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    Holiday Travel Made Easy with Mobile Apps

    in Technology

    In this episode of Mobile Insights Radio with Peter Biddle, listeners will learn how to travel easy this holiday season with mobile apps that  streamline and improve the travel experience.
    Peter will be joined by ReeD Martin, Director of Design & User Experience at Mobiata, a startup acquired by Expedia in 2010,  to discuss mobile apps, and tips and tricks for travelers this holiday season.
    MashUp Radio with Peter Biddle is an online radio program that brings together a variety of perspectives to discuss the fusion of technology, life, culture and science and is hosted by Peter Biddle, an Intel engineer and executive.

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    Mobile Security Is A Love-Hate Relationship

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    Caleb Barlow, dives further into the recent findings made by IBM Security --  60% of dating apps are easily hackable. Discover the "love connection" between IBM Security solutions and a more secure mobile world.  Additional perspectives provided by Diana Kelley and Michael Montecillo.  Read the full report at http://securityintelligence.com/datingapps/ 

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    A Practical Mobile Security Attack against VDI Solutions

    in Software

    As a precursor to Lacoon Mobile Security's upcoming presentation at Blackhat 2014, we interivew Daniel Brodie, a Sr. Security Researcher at Lacoon to discuss some of the vulnerabilities that exist in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) frameworks, as well as provide some insights into the implications of using VDI in your enterprise.


    Daniel explains how while VDI solutions are certainly a beneficial tool to protect enterprises against device theft, they don’t provide protection against targeted threats such as mobile Remote Access Trojans (mRATs) and Man-in-the-Middle. In fact, as he shows in the research, threats against the underlying VDI platform are fairly easy to carry out by using widely-distributed free tools.

    The podcast goes over the main topics that he’ll present at Blackhat, including the methods of research, potential threats and best practices that enterprises should follow.

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    Dr. Sundardas Annamalay on Expert Insights Radio!

    in Self Help

    3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 646-727-1711)

    Viki Winterton interviews Dr. Sundardas Annamalay!

    Dr. Sundardas D. Annamalay is the leading Naturopathic Physician practicing for the last 25 years in Singapore. His clinical interests include children's learning disabilities (ADD/ADHD, Autism, Infections), Allergies, Women's Health Concerns, Musculoskeletal Pain and Healthy Aging.

    He is currently Professor of Naturopathic Medicine to the Youngson Institute of Natural Science (Australia) and runs a busy practice in Singapore.


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    in Spirituality

    Start your week of with Prayer, Insights and Inspiriations from the Daily Guidance from Spirit Triology, as well as an inspirational poem. 

    For more Insights and Inspirations visit www.SuziHendricks.com

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    Paul Lawrence Vann on Expert Insights Radio!

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    3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 646-727-1711)

    Viki Winterton interviews Paul Lawrence Vann!

    Paul Lawrence Vann is a Certified Expense Reduction Consultant (CERC) with M.S. Acquisition & Procurement; M.A. Business Management; and B.A. Business Administration. He is President and Founder of Wealth Building Academy, LLC. Paul has over 34 years of financial expertise to include financial management, cost analysis, budget analysis and expense reduction expertise.

    Today Paul works with small to midsize businesses to assist them in understanding how to identify savings, they’re not aware in order to improve their bottom line. While a United States Air Force (USAF) military officer he saved taxpayers $3.6 billion dollars by leading his team to analyze and cancel a major acquisition program.

    After leaving the military, Paul started his motivational speaking business, is author of the book, Living on Higher Ground and delivers business coaching, expense reduction consulting, and is host of The Wealthy Speaker Talk Radio Show. Paul shares his voyage from abject poverty to his vision for success.


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    Brandy Faith Weld on Expert Insights Radio!

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    3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 646-727-1711)

    Viki Winterton interviews Brandy Faith Weld!

    Brandy Faith Weld is an Agent for Healing and Change. She has been involved in neuro-science and personal development work for over 25 years. She has led individuals and organizations in Peak Performance Development and has designed and taught transformational courses around the world. 

    Her real awareness and true transformation came after she hit rock bottom and had a Near Death Experience. She returned back from the other side with a mission and a blue print to stop the human suffering that gets passed down from generation to generation and to liberate people from the patterns that have confined them. 


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    Susanne Whited on Expert Insights Radio!

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    3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 646-727-1711)

    Viki Winterton interviews Susanne Whited!

    Although she was paralyzed in an automobile accident as a young mother, disabled is not a word you would use to describe Susanne Whited. She has a can-do attitude that propels her to take on challenges such as coaching children’s soccer from a wheelchair and starting her own business after losing a job she loved.

    Susanne is passionate about inspiring small business owners to pause for a moment to fully design their dream business model and then she guides them on the journey to realize their business vision.

    Based in Colorado, Susanne is a frequent guest on radio and television programs. She has been featured on podcasts and other expert interview venues and she regularly addresses groups as an inspirational speaker and marketing “How to” strategist.


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    Nancy Michaels & Neil Wood on Expert Insights Radio!

    in Self Help

    3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 646-727-1711)

    Viki Winterton interviews Nancy Michaels & Neil Wood!

    During the past 20 years, Nancy Michaels has developed consulting and coaching programs to create unique marketing and sales propositions for satisfied clients. As CEO of her business, Grow Your Business Network, she created a process to attract and retain valuable customers, focusing on brand loyalty and the generation of new clientele to ignite quick results.

    Nancy is the author of six books including, Stripped! 49 Life Lessons Learned from Dying, which chronicles her own personal story of love, marriage, separation, illness, and divorce. Nancy believes that business is about relationships and she used that principle to reinvent herself, both professionally and personally, leading to her ultimate triumph through incredible challenges. She developed websites on how to navigate the post-40 dating world, penned an article for More.com, produced online videos and hosted webinars — attracting callers from around the world.

    Neil Wood is a professional speaker, a best-selling author of two books in 2014 and a certified Sales Trainer who has given more than 5,000 presentations. In the last ten years, he has spoken to more than 14,000 people. In February 2014, he co-authored and published Dating Success After 40, to help single, divorced or widowed people begin a new romantic chapter in life.

    Nancy Michaels and Neil had great success with the online dating sites, such as Match.com, so they share their sales and marketing advice and success stories to help others find similar success.



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    Zeina Ghossoub on Expert Insights Radio!

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    3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 646-727-1711)

    Viki Winterton interviews Zeina Ghossoub!

    Zeina Ghossoub el-Aswad is the founder, owner, head clinical dietician, a Personal, Wellness and Executive Coach, and a PCC (Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation) at Vie Saine. In French, Vie Saine means “healthy life.” It’s a health center like none other. It was developed in March of 2000, and since then it has continually grown and diversified to offer the most incredible services possible.

    The basic philosophy is, “Together we can make a difference.”  No other center stresses this point as Zeina’s does. She believes that the approach to any problem, medical condition, or issue is a team effort. It’s a combination of your input, her experience, and that of her team. It takes your effort and her guidance to help you to achieve your goals and objectives.


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    PODCAST: Insights into 2014 Mobile Malware Report

    in News

    Welcome to the Federal Blue Print podcast series. Using tools from Blue Coat’s comprehensive security portfolio and data gathered from over 75 million users around the world, the 2014 Mobile Malware Report provides a comprehensive overview of the state of malware and what we can do to mitigate its effects.

    Today, we are speaking with Sasi Murthy, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Blue Coat Systems, who is going to share more insights into this report.

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