit, classy bloke, healthy a God lover, compassionate, passionate, romantic, selfless, generous, kind, caring, lover of kids.....the list goes on jare!!! 

    Ok so these are my own quantifiers of a "Quality Naija Chap" lol...

    This Tuesday, we will be looking at what makes a man a "Quality Husband Specimen" and truly if they are scarce? Maybe we're just looking in the wrong places and we've been jaded for so long and just don't know how to search or be sought out properly. 

    Join us at 8:30pm Let's swap tales! 

  • 02:00

    50 Shades Of Grey: The Nigerian Perspective

    in Relationships





    Hands raised up for those who read or watched the book/movie! 

    Anyhoo... It's another confessional night on the show come Tuesday at 8:30pm Central time. 

    Would you sign a contract as you enter into a relationship to keep all your knowledge and experience of said relationship a secret? 

    Would you allow yourself to be whipped just so you can say you've experienced something weird in a relationship/marriage? 

    Seriously, did this book/movie get Naija folks any more curious??? Hmmm...

    Btw...the movie was banned in Naija after one week of viewing!!! 

    Come share your thoughts and and opinions on this topic..

    Let's swap tales ????


  • 01:48

    5PM PST Live YouTube Communion Service & Breaking News World Headlines

    in News

    Join me this evening as we participate in Holy Communion (be sure to have your elements: grape juice (or other juice) and cracker) and then join me as we discuss Breaking News World Headlines MATCHING Bible Prophecy!
    - Dow falls almost -360 points and S&P and DOW has worst day of year!
    - Rocket Fire from Syria into Israel
    - ISIS claims massive explosive in Cairo, Egypt
    - Greece Prime Minister Alex Tsipras quits and calls early polls!
    - North and South Korea exchange rocket fire
    - Over 200 rare birds found dead in downtown Tulsa, OK
    - Pastor Jim Staley gets seven years in prison for $3.3 million fraud
    - Venezuelans get "marked" with numbers to stand in line at supermarkets
    and more!
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  • Missouri Wines: Worth Another Taste with Vox Vineyard's Jerry Eisterhold

    in Entrepreneur

    Most wine lovers are familiar with European varietals such as Cabernet, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Riesling or Pinot Noir, but these wines come from only one of the world’s many grape species. With its climatic diversity, North America is home to a large number of indigenous grape species whose wine-making potential is untapped. On this episode of Smart Companies KC discover why Vox Vineyards celebrates the remarkable diversity and how they are raising awareness of our native grapes.

    Vox Vineyards sits above the Missouri river valley with a warm climate that is ideal for growing grapes.  Owner/founder Jerry Eisterhold, a Missouri farm boy, grew up surrounded by wild grapes in upstream from Hermann, MO. Vox Vineyards grew out of Jerry’s desire to explore the entire winemaking process from grape growing through fermentation to drinking

    Vox Vineyards is located north of Kansas City near KCI airport. Tours & events can be scheduled by contacting them at info@voxvineyards.com

    To hear more shows hosted by Kelly Scanlon visit our archives


  • Wine Talk with Marcia

    in Self Help

    Let’s talk careers.  We’re going to take you through a comprehensive guide to a career in the wine industry.  Through extensive and continued research, Urban Connoisseurs has found over 40 Black owned wineries and/or winemakers. In this research, we’ve also happened upon many African Americans who have wonderful careers within the wine industry. These include Sommeliers, critics, technicians, etc. We’ve also discovered some have ventured into partnership or ownership business. They may not ever touch a grape, but have discovered the value of ownership in the ever growing industry.  Ready to do what you want the way you want? Start living your passion today!

  • 02:03

    I "Un-Invited" My Family From Attending My Wedding!!!

    in Relationships

    What would you do if you are this lady? Her wedding/marriage dilemma with her family  just has my jaw dropping! Me, I know what I'll do sha??  join us at 8:30pm Central time as we chat!  www.blogtalkradio.com/mobysugarscroonings 914 338 0831 call and join our convo! 


    Lady and her Fiancé live in the states, been planning her wedding since her engagement last fall. Sending money to her family to get things in order for the wedding as it would take place in Nigeria and her family resides there. Now the thing here is, this is her "Step-Family" Step Mum and Half Sister. 


    So..... ol' Girl reach Naija only to find out.... All the money she and beau have been sending is spent! No wedding plans or anything to that effect! And they can't account for how the monies was spent! Her wedding is next week!! 


    She so far has "uninvited" her step family and they are now calling her names, saying she is selfish, stingy and inconsiderate for not sending enough money to them. 


    Should she call the wedding off? Postpone, start from scratch? She has only 1 week now!


    Story culled from www.nigerianweddingblog.com

    The pictures used have no attachment to the story in anyway. All Google stock.

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    Runs Chic, Finds Potential Hubby, Should She Share Her Past With Him?

    in Relationships

    My past is not something I'm particularly proud of. I have done some things I'm so not proud of. Back in college I was one of those girls that did "runs". It  started as a way to augment what my parents gave me and it later blew up to become a life style.

    To the extent that  people knew I was "Animashaun" but to be quite honest, it didn't bother me then because I had a nice car, clothes and lots of money to complement the work that most of my mates didn't have.

    After college, I met a couple of guys that got serious but somehow they always seem to find out my past and then quit the relationship.

    So I decided to move to America to change environment. It's been tough but I finally met a guy that loves me to bits and wants to settle. He is Nigerian and has contacts in Nigeria and alsowent to college there so it's only a matter of time before he finds out about my past.

    Should I lay it all down on the table for him before he finds out himself?


    Disclaimer: None of the images used depict personally attached stories. All images are Google stock.