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    Unflod Baby Panda - iOS 7 Mobile Malware Can Steal Apple IDs

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    In this Lacoon Mobile Security Podcast series, Dan Koretsky, Sr Security Researcher and Strategist discusses the new strain of iOS mobile malware called "Unflod Baby Panda." Listen to learn more about this new mobile security malware, how a device can be infected and how to mitigate and remove the malware from your device. 

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    Is Android Fragmentation making the OS as fragile as glass?

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    What is Android fragmentation and how does it affect the mobile security of the Android-based devices? In this Mobile Security Talk episode, Dan Koretsky, sr. security researcher at Lacoon Security, provides us a brief overview of Android fragmentation and its security implications. 

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    WireLurker - Implications to Enterprise Mobile Security

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    Earlier today a new form of malware was disclosed that is targeting iOS devices.  Our team found this particularly interesting as this highly sophisticated malware reportely can impact devices that are not jailbroken, it leverages rogue variants of popular applications and the malware uses code obfuscation to protect itself while taking advantage of mobile applications that are not obfuscated.

    We have quickly assembled a team of experts to talk about what we know about this new form of malware and the potential enterprise mobile security implications.

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    Mobile Security Is A Love-Hate Relationship

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    Caleb Barlow, dives further into the recent findings made by IBM Security --  60% of dating apps are easily hackable. Discover the "love connection" between IBM Security solutions and a more secure mobile world.  Additional perspectives provided by Diana Kelley and Michael Montecillo.  Read the full report at http://securityintelligence.com/datingapps/ 

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    Are Malicious Configuration Profiles iOS' Achilles Heel?

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    The Lacoon Mobile Security Research team has been doing ongoing research into the subject of Malicious iOS Configuration Profiles for quite some time. To share this research, we are interviewing one of the senior security researchers at Lacoon Mobile Security, Dan Koretsky. We asked Dan to give some background data on iOS configuration profiles as well as discuss the potential threats to enterprises. Dan also provides us with methods that enterprises can take to mitigate the threats posed by malicious iOS configuration profiles.

    iOS Configuration Profiles are small files that can be installed on all iOS devices. They are essentially instruction and permission lists that can alter many settings, including network configurations and security settings. They’re used by everyone - from cell providers for their releasing their settings to thousands of enterprises for managing devices accessing the corporate network .

    Their use is officially approved by Apple and there is nothing innately malicious about any given profile. But, if implemented by threat actors, iOS configuration profiles can enable them to obtain usernames and passwords as well as allow access to secure corporate networks and private communications.  


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    Translating Mobile Security Strategy into Action

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    In this podcast Caleb talks with mobile security guru Vijay Dheap about how to take a holistic approach to deploying mobile security solutions that safeguard the operational priorities of the business.

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    Food Security with Farid Shakir et al

    in Lifestyle

    Interview with Farid Shakir of New Africa Halal Productions farm regarding the topic of food security.  

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    EPISODE #19: Former CIA station chief and Israeli security/intel expert

    in Current Events


    UNREDACTED with Rachel Marsden: Lifting the black ink to reveal the covert information and intelligence around global events.

    Details about today's guests: www.unredactedshow.com/vault.html

    Show website: www.unredactedshow.com


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    Jonathan Peterson of AARP shares information on Social Security

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    Suggested Intro and Questions:

    Social Security is the foundation of financial well being for millions of people in retirement. Yet, for all its importance, the program can be a complicated maze. People often wonder whether they’re eligible, how much of a benefit they may receive, when they should start collecting and whether Social Security will be there when they need it. Right now, we’re joined by THE man who can give us some answers! Jonathan Peterson is the Executive Communications Director at AARP and the author of   Social Security for Dummies,   the second edition was just released – Jonathan, welcome!


    Suggested Questions:

    1  What’s the biggest and most important thing we need to know regarding changes in Social Security Administration policies?

    2.  How should we factor Social Security into our overall retirement plans?

    3.  What can we do to ensure we’re receiving our maximum benefits?

    4.  With so many fears about identity theft and cyber security threats, what tips can you offer to keep our Social Security safe?

    5. Where can we get more information?

    This show is sponsored by America's favorite inspirational greeting cards, Gracefully-Yours.  Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for special AARP discounts.


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    Surrender or Die : Does Resistance Equate to Justified Brutality?

    in Current Events

    the revolution of the mind continues...

    There is a school of thought that follows the argument that if people did not resist arrest, the levels of brutality and deaths we see (like that of Eric Garner) would not happen.

    The MadMen debate this argument this week. Is resistance really the true justification for the brutality metered out in the Black populace? Is blind surrender the only option we as Americans have - even when our very freedom is at stake?

    Won't be home? No problem. Text "WYMS" to 67000 and get the listen in number sent to your mobile phone 5 minutes to showtime. 


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    African Amercian Cyber Report

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    African Amercian Cyber Report Every Tuesday 6:30pm. - 7:30pm. Est. Log onto www.BuZzAboutitRadio.com or Listen LIVE from your phone by calling: 1-888-547-2899 (BuZz)

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