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    Writing Royalty Radio- "Hell Up in Harlem"

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    "Hell Up in Harlem"

    Guest Authors:  Azie Faison

    Azie (pronounced "AZ") Faison Jr. was born in the Bronx, New York on November 10, 1964.His family relocated to the famed Sugar Hill section of Harlem, New York.While childhood friend Rich Porter began dealing drugs as early as 12 years old, Faison - a ninth-grade dropout - worked in a neighborhood dry cleaners. A Dominican cocaine supplier approached Azie about selling the drug. By the time he turned 19, Faison became a cocaine wholesaler of sorts in his Harlem district.In 1987, an attempt to rob Faison's stash house left 3 people dead and 3 seriously injured. He himself was shot nine times in the robbery attempt, but survived and left the drug game to embark on a mission to disavow his former life and steer youth away from the path he once chose. In 1989, he formed a rap group called MobStyle and released a solo album in 1991. Following the murders of his friend Rich Porter and his little brother Donnell Porter in 1990, Faison began working on a movie about his life which eventually became Paid in Full, which debuted in 2002. He also teamed up with street documentarian Troy Reed to produce the much-acclaimed documentary about his life called Game Over

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    Robbie The Rummy Show W/Bukshot

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    tonight you'll be getting an excluvie interview from Underground Avengers and Mobstyle Music's onw Bukshot as he talks about his upcoming EP "Helter Skelter" . his upcoming tour and more

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    Interview with Former Harlem Hustler Azie Faison

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    Brother Agyei interviews Azie Faison, former Harlem Cocaine Kingpin, author,  and rap artist. The street classic movie "Paid in Full" was based on his life. He formed the legendary rap group "Mobstyle" in the 80s. He along with Brother Agyei wrote his Essence Bestselling memoir, "Game Over: The Rise and Transformation of a Harlem Hustler" in 2007. Azie was recently featured on the nationally televised VH1 special, "Planet Rock: The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Generation." Tune in and listen to Azie tell the truth about the drug game in America, the role he played in it, and why he now devotes his life to steering youth away from his former lifestyle. You have to hear his story to believe it! Feel free to call in with questions and comments....